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Eclectic Mainline 8th May 2013

John Grant is playing not once, but twice in Leeds this Saturday. In the afternoon he is doing an instore at Jumbo Records, and then he’ll be at Leeds Met in the evening. If you are in reach of Leeds you really should think about going to one, if not both.

And here’s a Letherette a tune from the self-titled album that I played in my show last night:

If you listen back to the whole show, you will hear these tunes: Continue reading

Eclectic Mainline 17th April 2013 – Record Store Day preview

Record Store Day 2013This Saturday is Record Store Day.  Each year when I preview this event in my BCB show I notice the list of special, very limited, releases grow and grow.  Apparently this year there are 500 such releases.   Now, I love Record Store Day, and what it does for independent record shops.  However, I think there is a real danger that these limited edition releases may be starting to overshadow to real purpose of Record Store Day, and there are record shop owners who share my oncerns.   It is not Limited Edition Day, or Record Label Day.  The clue is in the title.   It is about the record shops.

This is why I think what shops like Jumbo Records in Leeds are doing is the right way to approach the day.  They have lined up a fabulous set of of instore performances throughout the day.  So, whether or not there is a limited release you want (and whether or not you get there in time for there to be any left) you can enjoy some wonderful music, have a browse round the shop, and acquaint yourself with the staff.  Last year a couple of young girls who are special to me saw The Staves at Jumbo, instantly became fans of the band, and want to go back to Jumbo again for Record Store Day this year.  The array of limited edition releases didn’t really matter to those little girls, but Record Store Day has done its job in drawing them into an independent record shop.  I for one hope that relationship lasts many years for them.  Their lives will be all the richer for it.

In my show this week you can hear Adam of Jumbo Records talking about what this day means to their shop.  If I were to make one recommendation, it would be that you are at Jumbo in the afternoon to see James Yorkston.  He came into BCB a few years ago to record one of my favourite sessions we’ve had.  Listen to the show here, and this is what you will hear:

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Eclectic Mainline 21st November 2012

Do our brains act like virtual jukeboxes, storing a copy of every song we have ever enjoyed, and calling up any given song when prompted to do so by an outside stimulus? I ask this because every once in a while a song will end up going round in my head simply because somebody has said something that brings to mind its lyrics, or a conversation reminds me of a specific event that my brain links to a given piece of music.

This happened to me last week. I was speaking to a good friend about some of our favourite music from 20 years ago.  The next day when I awoke, ‘Fishes Eyes‘ by New Fast Automatic Daffodils was in my head, and there it stayed for several hours.  Despite not having heard it for several years, my brain was giving a pretty faithful rendition, and it sounded very much like this:

How this happens, I would love to know.  If anybody wants to sponsor me to write a book on the topic, I would certainly take up the challenge.

Anyway, as a result I decided to play a bit of New FADS in tonight’s show.  I also played this excellent Four Tet and Burial collaboration, that I picked on on 12″ at Jumbo Records earlier this year:

Another tune I played tonight was this from the Snow Palms album:

If you have a desire to listen back to the full show, you will find it on the BCB Listen Again site.  These are the tunes I played: Continue reading

Eclectic Mainline 18th April 2012 – Record Store Day special

Tonight’s was a special show dedicated to releases that are coming on on Saturday 21st April, the annual Record Store Day event.  The official UK Record Store Day 2012 website has a full list of releases coming out on the day.

Record Store Day 2012


During the show I spoke to Adam of Jumbo Records in Leeds.  Jumbo have arranged a really special line-up of in-store performances for Record Store Day.   If you do make it into Leeds, I would advise you also visit Crash Records who are, of course, also stocking a wide range of special releases for Record Store Day.

I must confess I got something wrong in the show tonight.  I said that the Wickerman 7″ is on BBC Records.  It is, in fact, nothing to do with the BBC, but is released on Silva Screen.

If you missed the show you can hear it on the BCB Listen Again service, here.  Apologies for the low bit-rate and low volume.

Here is a full list of the Record Store Day releases that I played tonight:

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Jumbo Records 40th anniversary

This Saturday Jumbo Records in Leeds celebrate their 40th anniversary.  An awful lot has changed in the music industry over the past 40 years.  But one thing that hasn’t changed, is that Jumbo have remained brilliant.   If you heard The BCB Sessions with Laura Rawlings on Wednesday, you will have heard her talking to Adam from Jumbo about their big four-oh.

And if you have been into The Sparrow Bier Cafe in Bradford you might have sampled the special anniversary beer brewed by the Revolutions Brewing Company.

Numerous musical luminaries have wished Jumbo a happy anniversary, including former BCB session guest, Simone Felice of The Duke And The King:

If you go into Jumbo on Saturday, there are various special offers on, as well as in-store performances from Corinne Bailey Rae, Ellen & The Escapades, Lanterns On The Lake and Serious Sam Barrett. Get ye down…

Madam, Girls and Emika on The BCB Sessions!


On last week’s show we managed to fit in a record number of tracks (nine by 9.30pm) – the show was full of shorties…so breaking all radio rules we start this week’s show with a long ‘un. We also have a sneak preview of Jumbo Records’ 40th Anniversary celebrations. Talking of which – I’m off over the road to the Sparrow for a pint of the specially brewed birthday ale. It’s 4.0%, naturally.

Here’s what filled the radio airwaves this week (Wed 19th Oct, 9pm on 106.6fm & www.bcbradio.co.uk)

The Horrors – Sea within a sea

The Leisure Society – Dust on the dancefloor

Madam – Someone in love

Visions of trees – Sirens (novocaine)

Celebrating 40th years of Jumbo Records with Adam from Jumbo – chatting on the blower…it’s all go.

Altered Images – Happy birthday (why??)

Girls – Honey bunny

The Chevin – Champion (from Otley…on Fierce Panda)

Remember Remember – John Candy

Wildbirds & the Peacedrums – My heart (Dearhoof remix) (Leaf Label are making a special mix tape for Jumbo’s birthday – W & TP are on Leaf = an excuse for playing this cracking track).

Mara Carlyle – Bowlface en Provence (the loveliest sounding intro and ending)

Jono Mccleery – Fears

Emika – Drop the other

….don’t forget if you’re in a band or you’re a solo artist, get in touch about doing a session for broadcast on the show. We’d love to hear from you – doesn’t matter if it’s your first session or 50th. Email me laura.rawlings@bcbradio.co.uk

See you next week at 9pm,


p.s. if you miss the show, listen again via www.bcbradio.co.uk

Woowoos, Summercamp and Spector on The BCB Sessions!

Hello lovely people,

It’s that time of the week on again when we go on a musical journey checking out this week’s tunes… and reeling out a few that got played once months ago. Here’s what’s on the show (Wed 12th Oct, 9pm and available on BCB’s listen again bit www.bcbradio.co.uk)

Koko Von Napoo – Polly

Gruff Rhys – Space dust

Spector – What you wanted

SBTRKT – Wildfire ft. Little Dragon

Black Cherry – One another

Ellen & the Escapades – Preying on your mind, acoustic version (catch em live in Jumbo Records on 22nd Oct celebrating Jumbo’s 40th Anniversary…more of that to come on next week’s show)

Woowoos – Fizzy lettuce (best band name and song title of the week)

This is the Computers – Lovers lovers lovers (unusual for the sessions I know…)

Bearsuit – Princess, you’re a test

Gardens & Villa – Spacetime

Summercamp – Memories

Twin Sister – Gene ciampi

Animal Collective – The purple bottle

Two Wounded Birds – Together forever

Stateless – Bluefire (ft. Amenta)

Get in touch if you fancy doing a session / getting your music played on the show: laura.rawlings@bcbradio.co.uk


Eclectic Mainline 13th April 2011

record-store-day-2011It only seems like 364 days since I previewed Record Store Day 2010.  Little did I realise at the time, as I planned my trip into Leeds, that I would be approximately the 100th person to be queuing outside Crash Records when I got there at approximately 08:20 on the day itself.  And little did I realise that it would be over 2 hours before I actually got into the shop.  Oh the enthusiasm of youth.

This year I’m delaying my trip into Leeds until  the afternoon of Record Store Day, and will simply accept the fact that I won’t even be close to beating the donkey-raping shit-eaters* who buy things simply to make a profit from them on eBay.

There are a few things I’m hoping won’t have sold out, but I’m not telling you what in case I tempt fate, and I don’t end up getting them.  I’m particularly interested by the line-up of artists performing at Jumbo Records on Record Store Day.  I will probably be there at about the time when The Singing Adams are perfoming.  It will be nice to say hello to Steve Adams again, as his former band, The Broken Family Band, are the only band who I have had the pleasure of recording sessions with twice here at BCB.

Owiny Sigoma Band are a band who I played in my show tonight, because ‘Wires’ is coming out as a 12″ single on Record Store Day.  Here’s an introduction to the band:

In other news, you might have recently heard me playing some songs from the excellent new 3CD set The Bullet Records Story.  Our Phil Cope has written an excellent review of the set which I would like to suggest you read.  And it seems a mutual back-slapping is the order of the day, as he has just told me he is enjoying my show more than he has ever done before.

Speaking of me playing songs, here’s what  I played tonight:

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Le BCB Sessions – Wed 29th Sept

Hi folks,

Naughty naughty…late with the playlist! Some top tunes though so definitely worth waiting for.  Here’s what the fuss was all about….

Wed 29 Sept

Two door cinema club – I can talk
Magic Kids – superball
Cherry Ghost – Black Fang
Rose Elinor Dougall – Start/Stop/Synchro
Maps and atlases – if this is (playing @ the Brudenell Social on 9th Oct!)
The Futureheads – I can do that
Offshore – Round & Round

*Mark Ronson @ Jumbo Records  – interview with Adam from Jumbo Records

A Camp – Boys Keep Swinging
Disco Machine Gun (Boy epic remix) – Damage done (DMG – great Bfd band, supporting Ultrasound at the Playhouse Fri 8th Oct).
Escort Knights – I don’t know your name (great indie house band from West Yorks http://www.myspace.com/escortknights)
Thomas Truax – It always rains on Sunday
M.I.A – It takes muscle
Timber timbre – Until the night is over

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Eclectic Mainline 14th April 2010 – Record Store Day preview

Record Store Day

Record Store Day 2010

This Saturday, 17th April, is Record Store Day, the day on which we celebrate the independent record shop and acknowledge its importance to music. This year there are dozens of special limited edition releases coming out to mark the day (many limited to just 1000 or even as few as 100 copies). For a full list of releases, see the Indie Record Shop website. You will be able to get these in Leeds at Crash and Jumbo on 17th April.

If you heard the Drive show this evening you will have heard us talking to Jumbo Records about the day. Then in Too Much Too Young, you might have heard Joel, Patrick and Keiron talking about the day, and they played  She & Him and Peggy Sue, both of whom are releasing singles on Record Store Day.

I dedicated the whole of my show to things being released on Record Store Day tonight, and this is what I played:

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