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When Selection Box met Kate Walsh / In BBC Trust We Trust

Some considerable time ago on this blog I promised to post the full interview with Brighton-based songstrel Kate Walsh which appeared on Selection Box 110 back in October.  It seems needless to delve too deeply into the who, why and wherefore of Walsh’s career thus far as I’ve already posted three blogs of fairly lengthy detail on these pages (one already linked to at the start of this post, another  here and the final one – a review of her last long player Light & Dark – can be found here), so probably best to press on without retreading old ground.

Kate Walsh, apparently hiding inside a giant string vest

Kate Walsh, apparently hiding inside a giant string vest

Since October, however, Walsh has been busying herself with further live dates across Europe – most recently opening for 1980s sports headband wearing Dire Straiter Mark Knopfler at the Royal Albert Hall – and recording a series of EPs featuring cover versions of some of her favourite songs.  Her website revealed recently that these EPs are set to be compiled into a covers album which will be released in September.

If you want to save the interview as an mp3 for posterity – so you can listen to my dulcet tones on your fancy iGramophone at all times of the day or night; perhaps to excite and inflame your senses with an uncontrollable passion during lonely moments – click on the small arrow at the right hand side of the player below and download the content of your heart and indeed other organs.  Alternatively, just press the big orange button to listen NOW (yes, NOW) as a stream.  You lucky things you.

Patrick Thornton talks to Kate Walsh 19.10.09 by PatrickSelectionBox

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Selection Box Playlists & Kate Walsh preview

Before this gets too involved, I’d best catch up on myself and give you the playlist from the last two editions of the show.  So here tis.  They are.  Them’s these.

Selection Box Show 108

Transmitted 12/10/09

1.  Billie Holiday – Them There Eyes
from: The Collection

2.  Nouvelle Vague featuring Ian McCullough – All My Colours
from: 3

3.  Dirty Projectors – Cannibal Resource
from: Temecula Sunrise EP

4.  The Big Bopper – Little Red Riding Hood
from: The Best of The Big Bopper

5.  Grandaddy – He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s The Pilot
from: The Sophtware Slump

6.  Zé Cafofinho e Suas Correntes – Meio de Transporte
from: The Rough Guide To Brazilian Street Party (various artists)

7.  Kenny Rogers & The First Edition – Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
from: The Best of Kenny Rogers & The First Edition

Utterly splendid compilation of axe backed babes Girls With Guitars

Utterly splendid compilation of "axe backed babes" Girls With Guitars

8.  Bob Dylan – If You Ever Go To Houston
from: Together Through Life

9.  The Beat Club – Security (Midnight Club Mix)
from: The Hacienda Classics (various artists)

10.  Tomboys – I’d Rather Switch
from: Girls With Guitars (various artists)

11.  Richard Hawley – For Your Lover Give Some Time
from: Truelove’s Gutter

12.  Devendra Banhart – Baby
from: What Will We Be

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Singles Club – Our first Podcast


Introducing our first podcast, not quite sure how regular this will be yet. But the pretext is simple. Some of the blog’s authors squabble and talk over each other while stating view points as fact. You can put it on your mobile machines so you’re never too far from BCB.

This week we look at The Twilight Sad, Kate Walsh, Jack White’s new band The Dead Weather and Wild Beasts.


Kate Walsh – Light & Dark

In the first of what will hopefully become a regular feature, thought I’d give a quick overview of a new album which has

taken my fancy this week.

Kate Walsh’s second album Tim’s House, so named because it was recorded in the eponymous buiding of a friend’s home, became a surprise hit on iTunes in 2007, after the track Talk of the Town was given away free and consumers decided to check out the rest of the album.

This week saw the release of follow-up album Light & Dark, and thankfully the jaunty nature of lead single June Last Year belies the continuing beautific fragility of Walsh’s songwriting.

Kate Walshs Light & Dark album
Kate Walsh’s Light & Dark album

The title track – first unveiled to live audiences shortly after the release of Tim’s House – is a bewitching example of powerfully frail heartmeltery, and album opener As He Pleases sours powerfully whilst understanding that true art lies in reiging in the excesses of the emotional.

Listen to the album here: katewalsh.co.uk/audio/

Kate Walsh can be seen on Tour throughout the UK in September & October. See here for dates: katewalsh.co.uk/tour/