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Buffet #76 An Hour of Fanny Power

Buffet 2 smlIt’s International Ladies day 2015 – whoop! Maria and Jenny put on a well good spread, which you can hear again if you want. And this is what we played:

1. Duchess Says – Tenen Non Neu
2. Hanne Hukkelberg – Ease
3. Angel Haze – A Tribe Called Red
4. Gwenno – Chwyldro
5. Du Blonde – Black Flag
6. Band of Susans – Ice Age
7. Viv Albertine – Confessions of a MILF
8. ESG – Dance to the Beat of Moody
9. Mama Cass & The Big Three – Wild Women
10. Marnie Stern – Year of the Glad
11. Soak -Sea Creatures
12. M.I.A. – Boyz
13. Screaming Females – Criminal Image
14. The Tuts – Do I have to Look for Love
15. Tiny Too – World Between Us

We are back with more Fanny Power, most likely with some sausage, on Sunday 22nd March.




Shipley Record Club on Buffet (#59)

This month on Buffet we were joined by Lyndon Marquis (AKA Boris) to chat about the Record Club. They meet in the Kirkgate Centre, Shipley on the last Saturday of every month to play full length LPs, giving us at Buffet an excuse to dig out some old vinyl.  Listen to the show and check out  what we played:

1. 50 Foot Wave – Long Painting
2. John Grant – Ernest Borgnine
3. Galitza – Stargazers Know This Stuff
4. Neko Case – Local Girl
5. Burning CodesShe’s The Only One For Me
6. Marnie Stern – Nothing Is Easy
7. Lungfish – Descender
8. Chelsea Wolfe – Winter
9. Count Basie – I Wanna Be Your Man
10.  tUnE-yArDs – Gangsta
11. Nisennenmondai – Soundtrack 4 For Nobetsumakunashi
12. Afghan Whigs – What Jail Is Like
13. Buffalo Tom – Witches

We’re back on March 7th with an International Women’s Day special – see you then!

Team Buffet

A Bumper Buffet New Year Special (#57)

Happy New Year!

The Head Honchos at BCB entrusted us with the task of seeing in the New Year, and somehow we managed not to break anything (although Betty Bird did inadvertently knock the needle from Emma Bob 3’s Nadine Shah record when playing with her Hello Kitty Christmas gifts). We played a lot of good music between 11pm and 1pm and you can pretend it’s midnight all over again by listening to part one and part two via BCB’s nifty podcast thingy. (A parental advisory warning – there are a few sweary bits post midnight). And we did the typical end of year round up thingy by chucking in a few 2013 favourites as well as tips for 2014.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who sent in requests and suggestions!

This is what we played:

1. Prince – 1999
2. David Bowie – Boys Keep Swinging
3. Future of the Left – Johnny Borrell Afterlife
4. Cowtown – Ghost Wave
5. Foals – Impaler
6. Courtney Barnett – Lance Jnr
7. Nadine Shah – Dreary Town
8. Daft Punk – Get Lucky
9. Jeffery Lewis and the Rain – WWPRD
10. Tera Melos – Weird Circles
11. Marnie Stern – Year of the Glad
12. Stereolab – French Disko
13. Beastie Boys – Sabotage
14. Electric 6 – Gay Bar
15. Shirley Bassey – Spinning Wheel
16. Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now
17. McClusky – Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues
18. Fuck Buttons – Year of the Dog
19. Olivia Newton John & ELO – Xanadu
20. Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor
21. Notsensibles – I’m in Love With Margaret Thatcher
22. Los Nortes Americanos – Something
23. Suuns – 2020
24. Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five – White Lines
25. The Knife – Full of Fire

Thank you LOADS if you’ve tuned into Buffet in 2013. We’re back on Sunday 26th January at 7pm. Big hugs to you all and have an ace 2014!

Team Buffet x

Buffet vs The Robots (#50)

Hello hello!

Last month we had a robot themed show, which you can listen to here. This was inspired by Jenny’s work with Playful Leeds around the theme of #secretrobots – there may be more robotic fun to be had over the coming months, so check them out on Twitter!

Anyroad, it meant lots of fun digging out themed music, and we reckon we played quite a good mix – this is it:

1. BRIAN LE BARTON – Threshold (8 Bit)
2. BEASTIE BOYS – Intergalactic
3. MARNIE STERN – Year of the Glad
4. IMANI HEKIMA – The Robots’ Rebellion
5. GRANDADDY – Jed the Humanoid
6. THE JULIE RUIN – Oh Come On
7. BEING 747 – Do the Maths
8. JOHNNY TERRIS – Bionic Fembot Mix
9. A.C.TEMPLE – Miss Sky
10. JANELLE MONAE – Cybertronic
11. NADINE SHAH – Dreary Town
13. SQURL – Pink Dust
14. ELO –  ‘Yours Truly, 2095’
15. KRAFTWERK – We are the Robots

And here’s a video for the Bionic Fembot Mix

The next show is on 14th July at 7pm – we’re putting on a Fantasy Festival! Who would be in your line-up? Let us know!

Maria & Jenny



Eclectic Mainline 24th April 2013

One of the (numerous) highlights of this year’s Bradford International Film Festival was Adam Buxton’s Best of BUG show.  In the Pictureville cinema he screened videos of several tunes that I have heard, and that I like, but have never seen. I don’t always get to see videos so it was a real eye-opener to see what amazing pieces of art have been created in the name of a music video recently, such as these by Shogu Tokumaru,  Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Bonobo.

Adam didn’t discuss the evolution of the music video, which I thought he might.  I find it interesting how we have moved beyond the MTV era and are now in the YouTube era whereby, to the best of my knowledge, most music video consumption is now online.   Gone are the days when I used to eagerly await The Chart Show once every 3rd Saturday morning on ITV to see if I might get to see a video by one of my favourite bands in the show’s Indie Top 10.

Anyway, moving seamlessly on from Adam’s BIFF show, the video for the next Bonobo single is also rather satisfying:

Other tunes I played in this week’s show include the new single by Marnie Stern:

..this from the new Locust album:


…and the new Bleached single:

If you wish to listen back to the show, you’ll find it on the BCB Listen Again service (look for the 8pm show).  This is the full playlist:

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Buffet #16 – Happy F***ing Christmas

We at Team Buffet are not happy. And tonight we had a little moan about Dave and George and their savage spending cuts. We also played the most bizarre selection of Christmas music you may ever hear, peppered with top pop and punk tunes.

My highlight was a track chosen by Emma Bob 3 – Charles Spearin’s ‘Mrs Morris (Reprise)’ which forms part of The Happiness Project. He takes his neighbour’s words about love, turns them into music, then adds her voice back in. It’s beautiful.

Happy Cliffmas

Happy Cliffmas

Here’s what we played:

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Buffet #15 – we are one

We’ve been putting on a nice spread for a year now, which is why we shared a glass of Babycham with our lovely special guests the Bet Lynch Mob (along with regular guests Jenny Jet and Elias AKA Little Spads). We had a very nice curry afterwards, too.

The thing Em and I probably struggle with most of all making our radio show is doing the maths. We don’t do maths as a rule. So having to work out how much time you’ve got left, and how long your remaining tracks are is quite beyond us, and sometimes results in us introducing a final song only to hear the first 30s seconds of it (which reminds me – Em, we still need to play that Dam Mantle record). Today was slightly different, as we introduced our last track, only to realise we had time to play another. So think of this as a secret track at the end of our mix tape.

Here’s our party playlist:

Geoff Love and his Orchestra – Theme From Star Wars
The Beatles – Birthday
Sleigh Bells – Infinity Guitars
Deerhoof – Basketball Get Your Groove Back
Lifescreen – Opting Out (Betty Boobs’ choice)
The Ruby Suns – Birthday On Mars
Turbo Fruits – Volcano (Betty Bird’s choice)
Blondie – Call me (Betty Bottom’s choice)
McFly – Party Girl
Shirley Bassey – Get The Party Started
Marnie Stern – For Ash
Electric 6 – Gay Bar
Matt Monro – The Party’s Over
Birds and Brass – Chim Chim Cheree

Two thirds of the Bet Lynch Mob (sometimes we can do maths)

Two thirds of the Bet Lynch Mob (sometimes we can do maths)

The Bet Lynch Mob at Bradford Pride 2010

Radio Buffet #14

Bloody Nora, Emma Bob 3 left me with a major earworm when we recorded this show – Starship perforated my brain for a couple of days, and it wasn’t pleasant, as that bass sound is particularly offensive to me. Hope you weren’t left with the same problem.

Plus I would like to apologise for my totally inaccurate description of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, as it’s seven deadly exes, not ex-boyfriends. Huge blunder, sorry.

And soz for running out of time and playing a mere millisecond of Dam Mantle’s Rebong – next month, listeners! But enough of apologies as there was also plenty of aceness! So here’s what we did play…

Theme from Crossroads
Colourmusic – Yes
Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made for Walkin’
Marnie Stern – For Ash
Sky Larkin – Still Windmills
ELO – Mr Blue Sky
Crash and the Boys – I’m So Sad, So Very, Very Sad
Crash and the Boys – We Hate You Please Die
Rufus Thomas – Itch and Scratch
The Crayonettes – Hopscotch
Sailor – Girls Girls Girls
Sweet Baboo – Wish I Was Made Out of Steel
Beck – Ramona
The Selecter – On My Radio
50FootWave – Clara Bow
Starship – We Built This City

NEXT MONTH! Radio Buffet is one year old, plus it’s Emma Bob 3’s birthday, so we are celebrating! Jenny Jet, Little Spads and The Bet Lynch Mob will be joining us in the studio – so flippin exciting! Join us on Saturday 6th November.

We love you.