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The Show – Saturday 26th November, 6pm and again on Tuesday at 1pm

This week on The Show, Jen and I offered you more of our mildly sarcastic opinion and attempts at wit. I reviewed M.I.A’s gig at the O2 Academy, we annihilated a song we found in BCB Towers and left you with the new single by Show fave, Chilly Gonzales. We talked about M.I.A’s controversial video for her song, ‘Born Free’ which we thought may no longer be banned on You Tube….looks like it still is, so you’ll have to settle for XXXO –

[embedding not seeming to work today, so just posting a link to the video – ed]


M.I.A – Bamboo Banga (from the album Kala, released 2007 on XL Records)

Deerhoof – The Merry Barracks (available now as a free download)

M.I.A – XXXO (from the album /\/\ /\ Y /\, released July 2010)

Wilder – Skyfull of Rainbows (2010, Rough Trade)

Chilly Gonzales – Never Stop (Released on 20/12/2010, Delabels)