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A Moulettes Special on Going North from Nashville, Monday 28th Jan, 10-11pm!

John goes ‘ solo’ for tonight’s in depth listen to the music of one of GNfN’s favourite bands of the past year. Featuring interview exerpts from band members & lots of lovely Moulettes music. One not to miss if you’re a fan - or a great opportunity to find out more about this up & coming band!

All tracks by Moulettes unless stated

  • Country joy*
  • Recipe for alchemy
  • Sing unto me*
  • Sing unto me (Wax 22 remix)
  • Bloodshed in the woodshed
  • Going a gathering
  • Uca’s dance*
  • Wilderness
  • What a way to spend a day
  • Sam Cooke – you send me
  • Liz Green – Bad medicine
  • Songbird*

From the album ‘Moulettes’, except * from the EP ‘The Bear’s Revenge’