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Buffet’s Sunday Spread (show #48)

Now then! We chucked in a few film-themed tunes this month to tie in with Bradford International Film Festival (you may have spotted a few BCB DJs at BIFF By Night, too). If you want to hear the show you can listen again here

And this is what we played!

1. LA SERA – Will You Please Be My Third Eye
2. BEASTIE BOYS – Shake Your Rump
3. KISHORE KUMAR & ASHA BHOSLE – Typewriter Tip Tip Tip
4. MICE PARADE – Contessa
5. CEREMONY – Hysteria
6. COWTOWN – Monotone Face
7. FRANK SIDEBOTTOM – Frank Gordon
8. TURING MACHINE – Lazy Afternoon Of The Jaguar
9. THE SCARAMANGA SIX – The Bristol Butcher
10. NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS – God Is In The House
11. ZOLA JESUS – Vessel
12. RAZZY – I Hate Hate
13. THE DICKIES – Sound of Silence
14. ADEBISI SHANK – International Dreambeat
15. SERGE GAINSBOURG – Bonnie and Clyde

We’re back on 19th May.  Cheers!



Going North fom Nashville Goes Antipodaen! Monday 25th March – 10-11pm

A selection of songs from artists hailing from Australia & New Zealand grace this week’s show.  Listen up for an hour of most excellent music …………..

Howlin’ Bells : Cities Burnining Down

Nick Cave:  Burnin’ Hell

Angus Stone: Clouds Above 

The Pond : Circle Round a Tree

Husky : Forever So

Lawrence Arabia: The Crew of the Commodore

Roger McGuin with Crowded House: Eight Miles High

Bellowhead: 10,000 Miles Away

Emily Barker: Splinters in My Fingers

Sarah Blasko : All I Want

Devastations : Take You Home

Tiny Ruins: Old as The Hills

Kris Morris: Little Light

Julia Stone : Justine

Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue: Where the Wild Roses Grow

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis competition

This week on BCB we are giving away the soundtrack to The Road, by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, and also a compilation of their film and TV music called White Lunar.

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is email us with the answer to this simple question:

The Road is based on the 2006 novel by Cormac McCarthy. Cormac McCarthy is the author of which previous Oscar-winning book-turned-film?
A – No Country For Old Men
B – Citizen Kane
C – Gone With The Wind

Email your answers to studio [at] bcbradio.co.uk by midnight on Sunday 14th February 2010. Please put The Road competition in the subject line of the email.