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When Big Joan Sets Up 5.8.10 – Somebody Skream!

This week’s programme featued the world’s most criminally underated band, Cleethorpes’ Orphan Boy, new stuff from Skream, Autechre, Laura Cantrell and Luciano, TWO (count ’em) Bo Diddley cover versions, the latest solid sender from Canada’s Telephone Explosion records and the sweariest record in all the kingdom from Liverpool’s potty mouthed popstrels Town Bike. All this and an exclusive poem from Bradford’s own Little Brother That, my friends, is entertainment.

Orphan Boy – “The Promise” (LP – “Passion, Pain and Loyalty”) (Concrete)
RDX – “Movement” (download single) (No Label)
Filtheater – “Ceremonial Desecration” (EP – “Calignosity”) (Self Released)
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band – “Diddy Wah Diddy” (v/a LP – “Bo Diddley is a Songwriter”) (Ace)
The Jesus and Mary Chain – “Who Do You Love?” (LP – “Barbed Wire Kisses”)
Norvagr – “Leedskalnin” (LP – “Resignation 2”) (205 Recordings)
Town Bike – “Bastard Heart” (7″) (Where It’s At Is Where You Are)
Autechre – “y7” (LP – “Move Of Ten”) (Warp)
Little Brother – “Excrement, Excrement, Read All About It” (BCB recording)
Luciano – “A No We No Like Them” (LP – “United States of Africa”) (VP)
Holy Cobras – “Feed Yr Head” (7″) (Telephone Explosion)
Skream feat. Freckles – “How Real” (LP – “Outside The Box”) (Tempa)
Skream – “Wibbler” (LP – “Outside The Box”)(Tempa)
Skream feat La Roux – “Finally” (LP – “Outside The Box”)(Tempa)
Laura Cantrell – “Kitty Wells’Dresses” (from radiofreesongclub.com)
Kitty Wells – “Paying For That Back Street Affair” (v/a LP – “Back Street Affair – Country Cheatin’ Songs) (Castle)