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Eclectic Mainline 22 February 2012 & 29 February 2012


Phil Cope has yet to follow the example of Richard Herring vis-a-vis facial hair.

When Albert Freeman proferred his chair to myself and Phil Cope (one sat on the other’s knee since you ask) he did so with the promise that we would ensure that his commitment to a weekly blog about his show would also follow.  What Albert foolishly failed to check was whether myself and The Mod Oliver Hardy were in fact hiding cross keys behind our backs, which as everyone knows is the legally-binding get-out clause for any promise made publically or privately and is sadly a manouevre often abused at weddings by men intent from the start on being serial adulterers.


So, I have welched on this agreement made betwixt Freeman, Hardy & wally and thus have to use one blog entry to catch up on two editions of Eclectic Mainline.  The first saw Cope & I playing catch with such political hot potatoes as Adele’s sac of living tissue in which she nurtures her young Brit Award eggs, the appropraicy of Paul Weller’s tie knot and the manner in which a radio wireless show can disobey the rules of the space/time continuum.  In summary: we titted about again.

Ding dong Dingle, where chair?

Sadly, such titting was reduced to a solo practice for last week’s show and Mod Laurel was forced to go it alone as, due to the constraints of that there time that they have these days, Phil was unable to join me.  You may think that recording an hour of radio together per week is not that restrictive in terms of the ticky tick tock of clocks, but if you are thinking this it just goes to show what a wretched and naive specimen you are.  You are clearly failing to take into account the work that goes into ensuring that our voices are being pushed out of radios, computer speakers, iPods, phones and various other devices accross the World simultaneously.  Everyone says that Father Christmas is amazing for managing to get around every household in the World in a single night once a year, and yet we manage to be inside thousands of radio machines all at the same time, wittering nonsense about hair dos and Cain Dingle off of out of Emmerdale Farm.  You don’t get that without at least half an hour’s preparation time, I’ll tell you now.

Anyway, here’s the track-listing, brought to you via the twin media of the written word and contemporary dance, although only one is visible here:

Jagwar Pirates' Full Total Complete Bronzage


Eclectic Mainline 22 February 2012 (listen again here)

1.  Adele / Prophet Arise Riddim – Dubbin In The Deep

from: unreleased

2.  Steinvord – Maelstrom

from: Steinvord

3.  Alex Chilton – Come On Honey

from: Free Again: The “1970” Sessions

4.  Field Music – A Prelude To Pilgrim Street

from: Plumb

5.  Paul Weller – That Dangerous Age

from: Sonic Kicks

6.  New Age Steppers – Conquer

from: Love Forever

7.  Liechtenstein – No Idealists Left

from: Fast Forward

8.  Jagwar Pirates – Rocket Surf

from: Full Total Complete Bronzage

9.  Chairlift – Sidewalk Safari

from: Something

10.  Soap&Skin – Wonder

from: Narrow

11. Twin Sister – Gene Ciampi

from: In Heaven

12.  Tesfay Taye – Selame

from: Ilita!: New Ethiopian Dance Music (various artists)

Those Darlins: what's not to like?


Eclectic Mainline 29 February 2012 (listen again here)

1.  Liz Green – Hey Joe

from: O, Devotion!

2.  Afro Beat Bariba – Abakpe

from: Le Super Borgou de Parakou (various artists)

3.  Tom Waits – Raised Right Men

from: Bad As Me

4.  Emporium – Mindbender

from: Another Planet: The Best of Emporium

5.  Crybaby – When The Lights Go Out

from: Crybaby

6.  Those Darlins – Your Bro

from: Screws Get Loose

7.  Dave Davies – Do You Wish To Be A Man

from: Hidden Treasures

8.  Amadou & Miriam featuring Santi Gold – Dougou Badia

from: Folia

9.  Leonard Cohen – Amen

from: Old Ideas

10.  Grinderman – Palaces of Montezuma (Barry Adamson Remix)

from: Grinderman 2 RMX

11. Bowerbirds – Death Wish

from: The Clearing

12.  Saint Etienne – Tonight

from: Words & Music


Patrick Thornton presents Selection Box every Monday at Midnight

Phil Cope presents When Big Joan Sets Up every Wednesday at Midnight

Eclectic Mainline 15/2/2012: Another Fine Mess You’ve Got Me Into

Your regular EM host Albert Freeman is off for a few weeks on a mission to save stranded vegan wasps from a concentration camp in deepest Antasia, so myself and the venerable Phil Cope – the Mod Laurel & Hardy – are sitting in for a total of four weeks in return for lurid bodily favours which would make a street girl vomit into an ashtray.

I seem to recall an off-air agreement betwixt your hosts that if I did all the technical hoohah this week, Phillip would do the blogging honours. Ah cannae see the relevant entry*, so I’ve done the honours on his behalf and will make sure to smash all the teeth out of his head as a punishment for reneging on such a deal. It also gives me carte blanche to shove up these compare & contrast images of the two of us – coincedentally taken entirely independent of each other and without prior knowledge of the existence of either, which Phil hates as he thinks it makes him look like a blind Womble.

* Although, in fairness, I took home the tracklisting which might have made it difficult for him, but I must just smash his teeth out anyway for my own amusement.

Here’s the tunes that we poured onto the airwaves like aural soup into your listening ear bowls:


Eclectic Mainline 15 February 2012 (Listen here)

1. Those Darlins – Screws Get Loose
from: Screws Get Loose

2. Lambchop – Gone Tomorrow
from: Mr. M

3. Hookworms – Medicine Cabinet
from: Hookworms EP

4. La Makina Del Karibe – El Maki Man
from: Kosmik Chankleta

5. Cate Le Bon – Falcon Eyed
from: Cyrk

6. Jack White – Machine Gun Silhouette
from: Love Interruption 7″ single

7. EQ Why – Back 2 Dis
from: Let Me See Your Footwork

8. Alabama Shakes – Hold On
from: Boys & Girls

9. Liz Green – Rybka
from: Bad Medicine CD single

10. Metronomy – Corinne
from: The English Riviera

11. Shearwater – Breaking The Waves
from: Animal Joy

12. The Fall – Cosmos 7
from: Ertsatz GB

13. ItalDoesn’t Matter (If You Love Him)
from: Hive Mind


Patrick Thornton presents Selection Box every Monday at Midnight.

Phil Cope presents When Big Joan Sets Up every Wednesday at Midnight.

Selection Box Shows 173, 174 & 175

It's in Turnham Green, ACTUALLY.

I appear to have gone missing in action from here in recent weeks, which is slightly less preferable than going missing in Acton. I know of at least one really nice pub in Acton, so I could probably find that after a quick search and make my way to a Tube station from there. There are no decent pubs on the internet.

This is all a meaningless pre-amble into the dullardry of three playlists, with the shows available on BCB’s Listen Again feature.

Selection Box Show 173 (listen here) Continue reading

Selection Box Shows 161, 162 & 172

Yes, yes, I know that this new numbering system is not sequential. I did go to school, as demonstrated by the fact that words like “sequential” pour out of my fingers without so much as a pause to blow my nose. Simple counting is not something which I find a major problem – though don’t ask me to help with your algebra homework because you’ll be given short shrift. And I’ve forgotten how to do it anyway (though from memory, I recall it was surprisingly easy).

Time, however, is something I seem to have appalling problems with, and once again the weeks have slipped past and I am even further behind than I was previously. Luckily, the teething troubles that have been preventing Selection Box from appearing on BCB’s new Listen Again feature now appear to be ironed out, and you can now listen to this week’s show again here. A pincer movement from either end will therefore help us to get back up to date, so here’s two shows as yet uploaded to the blog brought to you by the loveliness of Soundcloud, starting with a seasonal “treat” from December which also features that there Albert Freeman. Merry Christmas.

Selection Box Show 161 by PatrickSelection_Box

Continue reading

Selection Box Shows 159 & 160

I was informed this week of the exciting news that BCB has gone live with a Listen Again feature, which should make things a bit easier in terms of blogging, and it will now mean yet another way that you can decide not to listen to my programme.

However, due to a slight teething problem, Selection Box is currently missing form the Listen Again list, and as they only remain for a month and I am still over a month behind on playlists I’ll not use a link to the Listen Again feature just yet as I continue the catch up.

Courtesy of these lovely Soundcloud players you can listen to these shows again for a limited period (probably about the length of time it will take to stop vomiting after watching that Paul Whitehouse as a ghost advert). Sadly due to copyright and such blah the show cannot be made available as a downloadable file.

Selection Box Show 159 by PatrickSelectionBox

Continue reading

Selection Box Shows 157 & 158

Two more shows for you to place wrap your side-head flaps of aural-catcher flesh around. One day I will catch up to the present day. And then I will probably self-destruct.

Courtesy of this lovely Soundcloud player you can listen to these shows again for a limited period (probably about the length of time it will take for Newcastle United’s owners to stop laughing). Sadly due to copyright and such blah the show cannot be made available as a downloadable file.

Selection Box Show 157 by PatrickSelectionBoxDJ

Continue reading

Selection Box Shows 155 & 156

Two more shows for you as I continue my attempt to catch up to present day parity.P&PeteTommyHeadWestbourneStudios22Sep2007

Show 155 saw the chocolate-throated thespian Pete Gallagher take time out of his schedule with the touring production of Oklahoma! – at that time playing at the Bradford Alhambra – to come and lark about with me in the studio for a bit. Pete and I have known each other since he brought life to a bloody great red robot called Tommy whilst I pretended to be a pretentious Nick Broomfieldesque documentary maker, and he’s quite one of the loveliest and funniest people I have the pleasure of knowing and I’d very much like to lick him all over; made out of chocolate or not.  Quite why he’s prepared to associate with a miserable shit like me is really anyone’s guess.

You can view Pete’s metallic appearance (and my wooden one, before anyone else does that joke) here:

Tommy The Tungsten Robot from Matt Clark on Vimeo.

Anyway, courtesy of this lovely Soundcloud player you can listen to these shows again for a limited period (probably about the length of time it would take to collect enough earwax to make a bust of Ronnie Corbett’s head). Sadly due to copyright and such blah the show cannot be made available as a downloadable file.

Selection Box Show 155 by PatrickSelection_Box

Continue reading

Selection Box Shows 151 & 152

Oh, alright, I give in.  Months have passed by with me trying to write something interesting whilst also catching up on playlists.  We’re now into 2011 and I’m still giving you lists from October.  I’ve had enough of being miles behind, so I’m going to bite the bullet and just shove up the show lists and start afresh once up to date.  So here’s two more. Continue reading

Selection Box Show 150

The featured track for this show is the first single from the new album by Liverpool’s surgically-masked noiseniks Clinic.

Now on their 6th album, this track demonstrates a rarer toe tip into a rather lovely lilting dreamy sound for which the band are not often noted. Thankfully, the full thrust of the album, entitled Bubblegum, doesn’t entirely dismiss the minor key guitar howls and Philips Philicorda keyboard wibbles. They say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. It’s nice to tinker though, eh. Ruddy marvellous.

Courtesy of this lovely Soundcloud player you can listen to this show again for a limited period (probably about the length of time it would take for a hedgehog to consume an entire wheelbarrow of slugs). Sadly due to copyright and such blah the show cannot be made available as a downloadable file.

Selection Box Show 150 by PatrickSelectionBoxDJ

Continue reading

Selection Box Show 149

Hmmm, I keep saying that I am trying to catch up on playlists, but “catching up” surely requires me to provide more of these blogs than I’m recording shows. I am currently on a ratio of just about 1:1, which really won’t do if I am going to get up to date.

This week’s featured record from the show is Edwyn Collins‘ return single Losing Sleep, which was released in September and comes from the album of the same title. It would have been difficult to be overly-critical of any record at this stage by Collins – arguably best known for his work in the marvellous Orange Juice and the mid-90s hit A Girl Like You – coming as it does after a long illness. In February 2005 Collins was interviewed on BBC 6Music and complained of feeling a little unwell. Within a couple of days he was admitted to ITU at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, That Fancy London, with a major cerebral hemorrhage. A second hemorrhage followed soon after. The illness left him with a weakness on the right side of his brain and a devastating problem with his speech, which has resulted in a prolonged period of neurological rehabilitation. Recent radio appearances have revealed that Collins’ speech is still not yet 100%, but thankfully the ability to write great pop songs is still in evidence. Any track from Edwyn Collins after this time would have been a triumph. That the record is a triumph purely in musical terms is all the more remarkable.

Courtesy of this lovely Soundcloud player you can listen to this show again for a limited period (probably about the length of time it would take to fill an entire 2 litre bottle with spit, were you to do one flob into it every day). Sadly due to copyright and such blah the show cannot be made available as a downloadable file. Continue reading