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Songs about………songs…..& Gigs! Going North from Nashville, Monday 24th February, 10-11pm.

This week focus on the life of the singer-songwriter/performer, as expressed in song……….

1.The Band: Stage Fright
2.Tiny Ruins: Little Notes
3.Pauline Alexander: Seven Notes
4.Patterson Hood: Leaving Time
5.Pernice Bros: We Love the Stage
6.Neil Halstead: The No Mercy for the Muse
7.Bob Dylan: Sarah
8.Josh Ritter: Bone of Song
9.Mariane Faithful: Tower of Song
10.Neil Young: For the Turnstiles
11.Cat Power: Song for Bobby
12.Caitlin Rose: Silver Sings
13.Joni Mitchell: Free Man in Paris
14.Charlotte Gainsbourg: The Songs that We Sing
15.Frank Turner: Don’t Try this at Home