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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Lonnie Donegan

Lonnie Donegan

I have a theory which, like most of my theories, probably doesn’t stand up to close inspection, that those of us born in the early seventies were the first generation whose parents had cool record collections. My early years, like many of my contemporaries, were soundtracked by Elvis, Jerry Lee, Eddie, Gene, Fats, Chuck and countless twangy guitar expositions from the likes of Link Wray and Duane Eddy.

Because of this, I retain a dedicated affection for the music of the late fifties to this day, but there was always one name that baffled me.

My dad and his mates would speak in hushed and reverent tones about the first time they heard Lonnie Donegan. Added to this, when I later began to nurture a youthful obsession with the music of the 1960’s, I read that my fave raves (Beatles, Stones, Animals and so on) were all inspired to take their first tentative steps into the world of music by this diminutive Glasgow Irish Cockney with the curiously whiny voice.

I mean, I liked “Rock Island Line” but what kind of hunched,self loathing carapace of humanity doesn’t like that? Continue reading

When Big Joan Sets Up 5.8.10 – Somebody Skream!

This week’s programme featued the world’s most criminally underated band, Cleethorpes’ Orphan Boy, new stuff from Skream, Autechre, Laura Cantrell and Luciano, TWO (count ’em) Bo Diddley cover versions, the latest solid sender from Canada’s Telephone Explosion records and the sweariest record in all the kingdom from Liverpool’s potty mouthed popstrels Town Bike. All this and an exclusive poem from Bradford’s own Little Brother That, my friends, is entertainment.

Orphan Boy – “The Promise” (LP – “Passion, Pain and Loyalty”) (Concrete)
RDX – “Movement” (download single) (No Label)
Filtheater – “Ceremonial Desecration” (EP – “Calignosity”) (Self Released)
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band – “Diddy Wah Diddy” (v/a LP – “Bo Diddley is a Songwriter”) (Ace)
The Jesus and Mary Chain – “Who Do You Love?” (LP – “Barbed Wire Kisses”)
Norvagr – “Leedskalnin” (LP – “Resignation 2”) (205 Recordings)
Town Bike – “Bastard Heart” (7″) (Where It’s At Is Where You Are)
Autechre – “y7” (LP – “Move Of Ten”) (Warp)
Little Brother – “Excrement, Excrement, Read All About It” (BCB recording)
Luciano – “A No We No Like Them” (LP – “United States of Africa”) (VP)
Holy Cobras – “Feed Yr Head” (7″) (Telephone Explosion)
Skream feat. Freckles – “How Real” (LP – “Outside The Box”) (Tempa)
Skream – “Wibbler” (LP – “Outside The Box”)(Tempa)
Skream feat La Roux – “Finally” (LP – “Outside The Box”)(Tempa)
Laura Cantrell – “Kitty Wells’Dresses” (from radiofreesongclub.com)
Kitty Wells – “Paying For That Back Street Affair” (v/a LP – “Back Street Affair – Country Cheatin’ Songs) (Castle)

When Big Joan Sets Up 29/7/10 – Parasympathomimetic Thrombophlebitis

The above mentioned were one of the top showbiz turns that featured on the programme this week and their record (which incidentally takes longer to say than it does to actually play) was a thrilling 33 seconds comprising of 10 seconds of an Brazilian game show host singing Mary Hopkin’s “Those Were The Days” followed by a man ( I think it was a man) going URRRRGHHHHH in a bowel shakingly deep voice. I’m tipping it for next year’s Eurovison.

Cyanide Pills – “Interrogation Room” (LP- “Cyanide Pills”) (Damaged Goods)
Digital Mystik – “Eyez” (LP- “Return II Space”) (DMZ)
Ivor Cutler – “Irk” (LP – “Jammy Smears”) (Virgin)
Patrick Andy – “You’ve Lost That Soundclash Feeling” (7″) (Run Things)
Piskie Sits – “Sweet Little Weasel” (v/a LP – “Under The Bus Station Clock”) (Philophobia)
Severe Torture – “Defective Fornication” (LP – “Slaughter”) (Season Of Mist)
Sasha Orbital – “Euphoria” (Download) (Sanex)
The Ted Heath Orchestra – “Euphoria” (LP – “Euphoria”) (Jasmine)
The Sandwitches – “Rock Gibraltar” (EP – “Duck, Duck , Goose”) (Secret Seven)
Horace Andy – “Sodom and Gomorrah” (LP – “The King Tubby Tapes”) (Charm)
Royal Headaches – “Eloise” (7″) (RIP Society)
DJ Hazard – “Against The Clock” (EP – “Platinum Shadows”) (Playaz)
Best Coast – “The End” (LP – “Crazy For You”) (Witchita)
Best Coast – “Bratty B” (LP – “Crazy For You”) (Witchita)
Best Coast – “Happy” (LP – “Crazy For You”) (Witchita)
Parasympathomimetic Thrombophlebitis – “Caluoros” (EP – “Senor Abravanel”) (Self Released)
Laura Cantrell – “Can’t Wait” (donwload from Radiofreesongclub.com)
Dem Hunger – “Nah Teeth” (Cassette – “Caveman Smack”) (Leaving)
Lichtenstien – “Passion For Water” (7″) (Fraction Discs)

When Big Joan Sets Up 22/7/10 – Do You Love Your Hardcore?

…of course you do.

Counterstrike and Cooh – “Fission” (12″) (Mentally Disturbed)
Bugs and Rats – “I Don’t Think You Know Distance (LP – “Adidas”) (Self Released)
Run DMC – “My Adidas” (LP – “Raising Hell” ) (Def Jam)
Orphan Boy – “Popsong” (download single) (Concrete Recordings)
Bob Marley and the Wailers – “Crazy Baldhead Dub” (LP -“In Dub – Volume 1”)(Island)
Jeff Mills – “Reviewing The Incident” (LP- “The Occurence”) (Axis)
The Vaselines – “Overweight But Over You” (LP – “Sex With An X”) (Sub Pop)
The Vaselines – “Molly’s Lips” (EP – “Dying For It”) (53rd and a 3rd)
Sy And Al Storm – “Do You Love Your Hardcore?” (12″) (Quosh)
The Palermo Surf Experience – “Evil Desert Ghost Train From Hell (With Death )” (LP – “Far From Famous”) (Big Foot)
DJ Nate – “Make ‘Em Run” (forthcoming on Planet Mu – this came from RCRDLBL.COM)
Eliza Carthy – “Prairie Lullaby” (LP – “Gift”) (Topic)
Proceedure Club – “Jupiter” (LP – “Doomed Forever”) (Slumberland)
The Hives – “Civilisation’s Dying” (EP – “Tarred and Feathered”) (No Fun AB)
Regal Warrior – “Reel Rockers” (promo)
Meg Baird – “Moving Up A Ways” (v/a LP – “We Are All One In The Sun – Tribute To Robbie Basho”) (Important)
Robbie Basho – “Dravidian Sunday” (LP – “The Seal Of The Blue Lotus”) (Takoma)

When Big Joan Sets Up 15.7.10 – Hola!

Of course I’m one thirteenth Spanish on my uncle’s side, you know ….

Bla – “Le Mejor Enfermedad” (EP – “Le Mejor Enfermedad”) (Elefant)
The Cortinas – “Fascist Dictator” (LP – “MK1”) (Bristol Archive)
Tortioise – “Rubiyat” (EP -“Why Waste Time?”) (Thrill Jockey)
Sky Larkin – “Still Windmills” (7″) (Witchita)
Horace Andy – “Skylarking” (LP – “Skylarking”) (Studio One)
Oval – “Grrr” (LP – “Oh”) (Thrill Jockey)
Norma Waterson and Eliza Carthy – “Ukelele Lady/ If Paradise is Half as Nice” (LP -“Gift”) (Topic)
Spencer Wiggins – “Holding On To A Dying Love” (LP – “Feed The Flame – The Fame and XL Recordings”) (Kent)
Sugar Minott and Lutan Fyah – “No Bother Pretend” (Promo)
Betty and The Werewolves – “Purple Eyes” (LP – “Teatime Favourites”) (Damaged Goods)
Africa Hi Tech – “Lash Out” (EP – “Hitecherous”) (Warp)
Duran Duran Duran – “Homicidal Drug Rage” (LP – “Over Hard”) (Cock Rock Disco)
Puttin’ On The Ritz – “Lady Godiva’s Operation” (LP – “White Light, White Heat”) (Hot Cup)
Fred Astaire – “Puttin’ On The Ritz” (LP – “The Astaire Story”) (Universal)
The Leif Ericsson – “Music 2000″ (split 7” with Southport) (Roadkill)
Temper D – “Level Checking” (12″) (Temper D Productions)

When Big Joan Sets Up 08/7 – Lou Reed is a Pillock.Official!

Proof of this rather contentious statement can be found on the reverse of his 1989 LP “New York” which bears the following (probabaly misquoted) text. “This LP should be listened to as a whole as you would a play or a film”. Berk.

On a lighter note jazz ensemble Putting On The Ritz (crap name , good band) have re recorded the Velvet Underground’s sophomore LP “White Light, White Heat” in a free jazz style and the title track featured on this week’s programme along with …

Continue reading

When Big Joan Sets Up 17/6/10 – More Confusing than a Capello Team Selection

No time to make joke this week. Am man, Must watch other men kick ball in net.

Mindo Purshottam – “Long Dha Lishkara” (v/a LP – “Pure Desi Vol 3”) (VIP)
Enduser – “1\3” (EP – “1/3”) (Ad Noiseam)
The Men – “Oh Yoko” (LP – “Immaculada”) (Self Released)
Crystal Castles – “Celestica (Thurston Moore Remix”) (Download)
Jim O’Rourke feat Thurston Moore – “Always Something There To Remind Me” (LP -“All Kinds Of People Love Burt Bacharach”) (Zoom Japan)
The Barmy Army – “Sharp As A Needle” (12″) (On-U-Sound)
Extreme Noise Terror – “Cage Paralysis/Think Outside The Box” (split EP with Slang – “Hardcore Attack Of The Lowlife Dogs” (Farewell)
Chet Atkins – “Teensville” (Bri’s Revived 45) (RCA)
Gammer and Whizzkid – “We Are The Vampires (Klubfiller Remix)” (Download) (Muffin Music)
Lightnin’ Hopkins – “Give Me Central 209” (LP – “His Blues”) (Ace)
Pablo Moses – “More Than You Can Chew” (LP -“The Rebirth”) (House of Mose)
Imran Aziz Mian – “Bullia” (LP – “Aaj Rung Hey”) (Fire)
Ty Seagal – “Imaginary Person” (LP – “Melted”) (Goner)
Robben Hill – “Suffer” (v/a EP – “Volume 1”) (Startech)
22-20’s – “Talk To Me” (LP -“Shake, Shiver, Moan”) (Yoshimoto R and C)

When Big Joan Sets Up 10/6/10 – Double Time

Hello cheeky. Having given my all standing in for Laura on the BCB Sessions this week, I dragged my exhausted and broken body back in to the studio at midnight for this week’s programme. What do you mean “you could tell?”

Dead Farmers – “Down Low” (LP – “Go Home”) (RIP Society)
Marc Smith – “Where’s The Party At?” (EP – “We Are Hardcore”) (Notorious Vinyl)
Lazer Zeppelin – “Cigareets and Whursky and Wild,Wild Women” (LP – “American Derivitives”) (People In A Position To Know)
Bobby Freemen – “(I Do The) Shimmy Shimmy” (Bri’s Revived 45) (Parlophone)
Scorn – “Insert Waggler” (LP – “Refuse; Start Fires”) (Ohm Resistance)
The Cute Lepers – “You’re Gonna Lose That Girl” (7″) (Damaged Goods)
Nic Sarno – “Mana Wasa” (v/a LP – “The Hard Ass Sessions Voume 2) (Enchufada)
Roy Shirley – “Dance Arena” (v/a LP -“Rocksteady Hits The Town”) (Kingston Sounds)
Camera Obscura – “The Nights Are Cold” (7″) (4AD)
Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Dub The Rhythm” (LP- “Mad Alien Dub”) (Great American Music)
Blighters – “Heartbeat” (7″) (Hungry Audio)
Go-Zen – “Go-Zen Grinder” (LP – Hinamatsiri) (Self Released)
P.U.D.G.E – “Elektric Werdz” (LP – “Idiot Box”) (Ramp)
The Keys – “Fire Inside” (LP – “Fire Inside”) (See Monkey Do Monkey)
Pansonic – “Voltus Bolt” (LP – “Gravitoni”) (Blast First Petite)
Fatts and G Maffia – “State of Emergency” (7″) (Studio 91/Gully Squad)
The Sexcapades – “Do The Huckebuck” (v/a LP – “Party Platter”) (Florida’s Dying)
Paul Williams and His Hucklebuckers – “The Hucklebuck” (v/a LP- “Blowing The Fuse – 27 R&B Classics That Rocked The Jukebox In 1949”) (Bear Family)
Rolo Tomassi – “Agamemnon” (LP- “Cosmology”) (Hassle)

The BCB Sessions – 9th June 2010

Laura was off this week sipping sparkling elderflower cordial in the swanky nitespots of that London, which meant I got to rummage around in the BCB Sessions archive and play some of my favourite sessions plus some top tunes, and it went like this.

The Bluetones – Carry Me Home
Lazer Zeppelin – Friday Night
The Lodger – I Can’t Stop (BCB Session)
Flying Lotus – Galaxy In Janaki
Alisdair Roberts and Jackie Oakes – The Bloody Fields of Flanders/The Red Haired Boy
The Peppermint Lounge – African Orange (BCB Session)
The Fall – Hot Cake
David Moleon and Tadox – Final Days
Ritchie Spice – Yap Yap
Gun Outfit – My Whole Life
Slow Club – When I Go (BCB Session)
Rox – My Baby Left Me
The Smiths – Hand In Glove
Best Coast – Far Away
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Revolution Dub
Freyed Knot – Wild West Yorkshire (BCB Session)
Blighters – Don’t Want Nothing
Yimino – Q-Bit (BCB Session)

When Big Joan Sets Up 3/6/10 – Some Records

After weeks of specials, guests, featured LP’s and other exciting showbiz frippery, this week we returned to the business of playing some tunes and damn fine they were an’all.

Starting with an oldie, one of the great records and also including the Lazer Zeppelin LP , a record, which when my inevitable mental collapse happens and I am apprehended by members of the constabulary on the central reservation of the M62, naked, saucer eyed, and howling like a dog , I will be clutching close to my chest.

Billy Butler – “Right Track” (v/a LP – “It’s Okeh Up North”) (Sony)
Broken Note – “Channel Zero” (12″) (Prspct)
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – “I Hate The Blues” (LP – “Blood and Fire”) (Black)
Howlin’ Wolf – “House Rock Boogie” (LP-“The Chronological Howlin’ Wolf 1951-52”) (Classics)
The Chap – “Never A Frown With Gordon Brown” (download)
Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Kojak” (LP- “Mad Alien Dub”) (Great American Music)
Lazer Zeppelin – “This Heart Is Just A Muscle in My Chest” (LP- “American Derivitives”) (People In A Position To Know)
The Lodger – “Nothing’s Impossible” (LP- “Flashbacks”) (Slumberland)
Sven Hanke and 1125X – “Gepflegt 745” (EP – “Strichcode”) (Pure Pure)
Kath Bloom – “Let’s Get Living” (LP- “Thin, Thin Line) (Caldo Verde)
Cock Safari – “We Don’t All Sniff Petrol” (CDR) (Magic Crowbar)
Math and Physics Club – “Jimmy Had a Polaroid” (7″) (Matinee)
God Is An Astronaut – “In The Distance, Fading” (LP- “Age of the Fifth Sun”) (Revive)
Shuttleworth – “England’s Hearbeat” (download single) (Minder/Yip Yop)
The Real Sounds of Africa – “Soccer Fan” (12″) (Cherry Red)