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It’s Singles Night on Going North from Nashville – 10-11pm, Monday 16th June!

Our selection of singles, old & new. Starting with a family connection………
1.Harper Simon: Bonnie Brae (2013)
2.Paul Simon: So Beautiful or So What(2011)…….then a GNfN regular…
3.Emily Barker & the Red Clay Halo: Dear River(2013)…………followed by another family of musicians…….
4.The Felice Brothers: Bird on a Broken Wing (2014)
5.Simone Felice: Hey Bobby Ray (2012)………..continuing the sibling connection ……….
6.Angus & Julia Stone: Private Lawns (2007)…..and a duet….
7.Foy Vance, with Bonnie Riatt: You & I (2014)………..next a reguler on GNfN….
8.Patterson Hood: Better off Without (2012)……..followed by a GNfN debut…..
9.Lone Bellow: Green Eyes & a Heart of Gold (2014)…….now an English & a Danish singer songwriter…….
10.Beth Orton: Magpie (2012)
11.Agnes Obel: The Curse (2013)………followed by a country cover…..
12.Hayseed Dixie: I Don’t Feel Like Dancin'(2007)…….we come to our Dylan & Cohen covers slot, both from the same year…..
13.My Chemical Romance: Desolation Row (2009)
14.The Lemonheads: Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye (2009)……our penilitimate track is from…..
15. The Late Call: Look at You Now (2012)……and ending our GNfN Singles Night with the beautiful………
16.Phosporescent: Song For Zula (2013)

Eclectic Mainline 23rd October 2013

The increasing trend for artists to releases “deluxe”, or “expanded”, versions of albums just a few months after the initial album’s release is an act of cynicism I cannot abide.  If you have extra music to release, why not just release it as another, separate LP?  The Beatles released two (or three in America) LPs a year.  There really is no need to force your fans to buy your album twice within a year to get the extra music. Phosphorescent and David Bowie, I’m thinking of you.  To their credit, Warp have made both options available with the new Grizzly Bear release.  You can buy the new 2 CD version of Shields, or get the extra tracks as a standalone LP or download.  Here’s one of the newly available songs:

Also in this week’s Eclectic Mainline, this by Black Hearted Brother, a collaboration between Neil Halstead, Nick Holton and Mark Van Hoen:

…this by Baishe Kings:

…and this by Jackson Scott:

You will find the full programme on the BCB Listen Again service. Here is the track list:

Bill Orcutt – ‘Black Betty’ (LP – A History of Every One) (Editions Mego)
Crocodiles – ‘Teardrop Guitar’ (single and LP – Crimes of Passion) (Zoo)
Tony Allen, M1 + Baloji – ‘Afrodisco Beat 2013’ (Various Artists LP – Red Hot + Fela) (Knitting Factory)
Grizzly Bear – ‘Will Calls’ (LP – Shields (Expanded) and Shields: B-Sides) (Warp)
Sweet Baboo – ‘Motorhome Songs’ (single) (Moshi Moshi)
Black Hearted Brother – ‘This Is How It Feels’ (single and LP – Stars Are Our Home) (Sonic Cathedal)
Daughn Gibson – ‘Mad Ocean’ (single and LP – Me Moan) (Sub Pop)
Mazes – ‘Hayfever Wristband’ (single) (FatCat)
Baishe Kings – ‘Like’ (Eyes Of Mark mixtape) (Big Dada)
Jackson Scott – ‘Sandy’ (single Fat Possum)
Boogarins – ‘Erre’ (LP – As Plantas Que Curam) (Other)
Of Montreal – ‘Obsidian Currents’ (LP – Lousy With Silvyianbriar)
Bleached – ‘Dreaming Without You’ (single) (Dead Oceans)
Euros Childs – ‘Holiday From Myself’ (LP – Situation Comedy) (National Elf)
Orchestra Of Spheres – ‘Journey’ (single and LP – Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music) (Fire)