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What’s on the radioooo?

Happy New Year folks!

Hope you’re having a good one…

It’s been great going through the archives and finding some of my favourite songs from 2010. Here’s the lineup from Wednesday’s show:

Wednesday 29th Dec 2010
Jonny – Candyfloss
Fujiya & Miyagi – Ventriloquizzing
Duke & the King – If you ever get famous (acoustic session recorded at BCB)
Flying Lotus – And the world laughs with you…feat. Thom Yorke
Walls – Cylopean remains
Flying Lotus – Do the astral plane (couldn’t just pick one song from the album!)
Sparrow & the Workshop – Devil song (acoustic session recorded at BCB)
Heads We Dance – Computer love (featured Leeds band in 2010)
The Kiara Elles – Odio
The Hush Now – On holiday
Mogwai – Mexican Grand Prix
Twin Shadow – Yellow balloon
The Horn The Hunt – Raptor (keep your eyes and ears on this duo from Leeds!)
The Superimposers – Christmas again

More of our favourites on next Wednesday’s show from 9pm.


Ooh the weather outside is frightful but never worry never fear – The BCB Sessions it is here!

The BCB Sessions – 1 Dec 2010

Far be it from me to harp on about the weather (not very showbiz) but we’ve all got giddy with it. Loads of snow = six hours before the show,  stranded in London, scrambling to get on a train, thinking this must have been what Lord of the Flies was like…. Anyway the chance of trudging through the white stuff to get my record bag and meticulously selected songs was a big fat zero. On the upside, three hours on a train gave me plenty of time to find weather related (or tenuously connected) tunes on the ipod…and lovingly put together a show for you.

The cherry on the snowy icing is the session from Les Shelleys (FatCat Records). Thanks to Albert Freeman for pressing the record button and adding some extra sparkle. The result’s gorgeous. Three fab covers…

Miike Snow – Black and blue

Fujiya & Miyagi – 16 Shades of black and blue

Stereolab – Come and play in the milky night

Fists – Finger (from a Tip Toe Records compilation. Leeds based label with lovelies like Fran Rodgers, Buen Chico and Insect Guide)

Les Shelleys – Late John Garfield blues, written by John Prine

Ed Harcourt – In the bleak midwinter

Peppermint Lounge – Snow falls down (session track from the archive. Love these guys, hear more of them at mypsace.com/thepeppermintlounge).

Mercury Rev – Snowflake in a hot world

Les Shelleys (BCB Session) – I’m on fire, written by Bruce Springsteeen, originally on his Born in the USA album.

Belle and Sebastian – Write about love (well..it’s one way to keep warm on a cold night)

Fleet Foxes – White winter hymnal

Northern Introvert – Breakdown (Producer/DJ from Bradford…Secret Symbols EP out on Dec 6th)

Neon Indian – Terminally chill

Les Shelleys (BCB Session) – Deep Purple, written by Peter DeRose (1920s tune)

I’m back on Wednesday night at 9pm – 106.6fm in Bradford / www.bcbradio.co.uk online. Whatever the weather the show must go on (my stiff upper lip is actually frozen) and our session comes from Gregory and the Hawk, who’ve been touring with Les Shelleys.

Don’t forget to keep the postie busy and send in any songs you’d like me to play on the radio: Laura Rawlings, The BCB Sessions, 11 Rawson Road, Bradford BD1 1NE. Or if you’d like to come and do a session, email me: laura.rawlings@bcbradio.co.uk

Until Wednesday.


La liste – Le BCB Sessions 3rd Nov

Hi folks,

Loved putting this show together for you – although it was tough because there’s so much good stuff out there. Let me know if there’s something you think I should be playing on the show – especially if it’s from a West Yorks artist/band. Thanks to everyone who’s already got in touch. Here’s the email addy to reach me: laura.rawlings@bcbradio.co.uk

And here’s what I played on the show (3rd Nov) – we had Maia in session!

Fujiya and Miyagi – Sixteen shades of black and blue
Darren Hayman  and the Secondary Modern – Calling out your name again
Neon Indian – Terminally Chill
Maia (BCB Session) – Dead Centre
Everything Everything – MY KZ, UR BF
Spodni Pradlo – Korak the Killer (track from The BCB Sessions archive)
WALLS – Hang Four (Banjo or freakout remix)
FOPS – Black boar
Maia (BCB Session) – Melons
Laetitia Sadier – Un soir, un chien
Bear Driver – A thousand samurais (lovely Leeds band. ‘Wolves’ is a great single. http://www.myspace.com/thebeardriver)
IRN MNKY – Johnny Cash rules everything around me (Leeds mashup, mixer dude. http://www.whiteeyedtigers.com/?page_id=31)
Peaches – Downtown (minor indulgence on my part!)
Maia (BCB Session) – Sidelines (absolutely fantastic track!)

Thanks to Maia for their great session. All the session tracks are on their debut album, ‘Maia’. They’ve also got a couple of gigs this month in Huddersfield -for full blurb take a look at: http://www.myspace.com/maiatheband

Next Wednesday night (from 9pm) I’ll be chatting to Joe from Escort Knights ahead of their single launch in Leeds on 13th Nov. If you’re a music maker, remixer type then make sure you listen in or check out their site because they’re looking for you to remix their single! http://www.myspace.com/escortknights

Bye for now,


The Twilight Sad on The BCB Sessions – woo!


Hope you enjoyed the show. Had lots of fun. Delighted to welcome The Twilight Sad as our band in session for the evening. Big thanks to Albert Freeman for doing the twiddly bits and recording the tunes.

The Twilight Sad at BCB, October 2010

The Twilight Sad at BCB, October 2010

Here’s what I played…

Wed 28 Oct:
Penguin Prison – A funny thing
Ingrid Olava – Warrior Song
Chicken Lips – Kudashuda
The Twilight Sad (BCB Session) – Wrong car
Cloud Control – Meditation song
Gui Boratto – Colours
The Twilight Sad (BCB Session) – And she would darken the memory
Blackgold – Shine (this was the pot luck track! Sounds a bit like Gary Barlow singing… )
Sky Larkin – Year Dot (cracking remix by Minotaur shock. Sky Larkin are playing at ‘Constellations Festival’ in Leeds on Nov 14th)
Shamanix – Blood Drop (Bradford producer who’s got a great ear for catchy mixes: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shamanix/72786374283?filter=1)
The Twilight Sad (BCB Session) – Cold days from the bird house

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Eclectic Mainline 27th October 2010

Tonight, to mark the fact that The Duke & The King are playing in Leeds at The Wardrobe tomorrow with Wilful Missing I repeated the session of theirs, first broadcast in Laura’s BCB Sessions back on 12th May.  You can also listen to their session again here on Untitled Noise if you so wish.

The Duke And The King at BCB, April 2010

The Duke And The King at BCB, April 2010

Amid all the excitement of the fact that we were running a competition to give away tickets to the above mentioned gig, and the fact that I was looking forward to The Twilight Sad in session in Laura’s show tonight, I forgot to wax lyrical about the fact that Animal Collective have been announced as curators of the ATP Festival next May.  This is absolutely brilliant news.  I had in my head 4 potential candidates for curating it, of which they were one.  The others, if you are interested, would have been Super Furry Animals, Polly Jean Harvey or Dangermouse.

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The BCB Sessions – Wed 6 October

Hi folks,

Another tasty serving for you – bigger and better than your average portion! Feeling like a very happy bun today because we’ve had Sparrow and the Workshop in to record a session and it went really well. They’re a lovely, lovely band and I can’t wait to bring you their tunes on a soft velvet cushion in the next week or two.  Thanks Alb for mixing the songs (…tune into Eclectic Mainline if you haven’t already dipped your toe in, Weds at 8pm).

Mountain Man, tonight's session guests

Mountain Man, tonight's session guests

So here’s the main course for Wednesday 6 October:

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Wednesday 4th August – le playlist


I’m back from WOMAD…had a fantastic time and totally recommend going. It’s got a really great atmosphere, very chilled, love the mix of dance, arts and music and continually discovering new stuff. I’m just putting together a WOMAD show, featuring music from some of my favourite acts. I tried to buy tunes while I was there but so did a million other people so I’m not sure when it’ll be broadcast but I’ll give you some warning!

Onwards to Wednesday night’s show (4th Aug), here’s what’s taking my fancy:

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Wednesday 21st July – Playlist

So much good music around at the moment – my ears are buzzing with it all!

Mixed up new tunes and played tracks from bands competing to open Bingley Music Live*

Here’s le menu:

Middleman – It’s not over yet
!!! – The most certain sure
Tunng – Don’t look down or back
Jasmine Kennedy* – It used to be true
Health – USA Boys
Korean Interlude – Kinzli & The KiloWatts
Magic Kids – Candy
Sharp Darts* – Chase the sun
John Grant – Chicken Bones
Flying Lotus – Do the astral plane
Pifco – Wet look leggins
The Mexanines* – Give you love
Oasis – Roll with it
Steve Mason – Am I just a man
Secret Sirens* – Black Heart

Send me a message if you’d like to come and be my featured artist or band in session: laura.rawlings@bcbradio.co.uk

And…happy birthday to Patrick T and Selection Box!

Eclectic Mainline 26th May 2010 – Darren Hayman session

Tonight on BCB we had a special guest in one Darren Hayman. He came into BCB with his band before their gig at Theatre in the Mill on 1st May.

Darren Hayman at BCB

Darren Hayman at BCB

We shared the session between two of this evening’s shows. If you were listening to Too Much Too Young at 6:30pm with Patrick and Keiron, you will have had the delight of hearing Darren Hayman’s BCB session version of “Room To Grow”. I then featured two more tunes by Darren and his band in my show Eclectic Mainline at 8pm:

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The BCB Sessions – 21st April 2010

Greetings people,

I’m in very fine spirits today – we’ve just had The Duke and the King in for a session and they blew me away.  I say we because  I did the organising, tea making, hugging and grinning and Alb did the nob twiddling – playing to our respective strengths (Alb don’t edit this bit – it’s serious and true).

Anyway, the hairs on the back of my neck are still standing on end! They’re now on the way to Leeds for tonight’s gig and Alb’s busy recording another musical gem with Hannah Lou and Trevor Moss.  La vie est belle.

Tonight’s show’s already been lovingly prepared for you – because I’m off to tap my feet, nod my head and swoon over our session guests. So I can reveal tonight’s tunes (Wed 21st):

Two Door Cinema Club – Something good can work
New Young Pony Club – Lost a girl
Cate Le Bon – Shoeing the bones
Owen Pallett – Lewis Takes Off His Shirt
Royal Bangs – War Bells
Yeasayer – O.N.E.
Stars and Sons – If it’s good for me
Bonobo – The Keeper ft. Andreya Triana
Emika – Double Edge
Rex – My Baby Left Me
The Duke and the King – Still Remember Love
MGMT – Flash Delerium
Hot Chip – One Life Stand
She and Him – In the sun
Bonobo – We could forever

All summery – all great. Will keep you posted re: forthcoming session guests so don’t go away.

On next week’s show – already in the pipeline - I’ve got details of a fab competition for local bands to bag themselves  a spot at Moor Music Festival plus a preview of Live at Leeds. Oh, Alb and I are working on a Rough Beats Festival preview in early May. Huza!