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Going North from Nashville Celebrates The Beatles! Monday 17th June, 10-11pm

Featuring a host of Beatle’s covers & Beatle related songs, Going North from Nashville celebrates the band, 50 years after they shot to international fame!

The  Handsome Family & The Rivet Gang: Eleanor Rigby

Tony Sheridan & the Beatles: Sweet Georgia Brown

CW Stoneking: Maggie Mae

Lizzie Nunery: Company of Ghosts

Sonnenberg: Mersey Moon

Bob Dylan: Fourth Time Around

Thea Gilmour: I Want to Tell You

George Harrison: All Those Years Ago

Paul Mc Cartney: The Song We Were Singing

The Beatles: Octopus’s Garden

 A Girl Called Eddy : Julia

 Sarabeth Tucek : Goodnight

Luke Powers: Cover Song ( for Sgt Pepper)

Bob Dylan: Roll On John

Going North from Nashville celebrates 50 years of the Beatles! Monday 25th February,10-11pm.

Featuring a host of Beatle’s covers & Beatle related songs, Going North from Nashville celebrates the band, 50 years after they shot to international fame!

 1. Handsome Family & the Rivet Gang: Eleanor Rigby

2.Tony Sheridan & the Beatles: Sweet Georgia Brown

3.CW Stoneking: Maggie Mae

4.Lizzie Nunery: Company of Ghosts

5.Sonnenberg: Mersey Moon

6.Bob Dylan: Fourth Time Around

7.Thea Gilmour: I Want to Tell You

8.George Harrison: All Those Years Ago

9.Paul Mc Cartney: The Song We Were Singing

10.The Beatles: Octopus’s Garden

11.  A Girl Called Eddy : Julia

12. Sarabeth Tucek : Goodnight

13.Luke Powers: Cover Song ( for Sgt Pepper)

14.Bob Dylan: Roll On John

The Stone Roses reunion

I’ve been having difficulty formulating, and understanding, my own thoughts on The Stone Roses’ reunion. It’s a unique feeling: One of my favourite ever bands announces a reunion, and I wish it wasn’t happening.

The Stone Roses reunion

In the press conference Ian Brown said they have no intention of destroying the legacy, but I worry that’s precisely what will happen. History does not suggest anything different (I’m thinking Sex Pistols and Happy Mondays among others). I suppose the Pixies reunion was well-greated though.

The same press conference reminded me of one of the things I love(d) about the band: their gobbiness, and they’re political views. I love the way Ian Brown laid into this Daily Mail reporter.

The fact that the 2 initial dates at Heaton Park, priced at £55 a ticket, with 75,000 capacity each day, would gross £8.25m in gate receipts doesn’t bother me. I genuinely believe they’re not in it for the money.

Wondering whether to get a ticket, I thought “I really shouldn’t but…”.  I never got to see them first time around. However, from the live recordings and first hand accounts I’ve heard, they were never much cop live. Having said all that, at the end of the day, it is the blinking Stone Roses, one of the bands who (thanks largely to the persistence of my brother Phil) stopped me just listening to the charts.

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It’s Singles Night on Going North from Nashville! 10-11pm, Monday 5th July

A GNfN singles night, featuring  singles, old & new, from:

Kathryn Williams – White Lines
The Rialto Burns – Radiate
Dawn Landes – I Can’t Meet You ( track 2/ B side, which we prefer to the title track)
Johnny Flynn : Kenticky Pill – Great, catchy tune from a great album (but it’s a shame about the lyrics in the light of recent tragic events in Cumbria)
Port O’ Brien : Leap Year
Jackie Leven : Gothic Road – good Levenesque fare
The Lights : The Low Hundreds – nice introduction to this band
Gaslight Anthem – American Slang
Also included: The Acorn, Fleetfoxes,The Beatles (!) & more…..
Our prog on 19th July will feature edited exerpts from an interview with Eric from Midlake & tracks from their recent album’The Courage of Others’

3 days: 3 gigs; 1 session


St Vincent at Leeds Met

St Vincent at Leeds Met Students Union

Drowned in Sound absolutely adore St Vincent, and having seen a clip of her in soundcheck on said website a few weeks ago I was intrigued to learn that her support slot on the Grizzly Bear tour was solo. Apart from supplementary guitar on one song by Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen, it was just Annie Clark, a looping pedal, and some sequenced backing. I must say I was surprised by how diverse she could be within those limitations. As Sam commented to me after The Strangers, she somehow managed to go seamlessly from 40s jazz guitar to an onslaught reminiscent of Joe Satriani in just 30 seconds. Songs such as Save Me From What I Want worked really well with her looping backing vocals along with herself, and during the more frenetic passages of Marrow she had the appearance of a manikin suffering a seizure. Her cover of The Beatles’ Dig A Pony was a pleasant surprise too. I was very impressed, and would like to know how these songs come across with a full band.

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The Beatles – The Half-White Album

The Beatles - The White Album

Much is being written about The Beatles at the moment because of the long overdue CD remasters, so “hey“, thought I, “why not add some more writing about The Beatles to the Internet?!

A lot of the talk provoked by the new re-issues is about the mono vs stereo mixes.  That’s a fascinating aspect of sixties recordings about which I have learnt a lot over the past week but I won’t go into that here, as I still don’t think I know enough about this to talk confidently on the subject. What I will do though is give my opinion on the old question of “What if The White Album was not a double album, but just one record?“.
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