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Audio of Theoretical Girl, Adam’s Co-host

Like zebras TG needs elobrate camouflage for walking around Bradford.

TG had to interview herself.

The slot of co-host on The Show has been an interchangeable position for the last month. We have had everything from physiologists to arts organisations (all united with distaste for old Adam’s ego). What a diverse box of frogs the show has become.

In keeping with that theme I had a particularly special co-host this week in the form of Amy Turnnidge (I have admired her work for quite some time now), stage name Theoretical Girl, who graced the studio with her presence. We talked about the recent album, influences, her time in the studio and party rings. Below is a little sample to whet the appetite. The show will probably broadcast on the 26th of this month. But watch this space, as this may change due to requirements of next week’s co-host (fingers crossed Jeremy Dyson with a interview from Will Self).

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