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Uzbeki reccy makes cash dash Sting sing-song ding dong (and Selection Box Shows 124 & 125)

I was at a loss to decide what would accompany this week’s playlist at first.  I like to throw something out that might be of interest rather than just chucking a list of names whenever I post on here, but this week I was struggling to find inspiration.

Thankfully, you can always rely on Sting.  If in doubt, have a pop at the artist formerly known as Gordon Sumner for his latest buffoon statement or glass-chewingly bad venture into 20 minute lute plucking.  Finding reasons to have a pop a Sting is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel – this is a man, after all, who bashed out the most pretentious album title of all time in the shape of the frankly vomitous Dream of the Blue Turtle, claimed to be “a bit hot” at The Brits as an excuse to take his top off and believes that “cancer is the result of undigested dreams“.  The last few weeks, though, the tantric tosser has excelled himself.  Not only did he announce a tour of his hits, reworked for a full orchestra (which begs the question; who the bloody hell wants to hear that? [answer: Sting does]) but it was also revealed that he happily played a gig of questionable validity, proving himself not only to be an utter dick of the first order, but in addition to this he’s either a mercenary little turd who can be bought for the right price, or else a man so interned in his own cosy little world he can’t recognise a decent counter argument when it’s rammed up his Roxanne.

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