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Bradford’s Top 10

Well, here they are –  the very best tracks ever produced by artists from Bradford (in our humble opinion).

And, our opinion being really very humble indeed, we want to hear from you about any glaring omissions, Let me know what we’ve unforgivably missed out by emailing me at simon.ashberry@bcbradio.co.uk

1 Embrace – All You Good Good People
2 Ooberman – Sugar Bum
3 New Model Army – Smalltown England
4 Terrorvision – My House
5 The Word – Wide Awake
6 Whiter than – Note To Self
7 Bobby Charltons – Hole In The Sky
8 Poppy Factory – 7×7
9 The Invaders – Girl’s In Action
10 Zed – Easy Does It

We also played the following:

The Delvaux – Spider’s Bride
Jimmy Ruffin – What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?
Saint Saviour – Let It Go

and you can listen again to the show here.

Highly recommended

Do yourselves a favour and if you missed this week’s show, do try to listen again to the Whiter Than session.

The Shipley/Bradford band are really something quite special and played three songs live for us.

Thanks Mat, Helen and Zoe!

Full track listing:

Rodina and the Wolf – Hypnotised
Black Keys – 10am Automatic
The Chevin – Blue Eyes
Whiter Than – Planning A Journey (BCB session)
Whiter Than – Trying Hard To Be Myself (BCB session)
Whiter Than – Note To Self (BCB session)
Yo El Rey – And One For The Doctor
Jed’s Blues Band – Spoonful