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Doubling up

We just couldn’t cram the best Bradford tracks into a Top 10 so we’ve expanded the concept into a Top 20 instead!

Over the next two weeks we’re bringing your our choice of the finest songs produced by acts from our neck of the woods. Here’s the countdown from numbers 20 to 11:

11 Anita Madigan – The Dalai Lama Loves You All
12 Threshold Shift – Hang In There
13 Leafeater – Garden of Love
14 Negatives – 69
15 Creation Roots – Let Jah Music Play
16 handmadehands – Over The Edge
17 Laura Groves – Coast
18 Daisy Cutter – Morning Sun
19 Yo El Rey – And One For The Doctor
20 Talk To Angels – He Loves Cilla

We also played these other tracks this week:

Girlpool -Blah Blah Blah
Alt-J – Left Hand Free
The Delvaux – At The Jeunesse Doree
Mini Mansions – Death Is A Girl

You can listen again here – and the Top 10 will be broadcast on Bradford Beat on Thursday 27 November from 8pm.

Yo El Rey in the studio

Bradford band Yo El Rey are int he studio this week chatting about their forthcoming album.

You can hear the interview plus a couple of their tracks on Bradford Beat on Thursday May 17 from 8pm – 9pm.

If you missed last week’s session with Sentimentalists, you can listen again here

The full track listing for that show was:

Whiter Than – Golden Smile
Whipping Boy – No One Takes Prisoners Any More
Sentimentalists – My Mad Mind (live in session)
Sentimentalists – Tobacco (live in session)
Sentimentalists – I’m Lonely For Every Woman I’ve Ever Known (live in session)
The Wind Up Birds – Cross Country
Paul Weller – That Dangerous Age
Talulah Gosh – Steaming Train
Ting Tings – Guggenheim