Radio Venus 2018

It’s that time of year again!

As BCB has done since our very first Radio Venus broadcast in 1995 (and you’re right – we were way ahead of the game ….) BCB is planning our Women’s takeover the airwaves on March 8th with a full day of women’s broadcasting.

So – what do you fancy doing? Which women’s voices need to heard? Which issues should we address? Which skills do you need to learn to make a programme? And who could you work with to make this happen?

Lots of questions – but let’s find the answers together! It’s all about having fun together.

Come to BCB on Sat 20 January, 11-1pm to meet up with other women and give us your thoughts. And of course it’s 100 years since (some) women got the vote.

Let me know if you’re able to come
Bring your friends too – lots of training sessions and support planned for new women.

Workshop Dates
Saturday, 3 Feb, 11am – 1pm
Thursday, 22 Feb, 2pm – 4pm
Saturday, 24 Feb, 11am – 1pm
Saturday, 3 Mar, 11am – 1pm

Radio Venus 2018 Schedule

8:00 Venus Breakfast
The best way to kickstart your day – Presented by Liz, Sasha, Amira
9:00 Here We Are
A roundup of women’s issues in the Bradford region – Presented by: Shamim Akhtar, Shazia Awana
9:30 Saltaire WI
BCB presentation for Saltaire Women’s Institute – Presented by: Carole Moss
10:00 Active Women
Presented by: Val Turner, and Julie Longden
11:00 About Bradford
Slices of Bradford life – Presented by: Shamim Akhtar
12:00 One to One
The lives & careers of the people who make Bradford what it is – Presented by: Jan Winter
13:00 Round Table
A look behind the week’s news stories with guests – Presented by: Maureen Grant
14:00 Afternoon Stretch
Guests, music and events – Presented by: Tina Watkin, Valerie Cosgrove
15:30 In Conversation
A chat with some of Bradford’s movers and shakers – Presented by: Carole Moss
16:00 Drive
News, Interviews and music – Presented by: Kathy Dyson, Kirran Blount-Shah
18:00 Women and Technology
A look at women in technology – Presented by: Shi Blank
18:30 Speakers Corner
Bradford’s Speakers Corner collective! – Presented by Iram & Josei
19:00 Bradford Spice
BCB’s Urdu language programme – Presented by: Uzma Kazi, Shanaz
20:00 The Brick Box
The latest news from The Brick Box Rooms in Bradford – Presented by: Rosie and Eleanor
21:00 Rock Hysteria
More rock than Blackpool & Gibraltar – Presented by Paola Galante
22:00 Yorkshire Music Collective
The local music scene – Presented by: Michelle Dalgety
23:00 Jazzy Women
23:30 Disco Divas

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