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Pick of the Podcasts

A look at Bradford and West Yorkshire podcasts

Presented by: Mike Kelly


Are we here yet? Bradford’s journey to a Circular Economy

Part of Bradford Science Festival 2021 on BCB.

In this radio show, Amir Sharif, Professor of Circular Economy at the University of Bradford, conducts a series of interviews with pioneers in Bradford and the surrounding region who are at the cutting edge of implementing sustainable practices and circular economy in support of economic regeneration and growth.


Bradford & Beyond

Slices of Bradford life

Presented by: Richard Horsman


JD's Showbiz Razzle Dazzle

Jacqui Drake talks people connected with Theatre. She chats to them about their involvement, their love of the arts, how they got started and plays their favourite show tunes. Join Jacqui on this musical "Toe Tapping" ride!

Presented by Jacqui Drake


Grow Your Own Way

How to grow anything and everything, indoors and outdoors in Bradford. Recorded on their allotments, or in the greenhouse if it's raining.

Growing in backyards, pots and indoors too, including 'Plant of the week', what's to be done throughout the week and answering listeners' questions.

Presented by: Martin Bijl, Sarah White


Bradford Science Festival Roundup

Part of Bradford Science Festival 2021 on BCB

BCB's Helen Seymour tells you about some of the amazing events taking place for Bradford Science Festival 2021. More info here



Tune in to 10 minutes of physical activity everyday. It's good for you and fun to do!


Whittaker's World

Each week Clive Whittaker delves into a topic.

In this programme Clive Whittaker speaks to Volunteering Bradford and Steve Blackman their Chief Exec. We discover how they progressed through Covid and Lockdowns and the challenges of this key group in the voluntary sector in the district . We find out how to go about Volunteering in the city.


Afternoon Stretch

Music & chat

Presented by: Alan Keeling, Tina Watkin


Women In STEM Part 1 (from 2020)

Part of Bradford Science Festival 2021 on BCB.

In part 1 of a 2 part series, Helen Seymour talks to Cat Scott, Shabiha Khan andRachel Beattie about what they do in their varying roles, how they got there and advice for girls interested in a career in science. In this episode, Helen discovers the suprising links between STEM subjects and fashion and finds out the answer to the important question: what is a woman in STEM's favourite biscuit? Interspersed with your favourite BCB Radio tunes.

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Bradford & Beyond

Slices of Bradford Life

Presented by: John Hebden
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Race Matters

Part of BCB's celebration of Bradford South Asian Heritage Month 2021

Maureen Grant chats to Saeed Butt about his life growing up in Manningham.

Presented by: Maureen Grant


BCB Xtra

The voice of Bradford's young people.


Bradford Spice

BCB's Urdu language programme.

Presented by: Banaris Iqbal


Basement Scene

An hour of ace new and interesting music

Presented by: Joe Emmett


Selection Box

Sounds for music lovers.

At 9pm, "cereally" returning back to the future, it's Patrick Thornton with @Selection_Box. FtThe Jazz Butcher | @Martha_Skye | @Jon_Hopkins_ | Kondi Band | @amylandsniffers | @Ouzo_Bazooka | Gayla Bisengalieva | @SonsOfKemet | @lowtheband | NWA Oktoberfest (unknown artist)

Presented by: Patrick Thornton


Griff's Magic Theatre

Where the price of entry is your mind!

Presented by: Griff


Fast 'n' Bulbous

Beefheart & beyond

Presented by: Tez Burke


The Graveyard Shift

Music for beyond midnigh


BCB Music Showcase

About the BCB Schedule

BCB broadcasts a wide range of speech based and specialist music programmes, as well as local sports and live events. Our weekday daytime programming is speech led, moving into community programming at 6pm, the BCB Extra Youth strand at 6.30, Asian language programming at 7pm and finishing with an eclectic range of specialist music from 8pm onwards.

The weekend schedule reflects the local sports scene, community language programmes as well as outside broadcasts and the chance to catch up with the programmes you’ve missed during the week.

The programme schedule changes daily with over 80 new programmes broadcast throughout the week.

South Asian Heritage Month

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South Asian Heritage Month is a month long celebration of South Asian cultures, people and histories. Find out more!

She Talks 2021

a diverse group of busy women seated and huddled around a table with stacks of paper

A celebration of women across the Bradford District for the whole month of March. Join us for International Women's Day!

LGBTQ+ History Month

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Tune in for a unique range of distinctly Bradford shows on LGBTQ+ History Month.

On Air Now
Wed 27th Oct 17:00 - 18:00

Bradford & Beyond

Slices of Bradford Life

Presented by: John HebdenListen Live

Black History Month

Black History Month 2020 Heroes and Sheroes logo

Listen again to a selection of our Black History Month shows celebrating Bradford’s African & African Caribbean communities.

10 Today project

A group of people exercising in jumpers

Let's do 10 mins exercise on the radio! Join us 2pm every day on BCB Radio 106.6fm Read more

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