Working remotely

We’re trying our best to work out how everyone can work and contribute remotely.

Today I’ve been working on software/hardware support to try make sure we can communicate, and access the studio remotely.

We’re using Jitsi to teleconference, and that seems to be going ok.

Great to see that a number of volunteer presenters have been in touch and are already making shows from home. To support that we have some online resources (jingles, announcements, music, etc) that people can use as content. If you send us ready to broadcast audio, we can login, add it to the audio wall and schedule it to broadcast. Joseph has scheduled brand new Up to Eleven, Echoes of Ireland, Bollywood Beats, Blowin and, Keeping it Green today.

We’re getting stories of how people are recording telephone interviews – holding the phone to a recorder seems to be one way(!), apps like Ringr
look promising as well. Joseph and I managed to record a conversion using Jitsi. If you have any tips/ideas/recommendations, then please let us know.

We’re also finding that laptop microphones are pretty good quality – just set up Audacity, press record and start talking seems to work for many.

Recording your voice onto your phone is also pretty easy. Sharing that file so it can be edited can depend on iPhone/Android but ‘sharing’ it from your phone can mean it gets sent via email, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and so on.

Mary managed to do some live broadcasting on her last day in the building, presenting About Bradford.

We did lose the internet in the middle of the afternoon, which makes all of our remote work pretty difficult, but it did come back about 10 (long) minutes later.

Finally, we’re working on ways to organise ourselves so that we stay in touch with everyone, help get as many people to air as want to (both in a presenting role and a guest role), and keep ourselves healthy as much as possible!

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