She Talks 2021

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For the last 25 years, BCB has been celebrating International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. Originally this meant applying for a special licence to run a dedicated women’s radio station, called Radio Venus, for several days or even a week. Since BCB started broadcasting fulltime, BCB women have continued to take over the airwaves on this day, celebrating and showcasing women in Bradford.

This year, as well as the 8th of March, we are focusing on the whole of March, encouraging more programmes and features produced by women under the banner of ‘She Talks‘.

Radio Venus Schedule (8 March)

Time Programme
7.30-9am Venus Breakfast Show

Start the day the IWD way! Join Mercy Katola and Maria Spadafora for our International Women’s Day breakfast show from 7.30am. They are joined by special guests Carly, Seemam, Kausar and Carol, and get stuck into a range of discussions from life as a midwife during Covid to how we take care of our mental health. Shamim Akhtar speaks with Lord Mayor Doreen Lee, plus they throw in a few tunes for good measure!

9-10am Women and Climate: A Force for Change

Patricia Melgar talks to local women activists, Jane Thewlis, Anna Watson, Kiran Bali, Chayley Collis and Ruth Simpson about why they are taking action on climate change.
10-10.50am Run with the Wolves

Mussarat Rahman invites 5 passionate women, Aisha Ali Khan, Laura Brooks, Kauser Mukhtar, Sarah Shead and Madiha Ansari to discuss how creativity and identity shapes and moves us through the journey of life.
10.50-11am She Talks

Women’s Voices, Women’s Lives : Tia interviews Jasmine, a level 4 engineering student at Keighley college.
11-12noon About Bradford

An IWD slice of Bradford Women’s Lives with Kath Canoville with guests, Rosie Watson and Engobo Emeseh.

12-12.30pm Through the Generations

Aamnah Rahman discusses the different experiences of 2 generations of Pakistani women with mother and daughter, Nazreen and Saira Butt.

12.30-1pm She Talks

Women’s Voices, Women’s Lives: Join Sophie Powell, Ann Dinsdale, Irene Lofthouse and Heather on the Historic Women of Keighley.
1-1.30pm My Life through Poetry

Sonia Kauser talks about her poetry and her life.
1.30-2pm Radio Venus

Angie Carrington talks to multi award winning social entrepreneur and Black businesswoman Calma Richie. Calma is the owner of one of Bradford’s longest running Black Hair salons and is also a tutor at Bradford College.
2-2.15pm Ten Today – The Women’s Movement!

Ten minutes of lady-like exercise.
2.15-2.50pm Women’s Equality

Sandra Brown from Equalities Together join guests, Hira, Karen, Sonia, Serish, Avida, Icku and Nurinder to discuss the challenges in their lives as women with disabilities.
2.50-3pm She Talks

Women’s Voices, Women’s Lives: Ann Laure Corcol talks about her work with Homeless people.
3-3.55pm It’s Not Just Cricket!

Join Kirsty Gavillet and Shivanie Patel for the Story of Park Avenue Women’s Cricket Club.
3.55-4pm She Talks

Women’s Voices, Women’s Lives:
Tracey Atherton from Simon on the Streets, talks about her work with homeless women.
4-4.30pm She Speaks

Sharena Lee Satti presents a selection of poetry from 8 local women writers; Alana Singh, Laura Baldwin, Aaminah Ahmed, Ella Sanderson, Yvonne Ugarte, Nabeela Ahmed, Pauline Seawards, Susan McCartney.
4.30-5pm Patsy – My life story

The inspirational life story of Patsy Peltier Scott, an African Caribbean woman elder.
5-5.30pm Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Shabina Aslam, Nekane R. de Ozamiz and Suyin Montoya discusses how women are empowered in car maintenance, DIY, Business, and gardening through the Millan Centre Innovation Fund.
5.30-6pm Diri Sejati (True self)

Two sisters, Shi Blank and Riza Hussaini open up to share their thoughts and insights on leaving their birth country, experiencing similar discriminations and conservative mindsets, discovering kindness and community on their journey finding ‘home’ in a new land.
6-6.30pm Grow Your Own Way

Going back to their gardening roots! Sarah White and her mum contemplate life on the allotment.
6.30-7pm BCB Xtra – Speakers Corner

Sajidah Shabir and Mariyah Kayat from Speakers Corner reflect on recent campaigns and activities.
7-8pm South Asian Inspirational Women

Shamim Akhtar and friends, Abda Khan and Asma Malik celebrate the South Asian women who have influenced their lives!
8-8.30pm Tina Talks

Tina talks to Sal, Shelley, Shabana and Eisha who are volunteers and staff from the Bradford Doula project.
8.30-9pm Connect 3!

3 women, 3 lives and lots of lovely poetry with Marva Bell, Pat Bell, and Dahlia Bell.
9-10pm Back to Black

An exploration of Black Women’s lives in Bradford presented by Yvonne Howe with guests, Denise, Karen, Sareen, Charlene and Wendy.
10-11pm I am Woman – Women’s Protest songs

Join Kath Canoville for a musical celebration of women singers who use song to ‘Choose to Challenge’.
11-12pm Lightning Birds: A game of sonic tag

Creative radio project produced collectively by 30 women in community radio stations across the UK, one day at a time. BCB’s Claire Kearns is BCB’s ace contributor to this programme!

She Talks Programmes

She Talks Keighley: Christine Bradley, Channel Swimmer
Tuesday 2 March 6pm

Mary Dowson speaks to Silsden’s Christine Bradley about her mid-life decision to swim the English Channel.

International Women’s Day Research Matters
Sunday 7 March 1-2pm

Dr Gisela Helfer talks to experts from University of Bradford and beyond, featuring Skin Scientist, Professor Julie Thornton on skin science, Senior Lecturer, Clare Peyton on proteins, and event highlights from Bradford Cafe Scientifique with Helen Horsman.

Keighley Roundtable
Tuesday 9 March 6-6.30pm

Keighley Creatives’ Gemma & Naseem, Diane and Liz reflect on #IWD2020 when they took over the old Thomas Cook shop in the Airedale Centre Keighley for IWD celebrations.

Women’s Voices, Women’s Lives: 100 Women, 100 Journeys
Thursday 11 March 3-4pm

Community Rail officers and Development officers, Karen Benette, Shaista Raja, and participants of ‘100womens100journeys’ project joined BCB’s Shazia Awan to celebrate IWD and share railway journey stories from 100 women around the world – stories from present and history that will make you laugh, cry and be inspired.

Submitted stories have been collated together in a book that was launched on International Women’s Day – 8 March 2021. The book is being distributed around the U.K with the aim to raise awareness and funds for Women’s Aid’s ‘Rail to Refuge’ scheme.

Gail Bradbrook, Environmental Activist
Friday 12 March 2.15 -3pm

Julie Longden has an in-depth conversation with environmental activist, Gail Bradbrook of Extinction Rebellion.

This Prof Can
Saturday 13 March 2-3pm

Carole Moss talks with three inspirational Women Professors from the University of Bradford, Profs Udi Archibong, Engobo Emeseh and Anne Graham.

Sunday 14 March 2-3pm

Cath Webber in conversation with Maureen Rowe and Molly Somerville on current local, national and global issues and how gender plays a role.

She Talks Keighley: Women in Xtreme Sports
Sunday 14 March 1-2pm

Christine Bradley from Keighley Healthy Living centre talks to 4 women about their passion for Xtreme and unusual sporting activities

She Talks Keighley: Cheryl Myers, Body Builder
Tuesday 16 March 6-6.30pm

Christine Bradley from Keighley Healthy Living has an in-depth conversation with World Body Buliding champion, Cheryl Myers.

Women in Leadership
Wednesday 17 March 3-4pm

Shazia Awan is joined by inspiring women in leadership roles; Professor Mel Pickup, CEO of Bradford Teaching Hospitals, Rizwana Mohammed, Head of Carlton Junior and Infant School, and MBE Dorcas Yemi Fagborun, CEO of Peacemakers International.

AWOC (Ageing Without Children)
Saturday 20 March 4-4.30pm

Lynne Joyce and Rachel Nauwelaerts speak to Mary Dowson about the implications of AWOC in social policy and in individual’s lives.

She Talks Keighley: Mary Bear Taylor, Runner
Saturday 20 March 4.30 -5pm

Christine Bradley speaks to the Silsden based runner, Mary Bear Taylor about her fancy dress fame!

Black Health Forum
Sunday 21 March 1-2pm

Laura Liddon and Jenny Powell share a truly inspirational hour with the retired African Caribbean Midwife, Lorna James.

Impressions Gallery
Tuesday 23 March 2.15-3pm

The wonderful women from Impressions Photography Gallery choose their favourite women photographers and some ‘photogenic’ music to go alongside!

Read more about the programme

BCB XTRA: Talking with Tia
Wednesday 24 March 6.30-7pm

Tia Weighman interviews with Keighely College students, Laura and Jasmine.

She Talks Keighley: Helen Bradley, Mountain climber
Thursday 25 March 3.30-4pm

Helen talks to Christine Bradley about her adventure climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

She Talks / She Moves
Friday 26 March 2.15-3pm

May, Niamh and Laura encourage us to strutt our stuff mid afternoon!

One to One: Carole Moss goes International!
Saturday 27 March 9-10am

Join Carole in conversation with Professor Barbara Wien from the University of Washington USA.

From Bradford to Bellac
Saturday 27 March 10-11am

Recent expat Helen Seymour talks to other women who have made the move from Bradford to live in France.

Female Magik
Saturday 27 March 4-5pm

Saphire Brown explores how the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement has deeply affected Black women in Bradford

Sew Keighley Pride
Sunday 28 March 2-3pm

Join Sophie Powell with 3 musicians, Terry, Lizzy and Ruth talking about their queer music inspirations and the women musicians that have inspired them as they sew their section of the Pride flag.

Lesbian Women
Tuesday 30 March 2.15-3pm

Women from Free2BMe community led LGBTQ organisation join BCB Julie Longden for a panel discussion about their lives as lesbian women.

She Talks Keighley: Patsy Bamber, Mountain climber
Tuesday 30 March 6-6.30pm

Christine Bradley talks to Patsy Bamber about how she came to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

She Talks Keighley: Rachel Dawson, Mountain climber
Wednesday 31 March 3-3.30pm
Christine Bradley in conversation with Rachel Dawson about her mountain climbing adventures in Borneo.

Women and Veganism
Wednesday 31 March 3.30-4pm
Shazia Awan talks to 2 women about veganism.

Tina Talks
Wednesday 31 March 6-6.30 pm

Tina Rowe takes a look back at the events of 2021 from a Black Female Perspective.

She Talks Bradford Poetry
Saturday 3 April 4-5pm

Mussarat Rahman talks with Paula J Horton and Yvonne Ugarte about why poetry is a transnational journey for them as women.

Where were the women?
Sunday 4 April 2-3pm

Carole Moss explores the role of Asian women changemakers in Bradford in the 70s and 80s.

She Talks Shorts

Tracey Atherton talks about her work with Simon On the Streets.

Kath Teasdale pays tribute to her Mum, the community activist, Olive Haworth.

Community activist, Olive Haworth at Tyersal school 1986. Photo by Tim Smith Photos

Patsi Peltier Scott, phenomenal African Caribbean elder speaks to Julie Longden.

Irene Lofthouse tells us about 2 pioneering Keighley women, Margaret Wintringham and Rachel Leach.

Ann Dinsdale explores the radical history ot the Bronte sisters.

Heather Millard tells us about Keighley’s Lady Hilda Butterfield.

Tia Weighman talks to Jasmine, Engineering student at Keighley College.

Sarah and Pat, mother and daughter share their love of gardening.

Rosie Watson, Womens Champion for Bradford Council speaks to Julie Longden.
Ann Laure Corcol talks about her work with homeless people in Bradford.

Bradford’s first citizen, Lord Mayor Doreen Lee talks to Shamim Akhtar.

Jo Horrox from Staying Put talks about her work in Covid times.

Saiqa from Staying Put gives us a personal take on her life and work in pandemic times.

Yasmin Khan, CEO of Staying Put, talks about what leadership means in these difficult times.

Kirsty Taylor presents the sketch, ‘Four Women’.

Cynthia Lennon talks to Maureen Rowe about coming to Bradford from the Caribbean in 1961.

Rosie Freeman pays tribute to the singer Nina Simone.

Rosie Freeman tells the story of the young activist and Nobel Peace prize winner Malala Yousafzai.

Rememering IWD 2020 on BCB with the visit of 2 Palestinian women Fataya and Imshadi, talking about life in Palestine.

Inspirational Women from the Womens Health Network IWD event 1: Furaha Mussanzi

Inspirational Women from the Womens Health Network IWD event 2: Selina Ullah.

Inspirational women from the Womens Health Network IWD event 3: Michelle Taylor explores the use of language.

Inspirational women from the Womens Health Network IWD event 4: Sofia Buncy.

Inspirational women from the Womens Health Network IWD event 5: Helen Hirst.

Rosie Freeman tells the story of the mathematician, Ada Lovelace.

Rosie Freeman tells the story of South African singer and activist, Miriam Makeba.

Rosie Freeman tells the story of Mexican activist and politician, Eufrosina Cruz.

Robina and Hafsah talk about their work at Keighley Asian Women and Children’s Centre, and how they have responded to the pandemic.

Saphire Brown talks to Pat and Marva Brown about how the death of George Floyd and the BLM affected Black women in Bradford.

Did you have a favourite toy as a child? Mum and daughter, Stella and Jessica, introduce us to her favourite toy of the moment, a “Hatchimole”.

Rosie Freeman tells the story of musician, Joan Jett.

Rosie Freeman tells the story of opera singer and diva, Maria Callas.

Irene Lofthouse introduces a short story by Pam Line.

Irene Lofthouse reads one of her short stories.

Chloe Brown from the Bradford People Library talks about her personal experience of living with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

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