Volunteer Resources

Some useful information for volunteer presenters

Scheduling your Show

To ensure your programme gets scheduled into our QNXT playout system on time, please send your show to us one or two days in advance (ideally no earlier).

Here are the deadlines for submissions to radioshows@bcbradio.co.uk (except About Bradford which is recorded on the day of broadcast):

  • Tuesday programmes: Deadline 3pm on Monday
  • Wednesday programmes: Deadline 3pm on Tuesday
  • Thursday programmes: Deadline 3pm on Wednesday
  • Friday programmes: Deadline 3pm on Thursday
  • Saturday, Sunday, Monday programmes: Deadline 3pm on Friday

What happens if I don’t get it to you on time?

If programmes get to us before the deadlines above (via email to radioshows@bcbradio.co.uk), we can pretty much guarantee they will get scheduled. Please note that staff are currently working office hours only (i.e. 9am – 5pm)

If they do not arrive on time we can’t guarantee your show will go out, and we might schedule a repeat instead, or a completely different show.

Technical Specifications of Shows

Length: 59m 52s / 29m 52s (NO BCB ident at the start, it’s already scheduled in)

Format: Please send shows to us as MP3s (Sample Rate: 44100Hz  Bit rate: 16-bit).

Levels: Speech levels peaking at -3db, music levels peaking at -5db

Ending:  The last 4 mins of your show should be music, to allow us to fade out if we need to broadcast a news bulletin or breaking news.

Idents: Tell listeners who you are, the name of your show, and which radio station they are listening to (BCB Radio on 106.6FM) at the start, as you say goodbye, and in the middle of your show. You could use a jingle to identify the radio station if you wish.

Fade:  Fade out last 5 -10 secs of show

How to set up your Presenter Profile

Presenter profiles are taken from information you supply via this form: https://tinyurl.com/bcbpresenters

The photograph is usually taken in the building, but if you can supply a head and shoulder shot on a plain background we should be able to add it to the site.

How to set up your Programme Page

Programme Pages on this website help tell others about your show. This includes information about when it is next on, and previous episodes available via Listen Again. We build these pages from information you supply using this form: http://tinyurl.com/bcbprogrammes

Listen Again

The programme pages make it much easier to find your show on the Listen Again website. You might find it easier to point people to your programme page on the BCB website rather then telling them to go directly to the Listen Again website.

If you have your shows on a podcast platform (Mixcloud etc), then that information can go on your Programme Page.

Promoting your show

We will help you promote your show by:

  • Adding it to the online schedule
  • Creating a programme page with information about when the show is next on, and linking to any previous episodes available via Listen Again
  • Tweeting from BCB’s Twitter account near the time of broadcast.

What we need from you

  • A short description (under 280 characters, which is Twitter’s limit) of what’s on your show when it is being broadcast (guests, music, themes, relevant pieces of info), any relevant Twitter handles, and..
  • A photo in landscape format. It doesn’t need to be a picture of yourself (although it can be if you’d like!) but it does need to be something related to the show and in landscape. The photo needs to be in landscape as Twitter crops portrait photos.

Send it to

DM us on Twitter at @bcbradio or email joseph.emmett@bcbradio.co.uk

We need it by

We need this information by 5pm the day before your show is broadcast – this gives us chance to schedule social media posts and update our online schedule.

If you can send this information before then please do, the sooner we get it the sooner we can use it.

Any information sent after 5pm on the day of a show will not be updated.

NB: this doesn’t apply to anybody producing About Bradford programmes which are usually produced on the day.


Adding a Signature

At BCB many of us are adding our pronouns to our email signatures – if you’d like to do that too, here’s a guide.

  1. Login to your BCB email address via https://webmail.exa-networks.co.uk/roundcube/
  2. On the far left hand side of the screen you should see a series of icons, click settings
  3. Once in settings you should be able to see the ‘identities tab. Click on ‘identities’
  4. After clicking identities, your email address (first name.last name@bcbradio.co.uk) will appear to the right. Click on the email address.
  5. To the right of your email address a further series of boxes will appear. The last one of these is ‘signature’. Any text in this box will be automatically added to the end of emails you send and compose. In this box you can add your preferred pronouns.
  6. Once you’ve added your pronouns click save. If done correctly a green box will appear saying successfully saved and you’re good to.

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