Update : BCB Premises 30th April 2021

As we start to ease out of lockdown, we’re looking again at the feasibility of re-opening 11 Rawson Road. Many of you have been asking about getting back into the building so we want to give you an update on what we’ve been doing.

Over the last few weeks we’ve set up a Premises Task Group. This is a joint group of Management Committee, staff, and volunteers. As well as progressing our longer term into new premises in 2023, it’s also looking at getting back into Rawson Road. There are three phases to this process:
1. Exploring what needs to be done to make the building Covid secure and ready for use, and then implementing those actions;
2. Limited opening and access, to see how it works in practice;
3. Full opening of the building within the new limits of a yet unknown Covid future.

So we are currently in phase 1. We’re organising a deep clean of the building, servicing the gas boiler etc. Also we’ve had someone to look at our ventilation system (thanks BCB volunteer Pete Dutton!). The good news is that it’s a clean air ventilation system which brings fresh air into the building – ventilation is a big factor in reopening buildings in Covid times and as we have no opening windows at BCB this is really important. So we’ll get that serviced and ready for use.

We’re also drawing up the Covid risk assessments and what we’ll be asking everyone to do if they’re planning to come into the building. This is of course evolving as the knowledge changes, testing becomes readily available and vaccination roll out continues. So we’re moving forward very cautiously. Rest assured that the health and well-being of all the BCB community – staff, volunteers and guests – is our greatest concern. We’ll be sharing with you any proposals that we come up with for re-opening the building and listening to what you have to say.

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Track of the Week

BCB’s Youth Music project aims to showcase music created by young people from around the district. So each week we’re featuring a track by a local artist on our About Bradford and Bradford & Beyond shows.

w/c May 4th 2021
This week’s track is from the debut EP from Echoviolet which was released on the 1st May.

The track we’re playing is called “Falling Light“, it explores the idea that love is eternal, and was actually the first track they began working on as a band back in 2019.

Find out more at the Echoviolet website.

See our Track of the Week page, to see all featured tracks and for details on how to get your track played on air.

Youth Music

A seated young person wearing a pair of headphones is holding a blue and white poster in front of a few computer monitors
BCB will be supporting young people to develop more opportunities for young musicians to perform live in Bradford, in venues appropriate for young people from diverse communities and backgrounds. Find our more about our Youth Music project.
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Making a Difference

A smiling person wearing a brown silk scarf around their head

As a part of a recent exhibition at the Science and Media Museum, our BCB volunteers were invited to talk about their lives and the various ways BCB has played a part in them.

This is Shamim’s story:

To hear more stories visit our Above the Noise project page.

BCB106.6FM broadcasts a wide range of radio programmes, reflecting the cultural diversity in the city. We particularly encourage the participation of those communities and individuals who are encountering disadvantage and exclusion, using community radio to bring people together across cultures, neighbourhoods and generations.Find out more about our People

BCB106.6FM offers training and broadcasting opportunities for local people, giving a voice to those individuals and groups who don’t usually have access to the media. We encourage volunteers to gain the skills they need to make their own radio programmes, providing the resources and support for them to do so.Get involved

She Talks 2021

a diverse group of busy women seated and huddled around a table with stacks of paper

A celebration of women across the Bradford District for the whole month of March. Join us for International Women's Day!

LGBTQ+ History Month

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Tune in for a unique range of distinctly Bradford shows on LGBTQ+ History Month.

On Air Now
Tue 11th May 18:00 - 18:30

In Your Backyard

A walk around interesting places around the district

Presented by: Ian Forward, Malcolm CurrieListen Live

Black History Month

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Listen again to a selection of our Black History Month shows celebrating Bradford’s African & African Caribbean communities.

Paint the Town Brown

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South Asian Heritage Month is a month long celebration of South Asian cultures, people and histories. Find out more!

10 Today project

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Let's do 10 mins exercise on the radio! Join us 2pm every day on BCB Radio 106.6fm Read more

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