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How to get a programme on BCB Radio

BCB has an open system of programme proposals. So if you have an idea for a programme that you want to broadcast on BCB, how do you go about it?

Below is a pathway for getting a programme on BCB.

As well as this, we also have focused projects and broadcasts aimed atengaging specific groups or covering specific issues – e.g. BCB Xtra youth strand, International Women’s Day, Refugee Week, Black History Month, etc so there may well be other ways that we can offer support to get you broadcasting!

Developing your idea

Have a look at the schedule –how does your idea fit with the existing BCB Broadcast schedule? Does it add something new? Does it complement other programming? It might be helpful to talk about your idea with other BCB volunteers, staff members or with the Broadcast Manager.

Get in touch with us on 01274 771677 or to arrange a chat.

Programme proposal

When you’ve formulated your programme idea, fill in the BCB programme proposal form and give/send it to the BCB Broadcast Manager. Your programme will be considered at the next BCB PEP Meeting (Programming, Editorial and Planning group).

Programming, Editorial and Planning group (PEP) Meeting

Meeting: the group will discuss your proposal and decide how to take it forward. This group meets monthly – usually on the first Wednesday of the month.

They aim to be in touch with you within a week of the meeting.

What happens next

The BCB Programming, Editorial and Planning group will consider your programme proposal against the existing broadcast schedule and BCB Broadcast Policy. They may well ask you for more information about your proposal; if you are new to BCB and need training to make the programme you will be invited to the next New Volunteers training course or offered support to get your programme to air.

Producing a ‘Pilot’ Programme

When you are ready you will be asked to record a pilot programme. This will be listened to by members of the Programming, Editorial and Planning group and constructive feedback will be given to you. You may need to record several pilot programmes before the group feels it is ready for broadcast.

Scheduling your programme

When the Programming, Editorial and Planning group feels the programme is broadcast ready, a suitable time will be found for it to be broadcast.

N.B. there is, of course, an existing schedule in place and so the group will endeavour to find the best time for the programme to be broadcast. It may not always be possible to offer the time that you want or a regular programme slot.



Last Updated: Feb. 5th 2021

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Battenburg are Richard Sara and Owen Whitehouse.

The show derives it's name from the 4 squares that make up a slice of Battenberg. A square is a topic of conversation and Richard and Owen each bring 2 squares - 'blind baked' which means that neither knows what the others square is prior to the show.

The show is a one hour conversation interspersed with music which introduces the topics. On today's show:

'Seven Seas' X1 versus Lord Harewood's X1', 'Masters of War', 'Silly Games', 'Jargon'.

Square one and The Brothers return to the 'Perfect Day' when The Seven Seas drank Sangria in Lord Harewoods Park.

Owen and Bob Dylan ask, "Who are the 'Masters of War'?" Who makes money from War? Who is aiding war and profiting from suffering?

Richard has been playing 'Silly Games' and has a novel way of helping charity. Can you get paid for playing online games?

The show is brought to a close with a game of jargon-based bingo ballcocks.

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Lou Reed - Perfect Day
BoB Dylan - Masters of War
The Who - Pinball Wizard
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