South Asian Heritage Month 2021

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Running from run from July 17th to August 22nd, 2021 with a stimulating programme of digital and real-life events, BradfordSAHM’s aim is to promote the rich and vibrant contribution of South Asian diaspora communities to the life and identity of Bradford.

Here are the listings of radio programming for @BradfordSAHMIn Conversation‘ shows, with BCB106.6FM, alongside their regular Spice programmes from 7pm, everyday!


Wednesday 28th Jul, 1:30pm
Race Matters Programme – Growing up in the 70’s, with Saeed Butt
Presented by Maureen Grant

Hear about Saeeds experiences of growing up as a young South Asian Man in the 70’s. Saeed talks about what it meant back then to be brown and deal with racism at its height.

Learn more about Saeed’s work with Learn Mental at

Tuesday 17th Aug, 7pm
In Conversation with Yunis Alam (University of Bradford): Wedding Cultures in South Asian Communities
Presented by Uzma Kazi

Love ’em or hate ’em – South Asian weddings are evolving and changing and have a lot of insightful social messages and lessons about our communities. Here, Yunis Alam, Sociologist, unpacks his thinking about the myths of the ‘big fat asian wedding’!

Contact Yunis for more information about his research at:

Wednesday 18th Aug, 7pm
In Conversation with Yogesh Gaigwad (Society of Dyers & Colourists): Local/Global Perspectives in Textile Manufacturing & Fashion Trends in Business
Presented by Uzma Kazi

Join Yogesh and Uzma for a reflection of the importance of fabric production and the booming industry that set Bradford apart, back in the day! We also discuss the role of artisans and tailors, and the rise of technology in speeding up processes and what this means for local entrepreneurs who may want to set up a business in this area.

See for more information about what they do and how to join their training programmes and courses.

Thursday 19th Aug, 7pm
In Conversation with Aliki Karapliagkou: Decolonising Loss
Presented by Uzma Kazi

Hear Dr. Aliki Karapliagkou talk about her research on grieving rituals and processing loss in racially diverse communities. This is a raw topic, given the collective grief that many people, in the World, may be experiencing.

For support on loss and bereavement see
Contact Aliki at to get involved in her research.

Friday 20th Aug, 7pm
MenTalk: Mental Health
In Conversation with Noshad Qayyum, Mohammad Akhlak Rauf & Shahid Mohammed

Presented by Uzma Kazi

We don’t often hear about the humanising sides of South Asian Men. Here are three beautiful men from the North of England, sharing their vulnerabilities and their resilience, offering hope and encouragement to fellow South Asian Men to open up and reach out.

Please note – this programme sensitively discusses mental health related issues, including Suicide, Bereavement and Dementia.

Support helplines

First Response 0800 952 1181 (Free 24/7 helpline for people of all ages in Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven)
Guide-line 08001 884 884 (for when not in a crisis-situation, 12pm – 12am, everyday) for general mental health services across the Bradford District and Craven area.

Saturday 21st Aug, 7pm
In Conversation with Sgt Jas Rayatt
Presented by Uzma Kazi

West Yorkshire Police are doing a recruitment drive, and want to reach out to racially diverse communities to apply. So, what does it take to be a Police Officer? Find out from Sergeant Jas Rayatt, a South Asian Female officer, as she tells her story about how she got into the force, the barriers she came up against and she gives advice to anyone thinking of a career in the force.

Find out more at

Saturday 21st Aug, 7:30pm
‘Me No Speak English’, with Mohammed Akhlak Rauf MBE from Meri Yaadain
Presented by Uzma Kazi

Listen in for a fascinating conversation about how the English language has evolved for those from Migrant communities, whose first language is Urdu, Punjabi, Hinko, Pashto, Hindi, Bengali! Mohammad Akhlak Rauf and Uzma share funny stories of their interactions with ‘tooti-phooti’ Urdu/English. We also think about the roots of linguistics, colonial legacies and the future of digital languages as a communication tool which threatens our South Asian Mother Tongues.

More about Meri Yaadain at

Tuesday 24th Aug, 7pm
My Pashtoon Story: In conversation with Sharleen Shaha Gul
Presented by Shamim Akhtar

Sharleen Shaha Gul shares her personal love stories and links to the Pashtoon culture, the heritage of her being, with readings of her poems and music. Please note, this programme was recorded around the time of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan in August 2021. However, there was an emphasis on sharing all of the other heritage identifiers that don’t usually make the news of this beautiful country, away from war.

Listen Again to 2020 broadcast
You can listen again to previous year’s broadcast here.

Bradford Spice
Everyday at 7pm, BCB broadcasts a show presented by volunteer broadcasters with roots in South Asian countries. See the Bradford Spice programme page for more information.

Find out more about online events and activities you can take part in on the Bradford South Asian Heritage Month Facebook page.

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