Tony Painter

About Bradford and The Tipping Point

by Jem Emmett
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Tony presents About Bradford on Wednesdays 11am – noon and a monthly specialist music show, The Tipping Point. Although he grew up in London’s East End and Essex, he has spent the majority of his life “oop north” with the last 24 years first in Leeds and now in Bradford. He originally started with BCB while assisting on The Record Club show. Recognising that it would be good to have another person to “drive the decks”, he joined one of BCB’s regular training course. By the time the course had finished, he’d been volunteered to host his own show. More recently he has joined the ranks of the live news magazine presenters and says he finds this really rewarding, “It’s so exciting to be able to recognise and publicise all the amazing things that people in Bradford are doing!”.

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