Holiday Shows

by Jem Emmett
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It’s the holidays again and we are once again telling you when we’ll be closed. From Friday 22nd December we’ll be shut and we will be re-opening on Tuesday 2nd January. 

If your programme is broadcast between Friday 22 December and Tuesday 2 January, the deadline for recording your show is Sunday 17th December. Please call BCB on 01274 771677 to book studio time ASAP

Please record programmes up to an including Friday 22nd December on the audiowall on Auto (Mon-Sun) programmes (unless your show is broadcast 1-in-2 or 1-in-4).

Please record programmes on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th December on the audiowall on Week 2 (Mon-Sun) programmes.

Please record programmes from Monday 25th December (Christmas Day) until Sunday 31st December on Week 3 (Mon-Sun) programmes.

Please record programmes from Monday 1st – Sunday 7th January on Week 4 (Mon-Sun) porgrammes.

Please double check your cart number with a member of staff BEFORE you record your programme.

If you’re recording your show from home, please email a link to including Tx (broadcast) date and time BEFORE Monday 18th December.

If you present About Bradford, The Afternoon Stretch or Bradford & Beyond, please record a 1 hour show BEFORE Monday 18th December that we can schedule a few times from 22nd December – 3rd January (if you present B&B, please call the show About Bradford).

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