International Women’s Day Radio Venus – 8 March 2024

by Jem Emmett
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Well what a day International Women’s Day (8th March) was – 19 hours of Bradford women broadcasting on BCB as part of Radio Venus. Across the day we had Maria Danylczuk and Maria Fedyszyn chatting about the Ukrainian community in Bradford featuring music from the Ukranian choir Fiyalka, Maureen Grant, Carol Peltier, Lynn Rose Kirby, Emese Engobo and Rachel Dennis discuss their experiences of being black women in Bradford and we were live for the International Women’s Day event at City Hall in Bradford. It was also a day of firsts with Romy Needham, Doreen Malcolm and Rafaela Heron presenting their debut shows on BCB – hopefully the first of many! International Women’s Day is always an important date on the BCB calendar and thanks to everyone who made this year’s celebrations so special. We’ll be uploading all the programmes from the day to in the coming week so watch this space.

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