New Programmes on BCB 106.6fm

by Jem Emmett
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Our summer co-horts of new volunteers have completed our Introduction To Radio training course and we’rebroadcasting a series of new programmes on BCB 106.6fm.

Elizabeth Radice is chatting to interesting people with fascinating tales on “True Life Stories”, 1-in-4 Tuesdays at 6pm.Goodie Okechukwu has been visiting and interviewing community group leaders across the district for her “Community Voices” programme, 1-in-4 Wednesdays at 6pm. Sophia Kupse is co-presenting About Bradford with Tony Painter on Wednesdays 11am-midday, with slices of Bradford life, as well as her “One Small Step” health & wellbeing show 1-in-4 Fridays at 2.15pm – and Matt and Janine are co-presenting Buzz, a specialist msuic programme 1-in-4 Sundays.

We’ve just started our autumn Introduction To Radio training course, so we’re looking forward to broadasting even more new porgrammes for Christmas.

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