Doubling up

We just couldn’t cram the best Bradford tracks into a Top 10 so we’ve expanded the concept into a Top 20 instead!

Over the next two weeks we’re bringing your our choice of the finest songs produced by acts from our neck of the woods. Here’s the countdown from numbers 20 to 11:

11 Anita Madigan – The Dalai Lama Loves You All
12 Threshold Shift – Hang In There
13 Leafeater – Garden of Love
14 Negatives – 69
15 Creation Roots – Let Jah Music Play
16 handmadehands – Over The Edge
17 Laura Groves – Coast
18 Daisy Cutter – Morning Sun
19 Yo El Rey – And One For The Doctor
20 Talk To Angels – He Loves Cilla

We also played these other tracks this week:

Girlpool -Blah Blah Blah
Alt-J – Left Hand Free
The Delvaux – At The Jeunesse Doree
Mini Mansions – Death Is A Girl

You can listen again here – and the Top 10 will be broadcast on Bradford Beat on Thursday 27 November from 8pm.

Get your party frocks on!

Tis the season to get your dancing shoes on! So get cracking, cos Team Buffet (minus Boris, who will be laid up in hospital for a while after his accident) are putting on two live spreads…

Photo by Betty Lawless
Photo by Betty Lawless

Fabulous Funky Disco
Saturday 29th November 7:30pm-11pm

Join us for an evening of disco dancing. Don’t snigger, this will be ace fun! We’re DJ-ing at Left Bank Leeds.

It’s a not for profit event, and, as purveyors of a nice spread, we’re bound to play something you’ll want to dance to.

Full details and ticket info here




X_flyerRC1 copyChristmas Record Club
Saturday 6th December 8pm-11pm

Then on 6th December we’re hosting The Record Club at the Kirkgate Centre in Shipley. The theme is, of course, Christmas and we’ll be playing three full LPs by Andrew Jackson Jihad, Phil Spector and Sufjan Stevens. There’ll also be a little time to play your own Christmas records in between, plus there’s a Pop Quiz (and who doesn’t love a music quiz, eh?). To get you in the mood you can check out the playlist we’ve put together – you’ll notice it’s not typical of the Xmas music that gets pumped into our earholes every time we go shopping. And check out full details of the event on the Record Club website.

One more thing… Boris is reported to be doing well after his accident, and there’s still time to make a small donation to Keswick Mountain Rescue who saved him. This fundraising effort by Ewan Mitchell has exceeded £1000, which is just awesome. Massive snogs to everyone who’s donated!

We hope to see you at the disco and/or Record Club!

Love Team Buffet x

Going North from Nashville: Monday 17th Nov. 10-11pm

An eclectic selection tonight & what better start to the show than……….

Bob Dylan: Highway 61……followed by another star of 60′s American folk……
Judy Collins: Fannerio…….back to the present with…..
The Rails: Panic Attack Blues
The Bottle Rockets: 1000 Doller Car…………next, a classic from the early ‘norties’….
Mary Gauthier: Our Lady of the Shooting Stars………then, only a few years back…..
Bright Eyes: Triple Spiral
The Soft Hills: Belly of a Whale……. now, a GNfN favorite from 2001…..
Ryan Adams: The Resue Blues…..back to 2014 again….
Beck: Don’t Let it Go………
Jack White: Want & Able……..two lovely ladies sing for us next…..
Rosie Flores: Woring Girl’s Guitar
Alessi’s Ark: Pine Woods……….we stay in recent times for the rest of the programme
Kurt Vile: Snow Flakes are Dancing
Lee Fields & the Expressions: Magnolia
William Cole Green: Dead or in Jail

Blasts from the past

Nostalgia was the watchword on Bradford Beat this week as we delved into the two new CDs compiled by Bradford’s Noise of the Valleys.

As well as oldies from L’Orchestre du Cafe, Zed and Worm, we previewed a new album by Shipley band The Delvaux.

Here’s the full list of tracks played:

The Delvaux – O Wronged World
Dub Colossus – Boom Ka Boom
L’Orchestre du Cafe – Dark Eyes
New Pornographers – Dancehall Domine
Alt-J – Left Hand Free
Against Me! – True Trans Soul Rebel
Zed – White Knuckle Ride
Billy the Kid – Riverbank
Benjamin Booker – Violent Shiver
Worm – Cyber Sex
Chantel McGregor – I’m No Good For You
Real Estate – Had To Hear

Click here to listen again

Keswick Mountain Rescue Rocks!

2Earlier this week our Boris (AKA Lyndon Marquis) was seriously injured in a horrible accident. We are enormously grateful to Keswick Mountain Rescue for finding and saving him.

We’ve uploaded Boris’ radio debut  but the real point of this post is to ask everyone to support a fundraising effort by way of a thank you. If you can sponsor Ewan Mitchell he’s running the Abbey Dash in Leeds this weekend. Please donate as little or as much as you can.

You can also join us for a Christmas Record Club at the Kirkgate Centre in Shipley on 6th December. It’s just £3 on the door and all proceeds from the evening will also be donated to Keswick Mountain Rescue. They are an entirely voluntary team of 45 who do brilliant work (they saved our friends’ life and we will love them forever).

Please support these fundraising efforts and send virtual hugs to Boris!

Thanks for reading, Team Buffet

More missing music

Bradford Beat will be showcasing two new CDs produced in conjunction with the Gary Cavanagh and Matt Webster project Bradford’s Noise of the Valleys.
The new CDs feature tracks that weren’t included Bradford’s Noise Of The Valleys Volumes 1 and 2.
Volume 3 features music from 1966-1987 and volume 4 from 1988-1998.
In the coming weeks we’ll be featuring many of the tracks by acts such as Joolz, Anti System, Blade, Lost Weekend, Zed and Worm.
As a taster, we kicked off our latest show with The Ovaltinies by Trip And Stumble. Here’s the full list of tracks we played this week:

Thurston Moore – The Best Day
Alt-J – Leaving Nara
Tuneyards – Real Thing
Mark Heslop – Song for the City Gent
Cheap Girls – Amazing Grace
Embrace – Quarters
Circa Waves – So Long
Saint Saviour – I Remember
Archie Bronson Outfit – Two Doves On A Lake
Stand Alone – Learn how To Feel
Oasis – She’s Electric
Trip and Stumble – The Ovaltinies
Dub Colossus – Boom Ka Boom

You can listen again here

Buffet #69 – we speak in circles, we dance in code

Didn’t catch the show on 2nd November? Listen here!

This is what we played:

1. Young Gods – Gasoline Man
2. Josh T. Pearson – Thou Art Loosed
3. Sleater-Kinney – Bury Our Friends
4. Jello Biafra with DOA - Wish I Was in El Salvador
5. The Flaming Lips & Miley Cyrus – A Day in the Life
6. Ex-Hex – How You Got That Girl
7. Chapelier Fou – Tea Tea Tea
8. Za! – Súbeme el Monitor
9. Swearin’ – Dust in the Gold Sack
10. Perfume Genius – Grid
11. Gutter Twins – All Misery/Flowers
12. Fugazi – Merchandise (demo version)
13. Vivian Girls – Can’t Get Over You
14. Thalia Zedek Band – Wind
15. Wah! Heat – Don’t Step on the Cracks (Peel session from 1980)

We’re back on the radio on November 30th. You can also catch Jenny Jet & Maria DJ-ing at Left Bank Leeds on Saturday 29th November (we’ll post full details once we have them). And join us on Saturday 6th December at The Kirkgate Centre in Shipley where we’ll be putting on a Christmas spread with The Record Club.

It’s Pick & Mix – Going North from Nashville, Monday 3rd November, 10-11pm

It’s Pick & Mix – Going North from Nashville, Monday 3rd November, 10-11pm

Tonight we play…………

Kurt Vile: KV Crime
Beck: Country Down
Roddy Heart & the Lonesome Fire: High Hopes
Phosphorescent: A Charm/A Blade
Emily Jane White: Thoroughbred
Emily Barker & the Red Clay Halo: Tuesday
The Felice Brothers: Lincoln Continental
Frank Turner: Polaroid Picture
Alessis Ark: Viens Are Blue
My Sad Captains: All in Your Mind
The Bottle Rockets: Thousand Dollar Car
Mark Kozeleck & Desertshore: Hey You Bastards, I’m Still Here
Neko Case: Man

When Big Joan Sets Up 31st October – “Can’t we just call it “The Fall – Live?”

The greatest band on God’s green earth make a slight return this week with a mainly live LP with a satisfyingly ludicrous title.

When Big Joan Sets Up 31st October – The Fall by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Maynor – “Boom!” (EP – “Repeat This”) (GGM)
The Fall – “Auto (2014) Chip Replace” (LP – “Live UUrop VIII-XII Places in Sun and Winter,Son”) (Cherry Red)
Mono – “Cyclone” (LP – “The Last Dawn”) (Temporary Residence)
Jack Bruce – “Theme From An Imaginary Western” (LP – “Songs For A Tailor”) (Polydor)
Talisman – “Nothing Change” (Download Single) (Sugar Shack)
AnD – “Power Spectrum” (LP – “Cosmic Microwave Background”) (Electric Deluxe)
Das Pain – “Haunted Heart” (7″) (Self Released)
Swarrrm – “まやかし” (LP – “Flower”) (DIW Japan)
The Fall – “Jet Plane” (LP – “Live UUrop VIII-XII Places in Sun and Winter,Son”) (Cherry Red)
The Fall – “Sir William Wray” (LP – “Live UUrop VIII-XII Places in Sun and Winter,Son”) (Cherry Red)
The Fall – “50 Year-Old Man” (LP – “Live UUrop VIII-XII Places in Sun and Winter,Son”) (Cherry Red)
Scar – “Old Ground” (12″) (Metalheadz Platinum)

When Big Joan Sets Up 24th October – Affecting a Beard

Three from Bristolian roots legends Black Roots’ new LP, an extended piece from the fantasy football style collaboration of Sunn 0))) and Scott Walker and we started with a record that ideally, should have been played at the wrong speed…

When Big Joan Sets Up 24th October – Black Roots by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

The Cuban Boys – “The Nation Needs You (2014 Version)” (V/A LP – “21 Songs For John”) (Unwashed Territories)
Half Man Half Biscuit – “Adam Boyle Has Cast Lad Rock Aside” (LP – “Urge For Offal”) (Probe Plus)
Nurve – “Click Clak” (EP – “Wrong Number”) (Tectonic)
Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band – “Click Clack” (LP – “The Spotlight Kid”) (Reprise)
Black Roots – “Albert Villa” (LP – “Ghetto Feel”) (Soulbeats)
Black Roots – “Carnival” (LP – “Ghetto Feel”) (Soulbeats)
Black Roots – “Drawn To My Attention” (LP – “Ghetto Feel”) (Soulbeats)
Das Pain – “Joyride” (7″) (Self Released)
Echo Pusher – “Bollywood Massacre” (Download EP – “Noize Logic”) (Bass Massive)
Meathead – “Tombé (EP – “Demo”) (Bandcamp)
The Fall – “Choc-Stock” (LP – “Dragnet”) (Step Forward)
Scott Walker and Sunn 0))) – “Fetish” (LP – “Soused”) (4AD)
Jahdubtahz – “Dub Street” (7″) (45Seven)