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Matters relating to Adam Wells’ BCB show, entitled The Show.

DIY or Die goes LIVE!

diyordieBCB has a whole new show! From the the minds of Katie and Jen, former presenters of The Show, comes DIY or Die – a monthly look into the world of DIY music and culture in Bradford and beyond.

We have our own extra-special blog at because we have so much stuff we want to tell people about – there’s also a zine in production that will be available for you look at online and in hard copy.

On our first ever show, we spoke to Jeffrey Lewis about the wonder of Crass, discussed the upcoming EqualFest happening at the 1 in 12 Club and found out about food foraging…

These are the musical selections we made –

MEN – Who Am I? (new single, featuring Anthony from Anthony and the Johnsons)

Jeffrey Lewis – ‘End Result’

Crass – ‘End Result’

Joe Tilston – ‘A Song For Old Friends’

Random Hand – ‘I, Human’ (from 2009 album Inhale/Exhale)

Autonomads – ‘Dubbin’ Up The Downfall’

Etai Keshaki
– ‘Propaganda of the Deed’ (new exclusive track!)

Trash Kit – ‘Cadets’

Family Elan – misc live track.

Amanda Palmer
– ‘Map of Tazmania’

DIY or Die goes out once a month on Saturdays at 5pm, and is repeated the following Monday at 10am and Tuesday at midnight. Thanks to the magic of the BCB website, you can also listen again. So no excuses.

The Show – Saturday 26th November, 6pm and again on Tuesday at 1pm

This week on The Show, Jen and I offered you more of our mildly sarcastic opinion and attempts at wit. I reviewed M.I.A’s gig at the O2 Academy, we annihilated a song we found in BCB Towers and left you with the new single by Show fave, Chilly Gonzales. We talked about M.I.A’s controversial video for her song, ‘Born Free’ which we thought may no longer be banned on You Tube….looks like it still is, so you’ll have to settle for XXXO –
[embedding not seeming to work today, so just posting a link to the video – ed]


M.I.A – Bamboo Banga (from the album Kala, released 2007 on XL Records)

Deerhoof – The Merry Barracks (available now as a free download)

M.I.A – XXXO (from the album /\/\ /\ Y /\, released July 2010)

Wilder – Skyfull of Rainbows (2010, Rough Trade)

Chilly Gonzales – Never Stop (Released on 20/12/2010, Delabels)

In C

A quick blog post about something pretty interesting today I hope…The birth of minimalism. Back in the 1960s american composer Terry Riley put together a piece of music known as ‘In C’ referring I presume to something musical. Is is quite often cited as the first ever pice of minimalist music production (probably as a result of the post modernist culture around at the time) and probably gave way to Brian Eno, and Philip Glass, who is quite often used in movie montages that involve people calculating numbers. When you listen to this work you can hear its influences on various electronic moments around today. Reasserting my believe, that [this music’ was not all made by ‘blokes on drugs’ in some horrendous over simplified cliched manner that clubbers might spurt out half was though a night.

Anyway. Last year the Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble in Americi decided that In C needed an update/homage. They commissioned a few artists to produce there own versions of in C, and put it out as an album. I have heard quite a few tracks from the album and they make very interesting listing. Below is a sample from the album but it does not do it justice….GO BUY

In C Remixed • GVSU New Music Ensemble by BillRyan

The Show – 02/10/2010 and again on 05/10/2010

Hello blog world!

This week, Katie and Jen of The Show spoke to Rory from bright young thingies, The Kabeedies. He was very tired and in a miscallenous Travel Lodge (oh, the trappings of fame). We mostly talked about Twitter, which is always entertaining as neither Jen nor I really ‘get it’. The Kabeedies are playing at the trend central venue that is Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds on Thursday 7th October – they are a most excellent live band with enough energy to keep a medium sized town (perhaps Ipswich) alight for at least 2 hours, i.e they are rather good.

sometimes they wear more clothes

sometimes they wear more clothes

We also talked about the AMAZING Constellation Festival happening over 2 days at Leeds Uni on 13th and 14th November – excellent line-up featuring Local Natives, Liars, Fout Tet and Broken Social Scene.

Here is what we played –

– Kap Bambino – ‘Red Signs’ (Single, 2008)
– Musuem of Bellas Artes – ‘Watch the Glow’ (Single, 2010)
-Kabeedies – ‘Palindromes’ from the EP ‘Ten Animals I Slam in a Net’ (2008)
-Broken Social Scene – ‘World Sick’ from the Album ‘Forgiveness Rock Record'(2010)
-Young Blood Brass Band – ‘Nuclear Summer’ from the album ‘Is That A Riot?’ (2007)
-Kabeedies – King Canute’ from the EP ‘Ten Animals I Slam in a Net’ (2008)

The Show goes out at 6pm on Saturdays, is repeated on Tuesdays at 1pm and will see you soon.

The Show – 5th June (and then Tuesday 8th) – Violets, Shapes, and some Punky Reggae…

Greetings from the show!

This week in fun show-land, Norwich 2-piece Violet Violet were the extra-special co-hosts ahead of their support slot with The Slits (words like legendry etc fit in here) at the Brudenell Social Club on the 3rd. There was much fun and giggling and Cheri&Fliss played 2 acoustic songs – both from their new EP entitled ‘Ebony and Ivory’ which will be out in July on NRone Records. You can view their ace (but slightly disturbing) video for their last single here –

The two acoustic tracks will be up on this here blog in the next few days…

The Show goes out at 6pm on Saturdays and is then repeated for further audio fun at 1pm on Tuesdays. Next week on The Show – The Return of Jen Fox, our continuing feature – ‘The Next Song We Play Will Be One We Found on a Table in BCB’, and a preview of Bradford Zine Fair.

Fun times 🙂 xx

Something to feel Springy about

The Morning Benders “Excuses” on Vimeo.

As spring finally tries to get its act into gear and we see a few more sunny days coming our way, there’s nothing nicer than a bit of uplifting musical talent. And thanks to The Morning Benders that oh-so-appropriate track is here. The video for ‘Excuses’, from their new album ‘Big Echo’ (to be released on the 9th March 2010) manages to just miss the super cheesiness usually achieved by these sort of videos. The happy group of coincidentally ultra-talented musical friends bash out a rough and ready but spot on version of this loveable track.

So stay inside where it’s warm, look out the window at the sunshine and pretend it’s summer already…

Kitty (Daisy and Lewis AWOL)

The hair could rival the T-Birds

Quiffs to rival the T-Birds

The London lols continue. Not putting on a radio show every week means I have been putting my efforts into interviews and a few other interesting projects (more on that soon). It also means that there are alot of bands kicking around…thus more interviews.

I decided to chase after BCB favorites Kitty Daisy and Lewis at one of there few gigs, I passed the CRB with flying colours, found my way onto the guest list (thanks Andy at Sunday Best) and spent about 4 hours chasing them around. At five to twelve I finally managed to get Kitty to stand still long enough to answer a few questions the results of which can be heard below, I am also spending a little more time editing my interviews so these should be a little more interesting to listen too ….I missed the last tube and had to suffer the night bus for a hour and a half…the things I do for you guys.

Oh there is a swear in the interview…so watch out…


New Era…Farewell Yorkshire

Looking forward to living in Dickensian London

Looking forward to living in Dickensian London

That’s right kids, I am off, leaving Yorkshire for other pastures for some time to come. My work as a media graphicsy person has lead to two inevitable concussions. First I bought a overpriced ‘designer PC’ that offers hardly anything over a standard laptop, in the form of a Mac Book apart from a more intelligent marketing campaign. The other is I am moving to London.

But ADAM! I hear you cry what ever will happen to ‘The Show’…Well co-host Katie is taking the reigns of cultural magazine slot and will steer the show in whatever direction she feels fit.  Saturday 6 while 7. For my last show we took a look at some of our “best bits” (LOL) from the last 16 months or so, and quite frankly I just played what I wanted to.

Continue reading

News Flash, Josh84 not a robot – Audio Interview

The death of culture? Am Chilled about it.

The death of culture? Am Chilled about it.

In the most impaired creative union since ladyhawk and a bottle of becks T-Mobile recently ‘Challenged’ josh84 to create a superband, using only his free texts and internet. Now, I must admit I set out to write a lovely piece of blogging acid to post up. But have subsequently come around

A bit of background first. T Mobile are a mobile Telecom company, like many companies they have advertising campaigns. In the last year they have organised some kind of flash mob at Liverpool street station and some terrifying cringe worthy karaoke event in Trafalgar square, attended by a group of people who some how make me feel like an alien to the rest of specialise. The latest campaign features Josh 84 and his campaign to create a ‘superband’ on behalf of t-mobile. Well believe it or not Josh 84 is a real human who lucked into this opportunity. Him and his superband have a single out at the moment that they are hoping will be number one this week, in the largest mobilisation of internet buying since rage against the machine (errr in a  few weeks ago). Continue reading

If Mr Scruff Was Not Rubbish He Would Probably Sound Like This

So I was wandering around listing to tunes on my earpods, busy trying not to get mugged late at night. When a song came on that I had not heard for ages (although I was dancing to it at new year, the person I was dancing with passed out half way through the song). Swing Set by Jurassic Five. A show classic that stands out on the album ‘quality control’ simply for been totally different and probably the most exciting 5 mins you will experience in your life. Swing Hop would be one way to describe it. I wanted to hear more like this and spent ages poking around the interweb thing, and guess what! I found stuff.

Some French band/DJs called G Swing, I don’t know much about them but its the closet thing I have found to the bliss of swing set (but boarder line crud). There is a fine line when listing to this music between utter rubbish (like Mr Scruff), and stuff that is actually interesting. Further research (consisting of mainly looking at Similar acts on uncovered bands called Caravan Palace and Kormac. However they boarder on the poorer end of the spectrum. Of course you could just listen to lots of good original swing/jazz music. The Jurrassic Five track samples Rusty Bryant, he is well worth a sniff when your done with the glue.

Regards the ‘Swing Hop’ that Jurassic Five created…have not found anything that comes close.

I threw in a few tracks to a spotify playlist…add swing tracks if you fancy or hip hop or anything really…It’s open to all to play with.