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Matters relating to Kath Canoville’s Global Meltdown show on Saturday nights

Best of BIFF playlist

During the recent Bradford International Film Festival, several BCB DJs provided additional evening entertainment in the cafe area. I’ve put together a Spotify playlist of some of the tunes we played. The tracks in the playlist were contributed by the following DJs:

1-5: Albert Freeman (@albfreeman)
6-10: Maria Spadafora (@BloodyNoraDJ)
11-14: Phil Cope
15-19: Jenny Harris ((jennyjetharris)
20-24: Griff
25-29: Patrick Thornton (@Selection_Box)
30-34: Simon Ashberry

BCB music shows web 1.0 and web 2.0

In the BUN era (see Untitled Noise 1 year on) our music shows’ individual websites and web 2.0 presence was the only way find out what we were all up to, and it was not easy to keep up to date with all shows.  In the SUN era this blog has brought things together nicely in a hub, but our original tentacles still spread healthily.  So I thought it would be a good idea to fill you in on what we have out there on the internet.   Here’s what I know of, starting with general BCB stuff, then working through the week (I may modify this entry if and when I get more information):

General BCB stuff


Going North From Nashville

Selection Box

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Global Meltdown Playlist 31st October 09

1. When I Grow Up – Fever Ray
2. Kincajou – Banco De Gaia
3. Future Heat – Trilok Gurtu
4. Besh Atli (Dub) – Recycler
5. It Began in Afrika – Chemical Brothers
6. Dudulator – Recycler ft Aida Nadeem
7. Last Train to Llasa – Banco De Gaia
8. 5 Mins of Free Porno – Recycler
9. Black Cat – Afro Celt Sound System
TUNE IN SATURDAY 11pm – 12midnight