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Happy birthday to us!

This week we mark BCB’s 25th anniversary by looking back at some of the best music that was doing the rounds in February 1992 – that was when we first started broadcasting as Bradford Festival Radio.

Here’s the full list of what we played:

Team Picture – Back To Bay Six
Elbow – Magnificent (She Says)
Terrorvision – Urban Space Crime
Stereo MCs – Step It Up
Primate – Break My Fall
Nirvana – Come As You Are
Arrested Development – Everyday People
Crowded House – Weather With You
Tasmin Archer – Sleeping Satellite
Suede – The Drowners
Sleaford Mods – BHS
Pigeon Detectives – Enemy Lines

You can listen again here >

Selection Box Show 253: Rodent Touch That Dial

Not only do rats spread disease, they also saved TVam, which was far worse.

Having avoided fully referring to BCB’s Studio 4 as a sea-faring vessel I now find that the metaphor would be rather useful not in only that, as a committed land-lubber (again in not in literal terms, though I can’t pretend I’m especially taken with sailing), I’m set to leg it from the aforementioned craft but also because a water rodent theme briefly developed on this week’s Selection Box. Whilst I am not a rat, and indeed Studio 4 is presumably built upon sound foundations and therefore I’m unlikely to disappear into a sink hole like that poor fellow in America, there does seem to be a varmint of a metaphor just sat there waiting to be smacked by my rolled-up newspaper.


Anyway, I appear to be drowning in metaphors. Metaphorically. As featured on this week’s programme, here’s some actual Rats, but not actual rats, courtesy of that there YouTube what all the kids are talking about now whilst they play with their yo-yos and trade Garbage Pail Kids cards.


Selection Box Show 253 (Listen again HERE)

Transmitted 27/02/2013

1. Gogol Bordello – Sally
from: Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike

2. The Glens – I Feel Great
from: Doo Wop From Rome Records 1960 – 61 (various artists)

3. Yumuri Y Sus Hermanos – Acaramelao
from: Tiene Bilongo

4. Balthazar – Sinking Ship
from: Rats

5. The Rats – Rats Revenge
from: Back From The Grave Volume 1 (various artists)

6. Ryan Francesconi & Mirabai Peart – Road To Palios
from: Road To Palios

7. ME – Vampire!! Vampire!!
from: Even The Odd Ones Out

8. Gary Numan – M.E.
from: The Pleasure Principle

9. Maclaine Coulson & Saul Rose – The Lazy Farmer
from: Sand & Soil

10. Submotion Orchestra – Thinking
from: Fragments

11. Tindersticks – A Night So Still
from: The Something Rain

12. Debroy Somers & His Band – You And The Night And The Music
from: Great British Bands Volume 2: Debroy Somers & His Band

13. The Bush – To Die Alone
from: Impossible True – The Kim Fowley Story

Patrick Thornton presents Selection Box every Wednesday at 9pm.

Selection Box Show 252: Fire Up The Quattro

For reasons far too dull and footling for even me to remember, this week’s Selection Box was recorded in Studio 4 of BCB instead of it’s regular home two doors away in Studio 2. Much like its Thunderbird of the same numeral, Studio 4 is something of a minor player in the BCB cannon compared to the all-important live broadcast hypersonic variable-sweep wing rocket plane of Studio 1, the heavy supersonic VTOL carrier lifting body aircraft that is Studio 2 and the re-usable, vertically-launched single-stage-to-orbit spacecraft we affectionately know as Studio 3. It’d be a stretch of an already tenuous metaphor to suggest it is a small utility submersible for underwater rescue, but, to flick to a barely more relevant simile, using Studio 4 instead of one of the other recording holes is like suddenly trying to use a Commodore 64 joystick to play Fifa when you’re used to the Duashock 3 controller.

In basic terms, the controls are different. In basic terms, it’s basic. Whilst to a novice the myriad of fiddly knobs, light-emitting diodes and push-me-pull-you faders may look more daunting than a desk with an abacus and a twisty crank, when you are used to the former you know how it works and, more to the point, how to correct something if it goes wrong. If you have nothing more than an on / off switch and a big red button that says, “DO NOT PRESS” on it then finding a way of piloting the vessel away from the big broadcasting black hole you’re about to get sucked into is more problematic. And thus it was that I fully expected disaster to befall the programme this week with every given push of a button or slide of a fader. Save for an odd moment a few records in, where my voice seems to appear mid-sentence for reasons I’m still not entirely clear of, I seem to have come out of my Studio 4 journey unscathed, which makes me blase for next week when I am in there again and will, therefore, no doubt end up die screaming as I plough the ruddy thing at full pelt into the hot burning sun.

Anyway, a quick bit of housekeeping is required on here before I get onto the weighty subject of the playlist, namely that the show this week began with Local Natives and you can still hear the interview I conducted with them at Leeds Festival on this ‘ere Soundcloud wotsit here. You can even download it should you be so very inclined – simply click on the arrow on the player and save it as you feel appropriate.

Patrick Thornton speaks to Andy & Kelsey from Local Natives by PatrickSelectionBox


Selection Box Show 252 (listen again HERE)

Transmitted 20/02/2013

1. Local Natives – Heavy Feet
from: Hummingbird

2. Junior Electronics – Mike McConnell
from: Musostics

3. Harlem River Drive – Seeds Of Love
from: Harlem River Drive

4. Mikhail – Cerberus
from: Xenophonia

5. Ray Noble & His Orchestra – Oh You Nasty Man
from: Risque Blues, Vol. 1 (various artists)

6. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Higgs Bosun Blues
from: Push The Sky Away

7. Natacha Atlas – Marifnaash
from: Halim

8. Chris Barber Skiffle Group feat Dickie Bishop – Gypsy Davy
from: Chris Barber 1956

9. John Grant – Pale Green Ghosts
from: Pale Green Ghosts

10. Freaks – 80s Throwback
from: The Man Who Lived Underground

11. Melody’s Echo Chamber – Crystallized
from: Melody’s Echo Chamber

Patrick Thornton presents Selection Box every Wednesday at 9pm.

Happy 10th birthday, BCB!

Don’t miss the celebrations taking place to mark the 10th birthday of BCB 106.6FM.
It’s ten years since the station got its full-time licence.
And on Bradford Beat we’re marking the anniversary by putting together a programme featuring the best of tracks from every year of the past decade.
Here’s the full track listing for the show, which is on air tonight (Thursday March 1) from 8pm  – 9pm:

2002 – Chumbawamba /  Song For Len Shackleton
2002 – Bluefoot Project / Mongrels
2003 – Malibu Stacey / We Rokkin’
2004 – Deckshufflers / Thrillseeker
2005 – The Terminals / Diagnosis
2006 – iLiKETRAiNS / The Beeching Report
2006 – Laika Dog / Daddy, What’s Your Soul?
2007 – Sky Larkin / Summit
2007 – Peter Wright / Winslow’s Melody
2008 – Molotov Sandwich / Ruyeh Cafeh Pahaye Man
2009 – New Model Army /  Today Is A Good Day
2010 – OBA /  Nuff Drama
2011 – The Wind-Up Birds / Popman

Click here to listen again

Found at BCB! Going North from Nashville Monday 26th September 10-11pm

An interesting collection of music which came to us courtesy of our very own radio station!

1. Peter Lawrie : Fell into the River ( from album A Little Brighter)

2.Young Rebel Set : If I Was ( one of several tracks we could have chose from the excellent Curse Our Love)

3.Frank Turner : Try this at Home

4.Ben Marwood : Singalong………..a bit of a theme with those last three, continued with…

5. Joni Mitchel : Chinese Cafe/ Unchained Melody

6. Levi Weaver : Iam Certain I am a Train ( from recently released 2nd album The Letters of Kurt Godel) …Levi is a man not to miss……www.leviweaver.com

7. The Pheonix Foundation : Buffalo

8. King Creosote: Bats in the Attic

9. Hymn: Papertrail(from their gem of an album Inthe Depths)

10. Benjamin Francis Leftwich : Atlas Hands………beautiful, dreamy music, followed bt the equally beautiful & dreamy…..

11. Iain Morrison & Daibhidh Martin: The Sky Throws You

12. Kate Rusby: Greenfields ( John went all wobbly when we saw her at Grrenbelt fest! )

14. Diagrams : Night all Night

Value for Money on Going North from Nashville! Monday 29th September 10-11pm

All tracks played on tonight’s show were found in Charity Shops!

To kick us off we have…………..

Tha Gourds: Pickles – followed by………..

Joan Osbourne : Man in a Long Black Coat – continuing the Dylan theme………

Mojave 3: Some Kinda Angel

Joni Mitchell: You Turn Me On I’m a Radio – very appropriate!

The Low Anthem : To Ohio &………

Iron & Wine : Woman King – both GNfN favourites.

Johnny Flynn : Rocky Racoon – excellent rendition from White Album tribute Cd

Broken Family Band: Dancing on the 4th Floor

Badly Drawn Boy: Easy Love

Kasey Chambers : Dam

Jim Moray: Early One Morning – one of John’s best charity shop finds, followed by one of Sue’s………..

Hudson Taylors: I Took My Burden to the Crossroads

Gene Clark: Some Misunderstanding – 70’s Americana to play us out.

Some fine B sides from the Going North from Nashville singles collection on Monday 20th June 10-11pm

Dawn Landes : Wire

Boo Hewerdine : Geography

Bruce Springsteen : High Hopes……..spot the link…….

The Cowboy Junkies : State Trooper

Micah P Hinson : You didn’t have to be so Nice

Miranda Versus the Crok : The Mormorers……a local artist, well worth checking out.

Calexico : Writer’s Minor Holiday…… another link……….

Hayseed Dixie : Holidays in the Sun

Smoke Fairies : Troubles

The Duke & the King : One More Year

Josh Rouse : Under Cold Blue Stars

Corinne West & Kelly Joe Phelps : Rivers Fool

Neville Skelly : Blues Run the Game

Joseph Arthur : Look into the Sky

Special delivery – The BCB Sessions, Wed 16th Feb

Hello you,

Thanks for checking into The BCB Sessions. I’m back from my travels and have got loads of new music to play you…hooray! Here’s what made the show on Wed 16th Feb:

Beardyman – Where does your mind go? (great one to get you going)
Gruff Rhys – Honey all over
Jesca Hoop – City bird (she’s coming to Leeds in March – check out leedsgigs.co.uk for date)
The Death Set – Slap slap slap pound up down snap (total blow out with this one!)
Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou (BCB Session) – Allotment song (from the archives. Get in touch if you’d like to come in and do a session – email me laura.rawlings@bcbradio.co.uk and we’ll get you on the show).
Thomas Truax – February, what ya doing to me? (quirky monthly installment from TT – top talent)
Stateless – Song for the outsider
Gossip – Heavy cross
Disco Machine Gun – Weekend friends (DMG’s new single – launch on 9th April at Bradford Playhouse, be there).
Lia Ices – Love is won
Flats – Never again
Darren Hayman and the Secondary Modern – Winter makes you want more
The Lodger (BCB Session) – I can’t stop
Suuns – Arena (in Leeds on Monday…should be fab).

Get in touch if you’re in a band and you’ve got a tune you’d like to get on the radio. Also, if you’ve got a gig you’d like us to plug – get in touch! laura.rawlings@bcbradio.co.uk

Selection Box Shows 151 & 152

Oh, alright, I give in.  Months have passed by with me trying to write something interesting whilst also catching up on playlists.  We’re now into 2011 and I’m still giving you lists from October.  I’ve had enough of being miles behind, so I’m going to bite the bullet and just shove up the show lists and start afresh once up to date.  So here’s two more. Continue reading

Miscellaneous Plays 20th October to 10th November 2010

The following is a brief list of some of the other new releases played recently on BCB.

When I say some I mean I don’t know all the new releases played on BCB, so this is just what I know about at the time of writing.

When I say other I mean that this list does not include tunes that have appeared in other playlists here on the BCB Music Blog.

20 Oct 2010
THE NATIONAL – Bloodbuzz Ohio

22 Oct 2010
FRIGHTENED RABBIT – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Continue reading