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  1. avatarBarry Lambert

    I have all but 3 or 4 of the 700 plus tracks that Lonnie Donegan ever recorded, so I think I can safely claim to be a fan, and it was so refreshing to find in the writer of this blog someone who really seems to ‘get’ the great man. Some of Donegan’s recordings are sublime – When the Sun Goes Down, Railroad Bill, Lost John, How Long Blues, Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord, Bewildered – I could go on and on, but these are not the ones that most people remember. Unlike your blogger, I don’t dislike Chewing Gum and Dustman , I think they’re quite fun and surely the jokes in the latter are supposed to be bad. These tracks are not meant to be taken too seriously. He is certainly right about Adam Faith’s 1978 album, where the rock star’s overblown backings all but destroy the charm of the originals. The Sundown album is better, but I wonder if your blogger has heard the 2 wonderful albums Lonnie recorded a few years earlier with the excellent German band Leinemann. If not, I can heartily recommend them. The main reason that my generation love him, though, is that he rescued us from the turgid 1950s world of dreadful crooners and introduced us to proper music.

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