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Matters relating to Joel White’s Too Much Too Young, broadcast at 5:30pm (UK time) on Wednesdays.

Too Much, Too Young – 9th February

After several weeks of tardiness this is the first TMTY blog in the year of the rabbit.

The show returned to its usual format after last week’s Lunar New Year special although the original track listing had to be somewhat altered. Having attempted to attend a Japanther gig earlier this week, which was ultimately called off due to the drummer getting in a fight with a resident of Halifax, I sifted through their back catalogue looking for an appropriate song to play on the TMTY. Sadly it transpired the entire ouevre of the New York two piece is littered with the most taboo of language. Here, instead, is the more acceptable set list I plumped for:

Cut Copy – “Need You Now”
The opening track of Zonoscope – the third album from Melbourne’s finest (released February 8th on Modular Recordings).

Foster the People – Houdini
Taken from their eponymous E.P. Foster The People. Catchy party anthem reminiscent of MGMT’s earlier material.

Chapel Club – Surfacing
The latest single to be taken from their album Palace. Originally set to be released as a single in 2009 but the song’s use of lyrics from Dream a Little Dream of Me caused a legal copyright wrangle.

Yang Jung-seung and Kim Ha-neul featuring Pepper – Stars In The Night Sky
Kim Ha-neul, the impossibly talented star of South Korean films such as My Girlfriend Is An Agent and Too Beautiful To Lie, turns her hand to singing and turns out to have an impossibly sweet vocal timbre. Released as a single on February 8th.

British Sea Power – “Heavy Water”
The final track on British Sea Power’s latest LP Valhalla Dancehall. One of the album’s stadout compositions.

Futurist – “Anti Hero
From the Brooklyn based band’s forthcoming album “War is Yesterday” due out in May. The song’s music video, which can be found by clicking the above hyperlink, is as warm and as enjoyable as the song itself.

Motive – “Nobody Eats My Dinner”
Available as a free, and more importantly legal, download here as one of six songs which make up the Brooklyn band’s self titled EP. Features some amusingly overly self indulgent lyrics sung with total po faced piety.

Smith Westerns – All Die Young
As melancholic as the title would suggest. The grandiose composition, which bears similarity to some of Chris Bell’s more yearning numbers, can be found on the band’s second album Dye It Blonde.

Too Much Too Young 6th October 2010

This week marked the first live edition of Too Much Too Young since the dissolution of The Dream Team (a.k.a. my good self, Joel and Pat). In an unprecedented step I spent a week not ectstacially enthusing about, nor playing, anything related to young Bradfordian heroes No Garden, One Dragon.

Instead, with the help of my colleague Matthew Blakey, the show looked at the positively 80s feel of cinema offerings this week – the action movie parody The Other Guys, the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future and the sequel to the seminal 1987 film Wall Street.

Music-wise TMTY tried to stick to the remit set by Joel White during his five incendiary years of helming the show by mixing fresh and upcoming acts with more unusual and obscure choices. The running order for this week was as follows:

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The show all the cool kids are calling tmty – tracklisting for 28/7/10

No Joel again this week, so we managed to sneak another track of Neil Young on to the show. As well as that we discussed No Hands this Friday at the Playhouse, and Loads of Music this Saturday, also at the Playhouse.

Other tracks were from The Family Elan, Bilge Pump, Uprights, Beach House and Shield Your Eyes.

See you next week, 6:30pm on Wednesday.

Eclectic Mainline 26th May 2010 – Darren Hayman session

Tonight on BCB we had a special guest in one Darren Hayman. He came into BCB with his band before their gig at Theatre in the Mill on 1st May.

Darren Hayman at BCB

Darren Hayman at BCB

We shared the session between two of this evening’s shows. If you were listening to Too Much Too Young at 6:30pm with Patrick and Keiron, you will have had the delight of hearing Darren Hayman’s BCB session version of “Room To Grow”. I then featured two more tunes by Darren and his band in my show Eclectic Mainline at 8pm:

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Too Much Too Young 5/5/10

Yo Guys,

Last show before the election, and we had an electoral theme to the show (wholly impartial of course).

We played tracks from The Books, Ganglians, Blood Crips, BLK JKS, Villagers and LCD Soundsystem.

Singing the news was (as you can imagine) themed on the forthcoming general election. It’s tomorrow guys, unless you’re listening to the repeat in which case it’s today. Oh, and next week’s topic is the end of the football season.

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Too Much Too Young for Wednesday 14/4/10

Peggy Sue

This Week’s Too Much Too Young is packed full of great music. We started with Yo Mama by Peggy Sue, who have just released their debut album and are sounding sweet. Before playing new and classic tracks from the likes of She and Him, Flight of the Conchords, The Anniversary and Two Door Cinema Club.

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Too Much Too Young 10/3/10 (Yeasayer Interview!)

Interviewing Chris from Yeasayer

Fun Show this week, with an interview with Chris from Yeasayer! Joel was away, but me and KC were as present as ever. KC’s Backrow Banter was entertaining as always, although it was a shame that we were back to a 6/10 film.

And the interview was fun to do. It may even get another playing at some point.

See you next week at 6.30pm on Wednesday or 1.00pm on Thursday!

Gaggle – I Hear Flies
Sondre Lerche – Bluish (Animal Collective Cover)
Yeasayer Interview
Yeasayer – Madder Red
KC’s Backrow Banter – Alice in Wonderland (6/10)
Radikal Satan – Prohibido

2M2Y – the last 5.30 show

The era of the half past five show has ended, but a new one is about to begin; namely that of the 6.30 show.

Next Week (3rd of March) we are launching with an exciting interview with Beach House (which we are sharing with Albert Freeman’s Eclectic Mainline). And the week after we have one all to ourselves with Chris Keating from Yeasayer.

But before all that, in the last show at our current time we had a typical selection of new tunes from the likes of Strange Boys and Hot Chip.

Singing the News was about The President of America (Barack Obama) meeting an exiled Tibetan spiritual leader (the Dalai Lama).

And KC reviewed precious unfavourably.

So Yeah, See you at half six next Wednesday!

Chew Lips

Everyone’s talking about them, and their album is about to make a significant dent in the charts. And on Thursday 2/3 of the tmty team went to see this sarf lahndan trio. And were they good? Abso-blooming-lutely. Compared to the venues they’ll be playing soon The Nation of Shopkeepers will seem like a bit of a shoebox. But the simple, pulsating beats and the individual vocals of Tigs (that is her name, honest) are at home here as much as they will be when they play the NME awards show in february.

Now is the time to get on to their bandwagon!