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The show all the cool kids are calling tmty – tracklisting for 28/7/10

No Joel again this week, so we managed to sneak another track of Neil Young on to the show. As well as that we discussed No Hands this Friday at the Playhouse, and Loads of Music this Saturday, also at the Playhouse.

Other tracks were from The Family Elan, Bilge Pump, Uprights, Beach House and Shield Your Eyes.

See you next week, 6:30pm on Wednesday.

It’s The Magic Number, apparently

I refer, of course, to 3 which De La Soul dictated was a digit imbued with Harry Potteresque mysticism, rather than the pluralised version of the phrase which gives the band The Magic Numbers their moniker.  I’ve never been particularly enamoured with the latter – though I bare them no malice – so I cannot imagine they’ll be featuring heavily on Selection Box any time soon.

La Pendleton skillfully handling a tool there.  (Bloody hell, kill me.)

La Pendleton skillfully handling a tool there. (Oh dear oh dear. Bloody hell, kill me.)

I can’t pretend that I am especially partial to the number 3 either, though if Victoria Pendleton expressed an interest in making that the number which share my marital bed for non-sleeping purposes, I’d be sure to ask my wife for her considered opinion on the matter.  Then do a spot of undignified pleading, obviously.  However, the number 3 is set to be something of a focus on the show over the next few weeks, like some sort of demented version of Sesame Street (because obviously Sesame Streetis renowned for its no-nonsense straight laced stiff upper lip lack of tomfoolery), as in a few weeks’ time Selection Boxwill be celebrating its third birthday.  Will you see a sea-change in accordance with the advance in age – no longer for us the tantrums of the terrible twos, from now on operating with a new-found pre-school application and shitted pants will become an ever-increasing rarity?  Nah, I’ll probably peddle the same old pelt punctuated by great records if truth be told, but let us celebrate the calendarial momentum all the same. Continue reading

Fab sesh from Lawrence Arabia

Allo allo!

Lawrence Arabia

Lawrence Arabia - BCB session

Here’s what I played on Wednesday’s show (3rd March):

We had a special acoustic session from Lawrence Arabia, recorded here at BCB by Albert Freeman (thanks Alb).

This morning call – Tides
Ghost Train – Summer Camp
Fenech Soler – Stop and stare
Lawrence Arabia (BCB Session) – Apple Pie Bed
Husky Rescue – Sound Of Love
The Big Pink – Tonight
to rococo rot – fridays
Lawrence Arabia (BCB Session) – I Smoked Too Much
The Birdman Rallies – You and I
Silver Columns – Cavalier
Alt track demo
Django Django – Wor
Lawrence Arabia (BCB Session) – The Beautiful Young Crew

And if you’re reading this before 7th March – take a punt on our competition…it could be YOU!

Prize: Beach House – Teen Dream – signed!
Question: Where are Beach House from?
A – Bradford
B – Baltimore
C – Barnsley
Closing Date: midnight Sunday 7th March

Answers to: studio@bcbradio.co.uk with Beach House competition in the subject line.

Eclectic Mainline 3rd March 2010

So, tonight we launched our revised schedule by having a Beach House interview split between my show and Too Much Too Young, and also a Lawrence Arabia session in Laura’s.

Beach House have commissioned videos for every song on the new album Teen Dream, as you may have heard in tonight’s interview. The above video, for Silver Soul was actually directed by Victoria Legrand herself.

Here’s what I played in the show:
Continue reading

2M2Y – the last 5.30 show

The era of the half past five show has ended, but a new one is about to begin; namely that of the 6.30 show.

Next Week (3rd of March) we are launching with an exciting interview with Beach House (which we are sharing with Albert Freeman’s Eclectic Mainline). And the week after we have one all to ourselves with Chris Keating from Yeasayer.

But before all that, in the last show at our current time we had a typical selection of new tunes from the likes of Strange Boys and Hot Chip.

Singing the News was about The President of America (Barack Obama) meeting an exiled Tibetan spiritual leader (the Dalai Lama).

And KC reviewed precious unfavourably.

So Yeah, See you at half six next Wednesday!

Eclectic Mainline 20th January 2010

Well now, the new Beach House album is out next week, so I went a bit Beach House loopy this week, and played 2 songs from Teen Dream in last night’s show…

Beach House - Teen Dream

Beach House - Teen Dream

Beach House – Norway
Fionn Regan – Genocide Matinee
Fool’s Gold – Nadine
Alone Together – Human Beings (Bearsuit Records – A Weevil In A Biscuit compilation)
Liars – Scissor
Magnetic Fields – You Must Be Out Of Your Mind
Gonjasufi – Koyboyz&Indians
Laura Veirs – Wide Eyed, Legless
Future Of The Left – Stand By Your Manatee
Tindersticks – Factory Girls
The Kissaway Trail – SDP
The Ralfe Band – Atlantis Rising
Archie Bronson Outfit – Shark’s Tooth
Mus̩e M̩caniques РLike Home
Beach House – Silver Soul