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Eclectic Mainline 17th April 2013 – Record Store Day preview

Record Store Day 2013This Saturday is Record Store Day.  Each year when I preview this event in my BCB show I notice the list of special, very limited, releases grow and grow.  Apparently this year there are 500 such releases.   Now, I love Record Store Day, and what it does for independent record shops.  However, I think there is a real danger that these limited edition releases may be starting to overshadow to real purpose of Record Store Day, and there are record shop owners who share my oncerns.   It is not Limited Edition Day, or Record Label Day.  The clue is in the title.   It is about the record shops.

This is why I think what shops like Jumbo Records in Leeds are doing is the right way to approach the day.  They have lined up a fabulous set of of instore performances throughout the day.  So, whether or not there is a limited release you want (and whether or not you get there in time for there to be any left) you can enjoy some wonderful music, have a browse round the shop, and acquaint yourself with the staff.  Last year a couple of young girls who are special to me saw The Staves at Jumbo, instantly became fans of the band, and want to go back to Jumbo again for Record Store Day this year.  The array of limited edition releases didn’t really matter to those little girls, but Record Store Day has done its job in drawing them into an independent record shop.  I for one hope that relationship lasts many years for them.  Their lives will be all the richer for it.

In my show this week you can hear Adam of Jumbo Records talking about what this day means to their shop.  If I were to make one recommendation, it would be that you are at Jumbo in the afternoon to see James Yorkston.  He came into BCB a few years ago to record one of my favourite sessions we’ve had.  Listen to the show here, and this is what you will hear:

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Selection Box Shows 155 & 156

Two more shows for you as I continue my attempt to catch up to present day parity.P&PeteTommyHeadWestbourneStudios22Sep2007

Show 155 saw the chocolate-throated thespian Pete Gallagher take time out of his schedule with the touring production of Oklahoma! – at that time playing at the Bradford Alhambra – to come and lark about with me in the studio for a bit. Pete and I have known each other since he brought life to a bloody great red robot called Tommy whilst I pretended to be a pretentious Nick Broomfieldesque documentary maker, and he’s quite one of the loveliest and funniest people I have the pleasure of knowing and I’d very much like to lick him all over; made out of chocolate or not.  Quite why he’s prepared to associate with a miserable shit like me is really anyone’s guess.

You can view Pete’s metallic appearance (and my wooden one, before anyone else does that joke) here:

Tommy The Tungsten Robot from Matt Clark on Vimeo.

Anyway, courtesy of this lovely Soundcloud player you can listen to these shows again for a limited period (probably about the length of time it would take to collect enough earwax to make a bust of Ronnie Corbett’s head). Sadly due to copyright and such blah the show cannot be made available as a downloadable file.

Selection Box Show 155 by PatrickSelection_Box

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Eclectic Mainline 10th November 2010


Constellations line-up

This Sunday, the rather splendid Constellations Festival is on in Leeds, and it really is quite a line-up! 

You may already have heard Katie and Jen talking about it in The Show, and I’m sure several other BCB presenters have been bigging it up too.

As you will see the line-up really is quite special.  Regular listeners to Eclectic Mainline will have heard all the artists mentioned to the left.

Last night in my show we featured Katie speaking to Local Natives about their appearance at the festival.

A server glitch prevented me from posting my playlist straigh after the show, but here it is now:

This is what I played in my show last night:

Panico – “Icon” (LP – “Kick”) (Chemikal Underground)
Blonde Redhead – “Not Getting There” (single and LP – “Penny Sparkle”) (4AD)
Peter Broderick – “Human Eyeballs on Toast” (LP – “How They Are”) (Bella Union)
Zé Da Lua – “Ulungu Wami” compilation LP – “Angola Soundtrack”) (Analog Afrika)
Vessels – “Meatman, Piano Tuner, Prostitute” (single) (Cuckundoo)
The National – “Conversation 16” (single and LP – “High Violet”) (4AD)
Appliance – “West Waves” (LP – “Re-conditioned”) (RROOP)
Sparrow and the Workshop – “Black To Red” (single) (Distiller)
Four Tet – “Angel Echoes” (LP – “There Is Love In You”) (Domino)
Local Natives interview with Katie Jennings
Local Natives – “Who Knows Who Cares (BretonLABS remix)” (single and LP – “Gorillan Manor”) (Infectious)
Liars – “Scissor” (LP – “Sisterworld”) (Mute)
Warpaint – “Undertow” (single and LP – “The Fool”) (Rough Trade)
Consumers – “Anti, Anti, Anti” (compilation LP – “Black Hole: Californian Punk 1977-80) (Domino)

Eclectic Mainline 15th September 2010 – Grinderman interview

This week sees the release of the second Grinderman album, smartly titled Grinderman 2.  To celebrate, in my show tonight I spoke to Jim Sclavunos from the band.  If you heard the show you will have heard Jim and I discussing the evolution of Grinderman since the first album, and also the video to the single Heathen Child, which you can see below.  If you then read the rest of this entry, you will be able to listen to a longer version of the interview, which is available as a podcast. 

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A Midlake ‘special’ on Going North from Nashville, Monday 19th July, 10-11pm.

Midlake - The Courage Of Others

Midlake - The Courage Of Others

On 19th July, the music of Midlake takes centre stage, featuring an interview with Eric Pulido from earlier this year (courtesy of Eclectic Mainline‘s Albert Freeman – thanks, Albert!) and focusing on their recent album, The Courage of Others.

We will also play tracks from Stephanie Dosen, Lift to Experience, Fleet Foxes, Nick Drake, Wolf People & Steeleye Span!

Scars On 45 Dish On Bradford’s Best Curries

Scars On 45 backstage at The Brudenell Social Club

A couple of months ago I had a chat with half-Bradford, half-Leeds bred indie rockers Scars On 45 before they went off to Texas to play SXSW with their new Chop Shop Records label-mates Fanfarlo and Marina and the Diamonds. Vocalists Danny Bemrose and Aimee Driver had a lot to say about their upcoming album, living the dream and… where to get a good curry in Bradford.

“People always get it wrong… they go to places like Aagrah and Akbar’s and nice places, but you’ve got to go to some proper dives to get a good curry. There’s Sweet Centre… there’s Karachi. Karachi was in The Guardian, it’s been going since 1965! And it’s either chicken and spinach, or chicken and potato… but it’s got to be masala.”

And his bandmate? “Spicy Cottage! Chicken tikka every time!”

Check out thejustaminuteproject.com for the video interview and myspace.com/scarson45 for some tunes.

Eclectic Mainline 12th May – Fuck Buttons interview

Well, another May, and another life-changing experience at an All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival.  This year, at the Matt Groening event,  it was Boredoms who turned my life upsite down.  They really were phenomenal.   I hope to have some photos to show you soon.  In the meantime, I can show you the back of my head occasionally popping into view during the start of the Spiritualized set.  Several things brought me close to tears, but this song was the one that actually did it.

Fuck Buttons did a couple of DJ sets at the festival, so it was apt that tonight we had an interview with them in my show.  If there is demand for it, I can make the interview available here on the blog as a podcast.  Here’s the tracklist for tonight’s show:

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Cope, Arrowsmith & McLaren: Selection Box Shows 128, 129 & 130

After a false start a little while ago, Brigadeer Phillip Agnostin D’Argtanian Tannoy Gargle Pissflap Cope III plonked his posterior into the guest chair for Selection Box 128.  I continually say that I am not going to keep noting the number of the show we’re on, as its something I only mark out for my own probably-autistic filing purposes.  And yet I continue to announce how many of these by-the-seat-of-the-pants produced pillock presented programmes we’re up to now.  Still, worth noting that in around four months we’ll (and that’s very much the royal “we”) be up to 147 shows.  Perhaps I’ll have a snooker-themed special to celebrate.  Chas & Dave have retired now, so that’s them out the window as potential session guests, but no doubt referee Len Ganley knows how to tap a triangle on cue, so that’s a part of the rhythm section sorted.  Actually, he’s probably dead now I think about it.  I do know that Steve Davis is a prog rock aficianado, so perhaps this isn’t as daft an idea as it first seemed.  The only problem I foresee is that personally I find the majority of prog a bit too, well, shit to play on air.

Yours truly (right) and Phil Cope clearly have nothing in common.

Yours truly (right) and Phil Cope clearly have nothing in common.

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Eclectic Mainline 17th March 2010 – Midlake interview

Midlake - The Courage Of Others

Midlake - The Courage Of Others

For the very first time, my show has a podcast this week. If you heard the show you will have heard me talking to Eric Pulido of Midlake. What you will have heard is the abridged version of the interview, but the full thing is available for you here now, at the bottom of this blog entry.

Midlake have also backed John Grant on his debut solo album (he used to be the singer in The Czars). A funny thing happened the other day while I was listening to his album, Queen Of Denmark, for the first time. I was reading the brochure for the 16th Bradford International Film Festival while listening. Just as I was reading about Alien being on as part of Widescreen Weekend, John Grant was singing “I feel just like Sigourney Weaver, when she had to kill those aliens“. Spooksville..!

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Too Much Too Young 10/3/10 (Yeasayer Interview!)

Interviewing Chris from Yeasayer

Fun Show this week, with an interview with Chris from Yeasayer! Joel was away, but me and KC were as present as ever. KC’s Backrow Banter was entertaining as always, although it was a shame that we were back to a 6/10 film.

And the interview was fun to do. It may even get another playing at some point.

See you next week at 6.30pm on Wednesday or 1.00pm on Thursday!

Gaggle – I Hear Flies
Sondre Lerche – Bluish (Animal Collective Cover)
Yeasayer Interview
Yeasayer – Madder Red
KC’s Backrow Banter – Alice in Wonderland (6/10)
Radikal Satan – Prohibido