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Best of BIFF playlist

During the recent Bradford International Film Festival, several BCB DJs provided additional evening entertainment in the cafe area. I’ve put together a Spotify playlist of some of the tunes we played. The tracks in the playlist were contributed by the following DJs:

1-5: Albert Freeman (@albfreeman)
6-10: Maria Spadafora (@BloodyNoraDJ)
11-14: Phil Cope
15-19: Jenny Harris ((jennyjetharris)
20-24: Griff
25-29: Patrick Thornton (@Selection_Box)
30-34: Simon Ashberry

Spotify knows you still listen to Limp Bizkit and now so does everyone else.

Snooping on each other is common ground nowadays, blessed as we are with the ability to know what our friends/siblings/that weird guy from primary school are all doing every minute of everyday thanks to Facebook. Now Spotify has opened up the realm of snooping to epic and potentially humiliating proportions with its new ‘social’ feature, purpose built to let us pass judgement on our friend’s music tastes. Jonathan from Spotify optimistically tells us its designed to allow users to share music between each other. Pah. It’s much more about being able to discover that that friend you have, who purports to listen only to neurofunk, darkcore and nitzhonot (which for those of you that don’t know, is a crossover between Goa trance and uplifting trance that emerged during the mid-late 1990s in Israel*) quite clearly thinks the new album of Lady Gaga remixes is pretty great.


*I didn’t make this up, it has its own wikipedia page

Alex Chilton (1950-2010)

March 2010.  The month I will forever remember as the one when both Mark Linkous and Alex Chilton died.  I didn’t want to have to write about Mark Linkous dying a couple of weeks ago any more than I want to write about Alex Chilton dying now. However, on both occasions, it has been a pleasure to be able to just sit and write about what these people mean(t) to me.

Alex Chilton

Alex Chilton (1950 to 2010)

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The Show – playlist this week on spotify.

or should that be 'is no joke'?

or should that be 'is no joke'?

If like me you use spotify, you will be familiar with there lovable ads that sell you all manner of things; besides that they offer a fantastic free ever growing music library. So I have posted up this weeks playlist from ‘THE SHOW’.  (I played 15 Steps by Radiohead, not Paranoid Android but it’s not on spotify.) The Show – 6/9/09

In addition to this myself and Albert have been building some collaborative playlists over a few weeks, they are open to all so please add what ever tracks you think will work.

We have a Hip Hop one;

Hippy Hop

and a groovy 60’s one.

Oh it’s well 60’s