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The Show – Saturday 26th November, 6pm and again on Tuesday at 1pm

This week on The Show, Jen and I offered you more of our mildly sarcastic opinion and attempts at wit. I reviewed M.I.A’s gig at the O2 Academy, we annihilated a song we found in BCB Towers and left you with the new single by Show fave, Chilly Gonzales. We talked about M.I.A’s controversial video for her song, ‘Born Free’ which we thought may no longer be banned on You Tube….looks like it still is, so you’ll have to settle for XXXO –

[embedding not seeming to work today, so just posting a link to the video – ed]


M.I.A – Bamboo Banga (from the album Kala, released 2007 on XL Records)

Deerhoof – The Merry Barracks (available now as a free download)

M.I.A – XXXO (from the album /\/\ /\ Y /\, released July 2010)

Wilder – Skyfull of Rainbows (2010, Rough Trade)

Chilly Gonzales – Never Stop (Released on 20/12/2010, Delabels)

The Show – 02/10/2010 and again on 05/10/2010

Hello blog world!

This week, Katie and Jen of The Show spoke to Rory from bright young thingies, The Kabeedies. He was very tired and in a miscallenous Travel Lodge (oh, the trappings of fame). We mostly talked about Twitter, which is always entertaining as neither Jen nor I really ‘get it’. The Kabeedies are playing at the trend central venue that is Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds on Thursday 7th October – they are a most excellent live band with enough energy to keep a medium sized town (perhaps Ipswich) alight for at least 2 hours, i.e they are rather good.

sometimes they wear more clothes

sometimes they wear more clothes

We also talked about the AMAZING Constellation Festival happening over 2 days at Leeds Uni on 13th and 14th November – excellent line-up featuring Local Natives, Liars, Fout Tet and Broken Social Scene.

Here is what we played –

– Kap Bambino – ‘Red Signs’ (Single, 2008)
– Musuem of Bellas Artes – ‘Watch the Glow’ (Single, 2010)
-Kabeedies – ‘Palindromes’ from the EP ‘Ten Animals I Slam in a Net’ (2008)
-Broken Social Scene – ‘World Sick’ from the Album ‘Forgiveness Rock Record'(2010)
-Young Blood Brass Band – ‘Nuclear Summer’ from the album ‘Is That A Riot?’ (2007)
-Kabeedies – King Canute’ from the EP ‘Ten Animals I Slam in a Net’ (2008)

The Show goes out at 6pm on Saturdays, is repeated on Tuesdays at 1pm and will see you soon.

The Show – 5th June (and then Tuesday 8th) – Violets, Shapes, and some Punky Reggae…

Greetings from the show!

This week in fun show-land, Norwich 2-piece Violet Violet were the extra-special co-hosts ahead of their support slot with The Slits (words like legendry etc fit in here) at the Brudenell Social Club on the 3rd. There was much fun and giggling and Cheri&Fliss played 2 acoustic songs – both from their new EP entitled ‘Ebony and Ivory’ which will be out in July on NRone Records. You can view their ace (but slightly disturbing) video for their last single here –

The two acoustic tracks will be up on this here blog in the next few days…

The Show goes out at 6pm on Saturdays and is then repeated for further audio fun at 1pm on Tuesdays. Next week on The Show – The Return of Jen Fox, our continuing feature – ‘The Next Song We Play Will Be One We Found on a Table in BCB’, and a preview of Bradford Zine Fair.

Fun times 🙂 xx

Breeze out your toaster and hit the floor with the eggs

I should have been there.

I should have been there.

This week’s show had ice, 1950s hipsters. I jived well clear of Kerouac and kept the noise beats real fly. If you gaters feel like popping some rhyme waves in your noise cans but failed to reach down on in your pads yesterday then cak face not. For below is the entire interview (45 slick mins) with Max Decharne vomiting about his book/dictionary Straight From the Fridge, Dad. I would like to draw your attention to the end segment where he gives some great music and movie recommendations.

[podcast]https://www.bcbradio.co.uk/musicblog/wp-content/uploads/hip/Hip_part1.mp3[/podcast] Part 1
[podcast]https://www.bcbradio.co.uk/musicblog/wp-content/uploads/hip/Hip_part2.mp3[/podcast] Part 2

Just a few of the tracks we rolled were;

Jumpin Jive – Cab Calloway
Three Alley Cats – Roy Hall
(no idea) – Doctor Sausage and His Five Pork Chops.

The Show brings you intresting culture so you don’t have to find it yourself. Hopefully this week we will be having a poetry slam as a follow up. With our attempts at beat poems.


Musical Genres That Don’t Exist Part Three – Nu Yorkshire


Well its been a bloody while, eh, eh don’t you think? Pull up a pew and listen to my ranty scribbles once more. To me the best form of journalism is ill-informed journalism. This tends to lead to far more adventitious stories; the kind of stories that stop you in your tracks (if you’re a train) or just stop you if you’re a human; the kind of stories that you don’t believe because they sound so mind bogglingly impossible, yet must be true as they exist in print or on our blog. I mean if you cannot trust the Internet who can you trust? Would the world have been a more interesting place if we were informed that the recently passing of Michael Jackson (‘This Is It’ review coming soon!) was actually a killer sting operation by MI6 to defend the security of our believed nation. It would not be true but it would make for a bloody good read. Anyhow I seem to be going off topic, however a blog posted is thought out and edited so everything I have left in could quite easily have been taken out by me and replaced by real content thus its kind of impossible to go off topic. ANYHOW! my point is I am in no way qualified to talk about these topics and have no authority to do so, but shall anyhow. If you’re cool with this then pray continue…

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Some Old Videos

I am woefully aware that I have been neglecting my posting duties these last few weeks through the need to go on holiday and subsequently catch up on everything I missed once I had been away. So I thought I might just post out some old content post haste as a cheap alternative to writing a full blog post. A couple of Youtube videos of some of the bands I managed to drag into the show, I have a few more kicking about so will probably add to this in a few more weeks. I do rather regret not filming the entire songs and in future will endeavour to do this. I will also mention that I got told off when super Jonny K were playing in the studio for being too loud…sorry albo!

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The Show – playlist this week on spotify.

or should that be 'is no joke'?

or should that be 'is no joke'?

If like me you use spotify, you will be familiar with there lovable ads that sell you all manner of things; besides that they offer a fantastic free ever growing music library. So I have posted up this weeks playlist from ‘THE SHOW’.  (I played 15 Steps by Radiohead, not Paranoid Android but it’s not on spotify.) The Show – 6/9/09

In addition to this myself and Albert have been building some collaborative playlists over a few weeks, they are open to all so please add what ever tracks you think will work.

We have a Hip Hop one;

Hippy Hop

and a groovy 60’s one.

Oh it’s well 60’s