If Mr Scruff Was Not Rubbish He Would Probably Sound Like This

So I was wandering around listing to tunes on my earpods, busy trying not to get mugged late at night. When a song came on that I had not heard for ages (although I was dancing to it at new year, the person I was dancing with passed out half way through the song). Swing Set by Jurassic Five. A show classic that stands out on the album ‘quality control’ simply for been totally different and probably the most exciting 5 mins you will experience in your life. Swing Hop would be one way to describe it. I wanted to hear more like this and spent ages poking around the interweb thing, and guess what! I found stuff.

Some French band/DJs called G Swing, I don’t know much about them but its the closet thing I have found to the bliss of swing set (but boarder line crud). There is a fine line when listing to this music between utter rubbish (like Mr Scruff), and stuff that is actually interesting. Further research (consisting of mainly looking at Similar acts on last.fm) uncovered bands called Caravan Palace and Kormac. However they boarder on the poorer end of the spectrum. Of course you could just listen to lots of good original swing/jazz music. The Jurrassic Five track samples Rusty Bryant, he is well worth a sniff when your done with the glue.

Regards the ‘Swing Hop’ that Jurassic Five created…have not found anything that comes close.

I threw in a few tracks to a spotify playlist…add swing tracks if you fancy or hip hop or anything really…It’s open to all to play with.