When Big Joan Sets Up 14th April – Made in Japan

Hey popkids . The big noise on this week’s prgramme came from Autechre who have realsed a collosall 11:40 track called “6852″ as a free gift for everyone who buys ticket for ATP’s Made in Japan benefit, which is hopefully sold out by now, but you could try www.atpfestival.com/newsview/1103241000.php if you like.

Battles – “Futura” (LP – “Gloss Drop”) (Warp)
Elmore James – “Dust My Broom” (LP – “The Sky Is Crying”) (Sony)
Low – “Done” (LP – “C’Mon”) (Sub Pop)
Sun Araw – “Bump Up” (7″ “Houston Abstros”) (Monofonous Press)
Fresh – “The Gatekeeper” (EP – “Future Jungle”) (Ram)
Holy Cobras – “Night Fighter Part 1″ (LP – “Forever”) (Telephone Explosion)
Prince Jammy – “Get Ready For Dub” (4 CD Box -”The EvolUtuon Of Dub Volume 6: Was Prince Jammy An Astronaut?”)
Robot Koch and John Robinson – “The Future” (LP – ‘Robot Robinson”) (Project Mooncircle)
Bill Callahan – “Drover” (LP – “Apocalypse”) (Drag City)
The Fall – “Zagreb Movements 1, 11, 111″ (EP – “The Dredger EP”) (Fontana)
Autechre – “6852″ (download free with ticket bought for ATP’s “Made in Japan” Benefit. Go here  – for details)
Unkle feat Nick Cave – “Money and Run” (EP – “Only The Lonley”) (Surrender All)