The Reason For It….

There’s nobody like me! Well, perhaps that’s stretching things, there are other radio programmes hanging on on there. Forget Hardings MOR effort on Radio 2, it has it’s merits, but being the only national folk programme carries with it more than the Americana ridden programme delivers. Forget BBC local stations… most have removed such silly things as programmes the licence payers have wanted… check out the recent much lamented loss of Radio Derby’s excellent programme. Hoorah then for The Durbervilles on Radio Leeds and the wonderful Genevieve Tudor on Radio Shropshire, to name a couple whose programmes I have played on.

But I play what I feel fits, I give a hand on heart promise that if you send me music it will be played on the air. Maybe once and never again, but maybe many times. And I can react.. a few weeks ago a single track CD arrived by a 19 year old femaile vocalist. The song was written by her dad (How uncool would that be in most genres???) but her voice was lovely. I played it on air, I rang her, and she sent a CDR of a live track. The following week she was being interviewed live on air. That is what I want. She may be big in years to come, or she may slip off to be a juggler or a nirse, but I gave her that chance, that’s what community radio is all about.

Having said that, there have been numerous occasions when an attempt to give some musician or other an interview and radio play have floundered by buggering around by the people involved. If you can’t talk on the radio don’t release albums! Your not Greta Garbo or Nick Drake.

Coming up soon, on the 2nd May I have the Bailey Sisters on two phone lines at the same time, and on the 16th May I have Katriona Gilmore. who along with Jamie Roberts did a sterling job supporting the Fairports on their Wintour this year. And who else? Well, let’s see whose unexpected gem drops through the letterbox this week.


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