Eclectic Mainline – 13th July 2011

It’s just not cricket… well, not tonight anyway. Last week the opposite was true, as it was just cricket on BCB, so I had no show.  I made up for it tonight though, by cramming in as much amazing music as was humanly possible.  You can listen again if you so wish.

Here’s the video to one of tonight’s tunes, the new single by Papercuts:

And here’s a list of all tonight’s tunes:

The Doomed Bird Of Providence – “Fedicia Exine (I Am A Vowel remix)” (single) (Front & Follow)
Amon Tobin – “Surge (Two Fingers remix)” (single) (Ninja Tune)
Black Lips – “Dumpbster Dive” (LP – “Arabia Mountain”) (V2)
The Advisory Circle – “Logotone I – Decisions” (LP – “As The Crow Flies”) (Ghost Box)
Billy Bragg – “Never Buy The Sun” (free download from
Mazes – “Summer Hits” (single) (Fat Cat)
Papercuts – “Do You Really Wanna Know” (single) (Sub Pop)
Vieux Farka Touré – “The Secret (feat. Ali Farka Touré)” (LP – “The Secret”) (Six Degrees)
Wiley – “Information Age” (LP – “100% Publishing”) (Big Dada)
Metronomy – “The Bay” (single) (Because)
Shonen Knife – “Economic Crisis” (LP – “Free Time”) (Damnably)
Wild Beasts – “Bed Of Nails” (single) (Domino)
Burial – “Forgive” (LP – “Burial”) (Hyperdub)
Paul Thomas Saunders – “Appointment in Samarra” (single) (RT60)
Monoblock B – “Play Time” (LP – “Teatime In Medellin”) (Spezialmaterial)
Benjamin Francis Leftwich – “Pictures” (LP – “Last Smoke Before The Snow Storm”) (Dirty Hit)
Brian Eno – “Pour It Out” (LP – “Drums Between The Bells”) (Warp)
The Advisory Circle – “Beyond The Wychelm” (LP – “As The Crow Flies”) (Ghost Box)


2 thoughts on “Eclectic Mainline – 13th July 2011

  1. avatarPhil

    Good work on the Billy Bragg – I shall play this next week .A sentiment that needs repeating as often as possible

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