Eclectic Mainline 2nd November 2011

Tonight I dedicated a Billy Bragg song to the group of people who have been camped out in Centenary Square in Bradford for the past week, under the name Occupy Bradford. I think it’s highly admirable that people up and down the country, across the western world in fact,  are saying “We are the 99 per cent“.  This has restored some of my faith that we’re not all doomed.  People do have power.  Billy Bragg would no doubt have a great to say on this, and may well do when he brings his Left Field In Motion tour to Yorkshire.

Politics aside, my favourite tune in tonight’s show was this one by Simian Ghost:
Simian Ghost – Free Agent by Heist Or Hit

You can listen again to the whole show, by looking down this page for Eclectic Mainline.  Here is a full list of what I played:

The War On Drugs – “Come To The City” (single and LP – “Slave Ambient”) (Secretly Canadian)
Mika Vainio – “Mining” (LP – “Life (…it eats you up)” (Editions Mego)
Big Deal – “With The World At My Feet” (LP – “Lights Out”) (Mute)
Container – “Rattler” (LP – “LP”) (Spectrum Spools/Editions Mego)
Frank Turner – “Wessex Boy” (single and LP – “England Keep My Bones”) (Xtra Mile)
Hooray For Earth – “True Loves” (single and LP – “True Loves”) (Memphis Industries)
Byetone – “Helix” (LP – “Symeta”) (Raster Noton)
Simian Ghost – “Free Agent” (single with “Bicycle Theme”) (Heist)
Pharoah Chromium – “Tim Pan Alley” (LP – “Electric Cremation”) (Grautag)
Pharoah Chromium – “The Embryo Hunts In Secret” (LP – “Electric Cremation”) (Grautag)
Billy Bragg – “Old Clash Fan Fight Song” (LP – “Fight Songs”) (Bragg Central)
DJ Food feat. JG Thirlwell – “Prey”) (EP – “Magpies, Maps and Moons”) (Ninja Tune)
Starkey – “Open The Pod Bay Doors (Part One)” (EP – “Open The Pod Bay Doors”) (Ninja Tune)