When Big Joan Sets Up 28th March -Tiddley iddley ighty

A mix from EQ Why‘s “ChiTokyo” mix tape this week along with a too long speech from me about why playing things on the radio that have a degree of artistic validity doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to support everything said within them.

You don’t get this problem with Florrie Ford.

When Big Joan Sets Up 28th March – EQ Why by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Perfect Pussy – “Bells (Live)” (LP – “Say Yes To Love – iTunes version”) (Captured Tracks)
Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs – “Don’t Shed Your Light” (LP – “All Her Fault”) (Damaged Goods)
Dub Spencer and Trance Hill – “The President (Western Lands)” (LP – “William S. Burroughs In Dub”) (Echo Beach)
Perc – “Dumpster” (LP – “The Power and The Glory”) (Perc Trax)

Records of The First World War – 1917
The Original Dixieland Jazz Band – “Tiger Rag”
Florrie Ford – “Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty”
Earl Fuller’s Famous Jazz Band – “Lil’ Liza Jane”

The Yolks – “Two Dollars Out The Door” (7″) (Randy’s)
EQ Why – “ChiTokyo Mixtape – Side B” (Orange Milk)
Subactive feat. Marina P – “They Can’t Catch We” (EP – “Pepper Dem”) (Scotch Bonnet)