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From Tim Moon, presenter of Folk Us! on BCB Radio

You know, the thing about BCB in the evening is that we brave presenters are not just players, but, well, players. And that means a lot.
I’ve not been to many gigs in recent times, I’ve found it hard to watch others while going through the writing and recording of the new album ‘The Angel and the Rotter’. I think it was Dylan that said ‘Listen to no one, or listen to everyone.’ I chose the former for a while.
An exception was Fairport at Chesterfield. Fairport are one of those bands who I have been a fan of for years, bought all those Island albums, but who now are friends, well, Peggy and Chris are. Even supported the band, and jammed with them. Amazing musicians. The new album, Festival Bell, may not be Leige and Leif, but noboday can match that period of burning creation. And the new album is a beauty, crafted and full of lovely ideas. Bravely they played it almost in full for the second half of the tour. The first part was a full performance of John Babbacombe Lee, the folk rock opera about the ‘man they couldn’t hang’ that was released in the 70s, and only performed in full once since then. They recieved a standing ovation. They deserved it. Support for the tour was Gilmore and Roberts, fiddle and guitar, female and male. Post Rusby quality. I have them in for interview on the programme in May.
Pip Pip for now. Tim