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Buffet #78

It’s a nice spread! And this month Jimmy May joins Maria to spin some of his current faves (and inject some much needed youthfulness). The podcast is available over on Mixcloud. This is what we played!

1. Monotony – Luxury Flats
2. SLUG – Running to Get Past Your Heart
3. US Girls – Damn That Valley
4. Sufjan Stevens – Drawn to the Blood
5. Drenge – We Can Do What We Want
6. FFS – Piss Off
7. Peace – I’m a Girl
8. Tanya Tagaq – Caribou
9. Handbook – Would I Lie to You
10. FKA Twigs – Glass & Patron
11. Fono – Real Joy
12. Noura Mint Seymali – Tzenni
13. Rat Boy – Sportswear
14. Monotony – Human Troll
15. Big Hard Excellent Fish – And The Question Remains

The last track is in dedication to the late Josie Jones. The video is worth 8 minutes of your time.


We’re back on May 17th – laters!

Team Buffet

Buffet #77 We let SXSW do all the work for us…

WP_20150319_001Obviously I’ve never been to South by South West (I live in hope) but each year I listen to the Austin 100, as compiled by Stephen Thompson, and pick a few tracks for our radio show. If you want to take advantage of the free downloads you have until April 2nd, so pull your finger out. It’s worth noting that SXSW has no problem booking female artists – Reading/Leeds really could learn a thing or two…

Here’s what we played on Buffet:

1. Summer Cannibals – Something New
2. Doomtree – Gray Duck
3. La Luz – Pink Slime
4. GABI – Fleece
5. Metz – Acetate
6. Terakaft – Tafouk Tele (The Sun is There)
7. Xetas - The Point
8. Tingle in the Netherlands – Housewife’s Lament
9. Mantar – Spit
10. Mama Cass and The Big Three – Young Girl’s Lament
11. Hinds – Bamboo
12. Aerial Pink – Dayzed Inn Daydreams
13. Swans – Screen Shot

We’re back on 19th April – hope you can join us!

Buffet #75 – The one where we missed six f-bombs

Funny story. Because we broadcast between 7-8pm we have to watch our language. The occasional small swear (a ‘shit’, for example) is acceptable , but ‘f***s’ and other swears are not, so we always fuzzy them up when there’s a record we really want to play. This means you know they’re there, but the sensibilities of the young and easily offended are somewhat protected.

However, for this week’s show, having already bleeped a track by Afghan Whigs and another by Sufjan Stevens (who hardly ever bloody swears) we somehow let six f-bombs through. SIX! And when I say somehow, what I actually mean is Boris didn’t notice them despite previewing the track several times. When I listened back later and heard the sweet soprano of FKA Twigs unleash a string of dirty f-bombs and, what’s more, in the context of singing about very graphic sex, I had no choice but to alert BCB and ask for guidance. Thank you to lovely Mary Dowson, Head Honcho and Goddess of Wonderfulness for stepping in. She took a decision to cut the track and stuck a lovely bit of Stevie Wonder on at the end (thankfully not Ebony and Ivory).

So, if you’re here to listen back to Buffet and want the sanitised version, you can listen here

But if you want to hear FKA Twigs mimicking early Prince, but without the humour (ie. singing about sex in a high-pitched voice and saying ‘Motherf***er’ a few times) you can listen to the show here

And here’s our full track list:

1. Courtney Barnett – Pedestrian at Best
2. Viet Cong – Bunker Buster
3. Bjork – Stonemilker
4. Novelist x Mumdance – 1 Sec
5. Afghan Whigs – Be Sweet
6. Ibeyi – Ghosts
7. Gruff Rhys – Liberty (Is Where We’ll Be)
8. FKA Twigs – Two Weeks (only on Mixcloud)
9. Tanya Tagaq – Uja
10. Thee Oh Sees – The Dream
11. Sufjan Stevens – No Shade In the Shadow of the Cross
12. Nadine Shah – Fool
13. Bassekou Kouyate and Ngoni Ba – Siran Fen
14. Stevie Wonder – Superstition (only on BCB listen again link)

Please join us for more japes on 22nd March! Or in the meantime follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Cheers! x


When Big Joan Sets Up 30th January – Pissing Trigger

On 13th January the great Ronnie Ronalde died aged 91. The man that John Peel described as “one of the great British entertainers” made his name through his uncanny ability to whistle like a bird – a somewhat archaic talent these days but still more impressive than anything Ed Sheeran has ever done. Roy Rogers once complained to him that his whistling made his horse,Trigger urinate involuntarily. The three tracks from his 2002 John Peel session included in this week’s When Big Joan Sets Up may well have the same effect on you.

When Big Joan Sets Up 30th January – J Rocc by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Napalm Death – “Metaphorically,Screw You” (LP – “Apex Predator: Easy Meat”) (Century Media)
Plastikman – “EXplore (Recondite Remix)” (EP – “EX Club Mixes”) (Mute)
The Twerps – “Stranger” (LP – “Range Anxiety”) (Merge)
Ronnie Ronalde – “Greensleeves” (John Peel Session 2002) (Download from
Sorrow – “Munscroft” (EP – “Search of the Miraculous”) (Inspected)
The Merseys – “Sorrow” (7″) (Fontana)
J-Rocc -”The Rhythm or The Beat” (LP – “Beats on Tap(e)”) (Stones Throw)
J-Rocc -”Strings Turnt Up” (LP – “Beats on Tap(e)”) (Stones Throw)
J-Rocc -”You’ll Never” (LP – “Beats on Tap(e)”) (Stones Throw)
J-Rocc -”Fire Dancer” (LP – “Beats on Tap(e)”) (Stones Throw)
J-Rocc -”A High Sunrise” (LP – “Beats on Tap(e)”) (Stones Throw)
J-Rocc -”I Wonder” (LP – “Beats on Tap(e)”) (Stones Throw)
J-Rocc -”Jetsetting” (LP – “Beats on Tap(e)”) (Stones Throw)
J-Rocc -”Ya Whole Block” (LP – “Beats on Tap(e)”) (Stones Throw)
J-Rocc -”Dark Streets” (LP – “Beats on Tap(e)”) (Stones Throw)
J-Rocc -”In Converstions With Parts I & II” (LP – “Beats on Tap(e)”) (Stones Throw)
Ronnie Ronalde – “O Sole Mio” (John Peel Session 2002) (Download from
Luciano – “Sounds of The Ghetto” (LP – “Dub Showcase Luciano at Ariwa Sounds”) (Ariwa)
Love Cuts – “Window of Opportunity” (Split Cassette s/w Burnt Palms) (Lost Sound Tapes)
Aphex Twin – “diskhat 1″ (EP – “Computer Controlled Acoustic Sounds Pt 2″) (Warp)
Ronnie Ronalde – “Mockingbird Hill” (John Peel Session 2002) (Download from
Skeptikal – “Playground Chat Back” (EP – “Imperial”) (Exit)

I play to a crowd of no one, but I’ve got loads of online fans (Buffet #74)

RadioIf you tuned into Buffet on Sunday 25th January, we thank you. Or if you’re wondering how to listen to it, it’s over on our Mixcloud.

A massive thank you to the lovely, super-talented Jimmy May for joining us! We got the low down on 50 Sniffs and Cool Beans, as well as indulging in flat vowels and fen-punk from flat, fat, far-out Boston.

This is what we played:

1. Plan B – Ill Manors
2. 50 Sniffs – That’s Why I Only Call You When I’m High (feat. Arctic Monkeys)
3. Vehicle Derek – Sometimes She Will
4. Dan Le Sa vs Scroobius Pip – Thou Shalt Always Kill
5. Screaming Females – Ripe
6. Sleaford Mods – Shit Streets Runny
7. 50 Foot Wave – Bath White
8. Astronauts – In My Direction
9. Nots – Reactor
10. Belle and Sebastian – The Party Line
11. Bad Manners – Lip Up Fatty

Buffet is back on the radio on February 22nd. In the meantime, we’re on Facebook and Twitter. We’re probably on MySpace, too, but abandoned that years ago.





When Big Joan Sets Up 23rd January – “And the award for British Breakthrough Act 1999 goes to…”

Sixteen years after making Pete Waterman go all red-faced and angry for beating Steps at the Brits Belle and Sebastian are one of the great British ,er sorry Scottish bands of our times. Their new LP “Girls and Peacetime Want To Dance” was featured on this week’s Big Joan.

When Big Joan Sets Up 23rd January – Belle and Sebastian by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Constant Mongrel – “New Shapes” (7″) (RIP Society)
Funkadelic – “Old Fool” (LP – “First Ya Gotta Shake The Gate”) (The C Kunspyruhzy)
Cronische – “Noisebreak” (LP – “Noisebreak Remix”) (Bandcamp)
Belle and Sebastian – “Perfect Couples” (LP – “Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance”) (Matador)
Jacob Miller and Inner Circle – “Tenement Yard” (LP – “Tenement Yard”) (Island)
Jacob Miller and Chronixx – “Tenement Yard” (Download single) (Dubshot)
David Shrigley and Malcom Middleton – “Dear Brain” (LP – “Music And Words”) (Melodic)
Deft – “Blue Jasmine” (EP – “Blue Jasmine”) (Project Mooncircle)
Belle and Sebastian – “The Cat With The Cream” (LP – “Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance”) (Matador)
Napalm Death – “Cesspits” (LP – “Apex Predator:Easy Meat”) (Century Media)
DJ Pound – “Thought Machine” (LP – “Thought Machine”) (Saturate!)
Milk Dick – “Girls Have Needs” (EP – “Cash Now”) (Bandcamp)
The Bonzo Dog Band – “Canyons Of Your Mind” (Download EP – “Top Gear Session”) (BBC Recordings)
Belle and Sebastian – “Ever Had A Little Faith” (LP – “Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance”) (Matador)
Sly and Robbie – “Satan Fall” (LP – “Dub Rising”) (Funky Gemini)

When Big Joan Sets Up 16th January – Skenga!

Everybody loves a bit of VFM especially in January and so with that in mind two featured LP’s on this week’s programme one from Shrapnel which is impossible to describe in mere words and one from future of hardcore Gas Rag that has a willy on the cover. Bargain!

When Big Joan Sets Up 16th Jan – Shrapnel/Gas Rag by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Belle and Sebastian – “Nobody’s Empire” (Download single) (Matador)
Kid Autumn – “White Wrapperz” (LP -”#1″) (Bandcamp)
Rupie Edwards – “Irie Feelings” (V/A LP – “20 Reggae Greats Volume 4″) (Trojan)
Shrapnel – “Ice Hat” (LP – “Tobacco Dreams”) (Tenth Court)
Sleater Kinney – “Surface Envy” (LP – “No Cities To Love”) (Sub Pop)
Scott Brown – “War” (Download) (Evolution)
Gas Rag – “Drugs and Violence” (LP – “..Beats Off”) (Beach Impediment)
Gas Rag – “Annihilation” (LP – “..Beats Off”) (Beach Impediment)
Gas Rag – “The Clock” (LP – “..Beats Off”) (Beach Impediment)
Gas Rag – “Criminal Gas” (LP – “..Beats Off”) (Beach Impediment)
Gas Rag – “Body Bags” (LP – “..Beats Off”) (Beach Impediment)
Assassin – “Different Ting” (V/A LP “Wow Riddim”) (Biggy Music)
Shrapnel – “Hickford One” (LP – “Tobacco Dreams”) (Tenth Court)
Aesop Rock – “Bug Zapper” (Download single) (Rhymesayers)
Legendary Wings – “Leaving Home” (LP – “Do You See?”
Commodo – “Good Grief” (V/A LP – “Off The Hook”) (Hotline)
The Rolling Stones – “Off The Hook” (LP – “Rolling Stones No.2″) (Decca)
Shrapnel – “Wet Whistle” (LP – “Tobacco Dreams”) (Tenth Court)
Dead Sound – “Lose Your Rights” (EP – “Forced”) (Decoy)

I’m writing poems about you, and they’re not very nice – a Buffet Christmas Trinity!

Radio xmas 14December 2014 was, inevitably, full of poorly colds and too much Cadburys, but Team Buffet soldiered on and accepted BCB’s challenge for extra shows across the festive period. First up, we had a Mini Buffet. Jenny Jet’s first born, Rowan, teamed up with her chum Ella to present a special Christmas themed show on the day itself. It included a lot of music, poetry and an interview about Christmas with Rowan’s brother Luke. We were very impressed with their professionalism, something we’re not accustomed to on Buffet, and especially loved how they filled 56 minutes with festive tunes then Boom! Electric Six as a closer. These kids are the future of radio.

Then Jenny Jet and Maria presented a typically shambolic sort-of end of year review, playing a few favourite tunes and discussing pop culture highlights from 2014. Perfume Genius and Kate Bush feature highly.

Finally, we teamed up with The Record Club to discuss their 2014 – what themes and records did they explore at their monthly vinyl event? Record Club is often a nostalgic treat, as well as an introduction to music you’ve not heard before, and this show reflects that. But please accept my apologies for the awful sound at the beginning – someone had wired the turntables so they bypassed the mixing desk, so it took a while to work out why the faders weren’t working. Ooops! Poor Rob and Tony are drowned out at the start, but stick with it.

Thanks for reading/listening! Our regular Buffet is back on 25th January 2015 7-8pm. In the meantime, keep in touch over on Twitter and Facebook.

Have a fabulous 2015! x


Get your party frocks on!

Tis the season to get your dancing shoes on! So get cracking, cos Team Buffet (minus Boris, who will be laid up in hospital for a while after his accident) are putting on two live spreads…

Photo by Betty Lawless
Photo by Betty Lawless

Fabulous Funky Disco
Saturday 29th November 7:30pm-11pm

Join us for an evening of disco dancing. Don’t snigger, this will be ace fun! We’re DJ-ing at Left Bank Leeds.

It’s a not for profit event, and, as purveyors of a nice spread, we’re bound to play something you’ll want to dance to.

Full details and ticket info here




X_flyerRC1 copyChristmas Record Club
Saturday 6th December 8pm-11pm

Then on 6th December we’re hosting The Record Club at the Kirkgate Centre in Shipley. The theme is, of course, Christmas and we’ll be playing three full LPs by Andrew Jackson Jihad, Phil Spector and Sufjan Stevens. There’ll also be a little time to play your own Christmas records in between, plus there’s a Pop Quiz (and who doesn’t love a music quiz, eh?). To get you in the mood you can check out the playlist we’ve put together – you’ll notice it’s not typical of the Xmas music that gets pumped into our earholes every time we go shopping. And check out full details of the event on the Record Club website.

One more thing… Boris is reported to be doing well after his accident, and there’s still time to make a small donation to Keswick Mountain Rescue who saved him. This fundraising effort by Ewan Mitchell has exceeded £1000, which is just awesome. Massive snogs to everyone who’s donated!

We hope to see you at the disco and/or Record Club!

Love Team Buffet x

Buffet #69 – we speak in circles, we dance in code

Didn’t catch the show on 2nd November? Listen here!

This is what we played:

1. Young Gods – Gasoline Man
2. Josh T. Pearson – Thou Art Loosed
3. Sleater-Kinney – Bury Our Friends
4. Jello Biafra with DOA - Wish I Was in El Salvador
5. The Flaming Lips & Miley Cyrus – A Day in the Life
6. Ex-Hex – How You Got That Girl
7. Chapelier Fou – Tea Tea Tea
8. Za! – Súbeme el Monitor
9. Swearin’ – Dust in the Gold Sack
10. Perfume Genius – Grid
11. Gutter Twins – All Misery/Flowers
12. Fugazi – Merchandise (demo version)
13. Vivian Girls – Can’t Get Over You
14. Thalia Zedek Band – Wind
15. Wah! Heat – Don’t Step on the Cracks (Peel session from 1980)

We’re back on the radio on November 30th. You can also catch Jenny Jet & Maria DJ-ing at Left Bank Leeds on Saturday 29th November (we’ll post full details once we have them). And join us on Saturday 6th December at The Kirkgate Centre in Shipley where we’ll be putting on a Christmas spread with The Record Club.