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Something to Believe In

A forthcoming punk event featuring Abrasive Wheels, TV Smith and The Negatives was under the spotlight on this week’s Bradford Beat. Here was the full tracklisting:

King Creosote – Something to Believe In
Embrace – Quarters
TV Smith – We Want The Road
The Negatives – Another Stakeout
St Vincent – Rattlesnake
Kaiser Chiefs – Meanwhile Up In Heaven
Ben Watt – Nathaniel
Scaramanga Six – Trouble
Jack White – High Ball Stepper
Alt-J – Every Other Freckle
Half Man Half Biscuit – Bad Losers On Yahoo Chess
Junk Dealers – Hometown Blues
Superfood – Mood Bomb

You can listen again by clicking here.


When Big Joan Sets Up – Independent Music

Our Scottish brothers and sisters may have decided that it’s better the devil you know but Big Joan continues it’s mission to cede from the masses of shite music cluttering up the radio with tracks from Italian DJ KS23K and a whole host of other belters. Tell our enemies that they can play Ed Sheeran records but they can never take OUR FREEDOM!!!

When Big Joan Sets Up 19th September – KS23K by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Roni Size – “Made In Korea” (LP – “Take Kontrol”) (Mansion House)
Bowl Ethereal – “Twenty Three Exciter Dreams” (7″)
The Crytearions – “The 7 Habits of Highly Defective People” (LP – “These Songs Hate You”) (Bandcamp)
KS23K – “Panik Disorder” (LP -”Sins of Freck”) (Ilisho)
The Moths – “Panga Man” (LP – “Beware of The Moths”) (Bandcamp)
The Durutti Column – “Electrostatic” (LP – “Chronicle XL”) (Kookydisc)
Rob McCourey – “Charlotte Breakdown” (LP – “The 5-String Flame Thrower”) (McCourey Music)
Phuture-T – “Dubber Ella” (7″) (45 Seven)
Two White Cranes – “Train” (LP -”Two White Cranes”) (Bandcamp)
The Count Bishops – “Train,Train” (V/A LP – “The Chiswick Story”) (Ace)
KS23K – “Treehouse of Horror” (LP -”Sins of Freck”) (Ilisho)
Macka Diamond – “We Run Things” (Download single) (Nicko Rebel)
The Big Three – “What’d I Say” (EP – “Live At The Cavern”) (Decca)
Little Tornados – “Free Your Mind” (LP – “We Are Divine”) (Self Released)
KS23K – “Neutral Zone” (LP -”Sins of Freck”) (Ilisho)
G.Jones – “Low Rider” (EP – “Ring The Alarm”) (Saturate!)

Buffet #67 – breeding ignorance and feeding radiation

Hello hello!

A confused Betty

If you tuned into our September Buffet – we thank you. We reckon we served up a pretty nice spread, with Boris bringing the old and Maria bringing the new. Nothing blue, though, cos we’re pre-watershed. You can listen to it here, and check out the full track list below:





1. Beatnigs – Television
2. Jeff Klein – All I Want
3. Single Mothers – Marbles
4. Lard – Can God Fill Teeth?
5. Michael Cera – Oh Nadine (You Were in My Dream)
6. Les Savvy Fav – Let’s Get Out of Here
7. Booker T & The MGs – Lady Madonna
8. Mark Eitzel – Firefly
9. 50 Foot Wave – St Christopher
10. Buke & Gase – Seam Esteem
11. Telstar Ponies – Last Outpost
12. Katerine – Stripteaseuses
13. Jayhawks – Two Angels
14. Sufjan Stevens – A Little Lost
15. Bullet La Volta – Off Kilter

We will return on 5th October – thanks!


When Big Joan Sets Up 22nd August – Let It Rot

Palindromic post rockers To Rococco Rot were the star turn in this week’s programme interwoven into a dense tapestry of musical delights that went like this..(Sorry I’ve been listening to a lot of BBC local radio lately)

When Big Joan Sets Up 22nd August – To Rococo Rot by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Mark Pritchard – “You Don’t Know Me” (12″) (White Label)
Godstomper – “Free of the Fire” (V/A Download LP – “Don’t Say Riotous Outburst Records Never Gave You Anything Part 7″ (Riotous Outburst)
J Mascis – “Stumble” (LP – “Tied To A Star”) (Sub Pop)
To Rococo Rot – “Spreading The Strings Out” (LP – “Instrument”) (City Slang)
James Yorkston – “Guy Fawkes’ Signature” (LP – “The Cellardyke Recording and Wassailing Society”) (Domino)
Billie Holiday – “For All We Know” (LP – “Lady In Satin”) (Columbia)
Voltage – “Breakin’ Down” (EP – “Low Rollers”) (Natty Dub)
Shabazz Palaces – “New Black Wave” (LP – “Lese Majesty”) (Sub Pop)
To Rococo Rot – “Pro-Model” (LP – “Instrument”) (City Slang)
Kalbata and Mixmonster feat. Major Mackerel – “Congo Beat The Drum” (12″) (Freestyle)
The Popguns – “Waiting For The Winter” (7″) (Midnight Music)
The Popguns – “Still Waiting For The Winter” (v/a Download LP – “Indietracks 2014″) (Bandcamp)
DJ Earl – “Vox” (EP – “Afrika Tek”) (All Roads Music)
To Rococo Rot feat Arto Lindsay – “The Longest Escalator In The World” (LP – “Instrument”) (City Slang)

When Big Joan Sets Up 15th August – You’re Tryin’ To Wreck Up My Life And I Don’t Like It

Unbelievably, having played hundreds of reggae and dub records over the past 8 years, we’ve never had a reggae mix.That scandalous omission was put right this week by Sound Control’s 30 minute dub mix – side 1 of a mix tape on Lion Charge records.

When Big Joan Sets Up 15th August – Sound Control by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Frau – “Punk Is My Boyfriend” (7″) (Static Shock)
Bohdi vs George The Poet – “My City” (12″) (Push and Run)
Willie Watson – “Keep It Clean” (LP – “Folk Singer Vol 1.”) (Acony)
Them – “Here Comes The Night” (7″) (Decca)
Black Fruit – “Moonwalk” (LP – “She”) (Bandcamp)
Lurka – “KMT” (EP – “Holding”) (Black Acre)
The Lurkers – “Mass Media Believer” (7″) (Beggars Banquet)
Sound Control – “Sound Control in Dub – Side 1″ (Mixtape) (Lion Charge)
Bent Shapes – “86′d in ’03″ (Download) (People In A Position To Know)
Malajusted – “Six Shots” (EP – “Death Is The Only Relief”) (Self Released)
Circle Traps – “You Are” (EP – “Machine City”) (Lex)

When Big Joan Sets Up 1st August – The Wheels Come Off The Wagon

Loudon Wainwright III is, for me, the most consistently insightful chronicler of the human condition of the past 40 years. But you prefer Bob Dylan, don’t you? Because Bob Dylan talks about utopian hermit monks side saddle on the golden calf and that’s like way deep,man and he doesn’t pull funny faces and piss about while he’s singing like Loudon does.

You’re wrong.

When Big Joan Sets Up 1st August – Loudon Wainwright III by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Bobby Garrett – “Steel Guitar Rag” (LP – “Hank Thompson Live at The Golden Nugget”) (Omni Recording Corporation)
Southern Comfort – “Suzanne” (7″) (Hozac)
Eprom – “Center of the Sun – Bong Ra Remix” (Download) (Rwina)
Loudon Wainwright III – “God and Nature” (LP – “Haven’t Got The Blues (Yet)”) (Proper)
Dry Mouth – “Gone Troppo” (7″) (Virrash)
Royal Headache – “Eloise” (7′) (RIP Society)
Curtis Lynch – “Night Dub” (V/A LP – “Bassbin”) (Necessary Mayhem)
Alvvays – “Adult Diversion” (LP – “Alvvays”) (Polyvinyl/Transgressive)
Loudon Wainwright III – “I Knew Your Mother” (LP – “Haven’t Got The Blues (Yet)”) (Proper)
Dean Blunt – “Mersh VIP” (Download Single) (World Music)
Inga Copeland – “Smitten” (Download Single) (Self Released)
John Jackson – “Nobody’s Business (If I Do)” (V/A “Classic African American Songsters”) (Smithsonian Folkways)
Jabu – “Don’t Fall Down” (EP – “Kwaidan”) (RAMP)
Loudon Wainwright III – “Harmless” (LP – “Haven’t Got The Blues (Yet)”) (Proper)
Girl Band – “De Bom Bom” (7″) (Any Other City)
Beat Happening – “I Love You” (LP – “Beat Happening”) (K)
Coleco – Bizznizz N Ting”(Download) (Ground Mass)

When Big Joan Sets Up 25th July – Albumen Of The Year

Three tonight from Chicago’s The Yolks living up to their LP title “Kings Of Awesome plus a storming new single from the band The Stone Roses could have been.Tonight,we’re gonna party like it’s 1989.

When Big Joan Sets Up 25th July – The Yolks by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Inspiral Carpets – “Spitfire” (Download) (Cherry Red)
Old 97′s – “Let’s Get Drunk and Get It On” (LP – “Most Messed Up”) (ATO)
Cassius Select – “Bruv (Tuff Sherm Remix)” (12″) (Plastic World)
The Yolks – “There She Goes” (LP – “Kings Of Awesome”) (Randy Records)
Disinterested Handjob – “Your Suicide Has Given Us Renewed Hope” (LP -”Cunts Is Fucked”) (Interest Free)
Shit and Shine – “Dixie Peach” (EP – “Shit and Shine”) (Diagonal)
Vatican Shadow – “Living On and Off at The Shadows Motel” (Cassette – “Death Is Unity With God”) (Hospital)
The Shadows – “F.B.I” (7″) (Colombia)
Cru-L-T “Yeah” (EP – “No New Ideas”) (Kniteforce)
The Yolks – “True Love” (LP – “Kings Of Awesome”) (Randy Records)
Mungo’s Hi-Fi feat Soom T – “31st Century Song” (LP – “Serious Time”) (Scotch Bonnet)
Fred Towles – “Too Much Monkey Business” (V/A LP “Eccentric Soul:The Way Out Label”) (The Numero Group)
Cowards – “Wolf,Wolf,Wolf” (LP – “World Champions In Male Chastity”) (Bandcamp)
The Yolks – “Stewed Tomatoes” (LP – “Kings Of Awesome”) (Randy Records)
BeauDamian – “Sayonara” (V/A LP “Saturate Vol.4″) (Saturate)

Buffet #65 – the one where we played some mental math Metal that sounded like gipping

So this month BCB have been repairing some studios, which means we had the novel experience of recording our show onto Mini Disc.  Not that you’ll notice. We are still Masters of the Shambolic and the music is (mostly) flippin good

This is what we played:

1. Fugazi – Facet Squared
2. Fugazi – Public Witness Programme
3. Perfect Pussy – Driver
4. Hurray for the Riff Raff – The Body Electric
5. Kate Tempest – The Beigeness
6. Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld – What If…?
7. The Torero Band – All My Loving
8. Lucius – Turn it Around
9. Death From Above 1979 – Trainwreck 1979
10. Cilice – Mental Breakdown
11. Ben Folds Five – Do It Anyway
12. Slow Club – Suffering You, Suffering Me
13. The Afghan Whigs – These Sticks
14. Land Observations – On leaving the Kingdom for the well-tempered continent

We are back on 10th August! Join us for music and mayhem!



When Big Joan Sets Up 11th July – “With Every Crack and Every Crunch, This World is Eating Me For Lunch”

David Thomas Broughton is the only bone-fide genius currently making music in the world who isn’t in The Fall. His forthcoming collaborative LP with Juice Vocal Ensemble will make you smile, cry, go”what?” and release bodily fluids in equal measure and it is stunning. Five of it’s tracks are featured on this week’s programme.

When Big Joan Sets Up 11th July – David Thomas Broughton and Juice Vocal Ensemble by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Mungo’s Hi-Fi feat Solo Banton – “Dancehall School” (LP – “Serious Time”) (Scotch Bonnet)
Nucleus and Paradox – “The Return Of…” (12″) (Metalheadz Platinum)
White Reaper – “Conspirator” (EP – “White Reaper”) (Bandcamp)
Mr.Jesta – “Frenz” (Soundcloud)
The Fall – “Frenz” (LP – “The Frenz Experiment”) (Beggars Banquet)
The Proper Ornaments – “Now I Understand” (LP – “Wooden Head”) (Fortuna Pop)
OOIOO – “Gamel Ninna Yama” (LP – “Gamel”) (Thrill Jockey)
David Thomas Broughton and Juice Vocal Ensemble – “The Assurance” (LP – “Sliding The Same Way”) (Song By Toad)
David Thomas Broughton and Juice Vocal Ensemble – “Been A While” (LP – “Sliding The Same Way”) (Song By Toad)
David Thomas Broughton and Juice Vocal Ensemble – “Unshaven Boozer” (LP – “Sliding The Same Way”) (Song By Toad)
David Thomas Broughton and Juice Vocal Ensemble – “Woodwork” (LP – “Sliding The Same Way”) (Song By Toad)
David Thomas Broughton and Juice Vocal Ensemble – “The Promise” (LP – “Sliding The Same Way”) (Song By Toad)
Black Slate – “Postcode Gangster” (LP – “World Citizen”) (Unit 8)
Euclid – “2447″ (Cassette – “Crippled Syntax”) (Ecstatic)

When Big Joan Sets Up 4th July – The Greatest Gift That I Possess..

Due to the squares at FIFA turning down my request to move the World Cup quarter finals this week’s programme was broadcast to an audience of three people and a budgerigar in Heaton. Good job then that it’s manyfold thrills, which included three tracks from the belting debut LP by Happyness ,are preserved here for you to throb rhythmically to in the privacy of your own dwellings. P.S. Mr Blatter, if you’re reading this, I want that tenner back.

When Big Joan Sets Up 4th July – Happyness by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Puff – “Diese Stadt Ist Viel Zu Dreckig Für Mein Baby Baby Baby Baby” (EP – “Identitatsverlust”) (Hozac)
Gene Pitney – “Bliebe Bei Mir (Town Without Pity)” (V/A LP – “Echoes of Germany”) (Fantastic Voyage)
Piledriver – “Voor,Vaif,Sicks,Common and Taste My Kicks” (Download EP – “Taste My Kicks”) (GGM)
Culture – “Can’t Study The Rastaman” (7″) (Virgin/Front Line)
Comet Gain – “The Last Love Letter” (LP – “Paperback Ghosts”) (Fortuna Pop)
The Secret Sisters – “Let There Be Lonely” (LP – “Put Your Needle Down”) (Republic)
Kreidler – “Modul” (LP – “ABC”) (Bureau B)
Wen and Parris – “Caught” (12″) (Tempa)
Trap Them – “Habitland” (LP – “Blissfucker”) (Prosthetic)
Happyness – “Baby Jesus (Jelly Boy)” (LP – “Weird Little Birthday”) (Weird Smiling)
Happyness – “Anything I Do Is Alright” (LP – “Weird Little Birthday”) (Weird Smiling)
Happyness – “Monkey In The City” (LP – “Weird Little Birthday”) (Weird Smiling)
Code K – “I Dream” (LP – “Code Kane”) (Ruff Guidance)
Cutty Ranks – “I Don’t Believe It” (Download) (Necessary Mayhem)
Bo Ningen – “Maki Modoshi” (LP – “III”) (Stolen)