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Wednesday 1st September 2010. 7.00 pm. Brudenell Social Club,
33 Queen’s Rd, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 1NY.

REGISTRATION FREE!  Go to www.musicyorkshire.com for more details.

GUEST SPEAKERS include Una Johnston (SXSW), Javier Lopez (MIDEM), Phil Patterson (UKT&I Music Industry Specialist)
+ MIDDLEMAN + Serious Sam Barrett (live) from 10 pm + Poster Art

Want to showcase at SXSW and / or MIDEM 2011?
Hoping to attend SXSW or MIDEM 2011?

Following on from our activities at SXSW Music and Media Conference, Austin, Texas, we are delighted to announce we have booked SXSW and MIDEM to come to talk to you! Don’t miss Yorkshire’s SXSW briefing event. Come and talk to the experts to find out: – how to apply for a showcase – more about the events and whether it is right for you – how to get there – how to make the most of your time at the events – find out about financial assistance and other support available.

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Musical Genres That Don’t Exist Part Three – Nu Yorkshire


Well its been a bloody while, eh, eh don’t you think? Pull up a pew and listen to my ranty scribbles once more. To me the best form of journalism is ill-informed journalism. This tends to lead to far more adventitious stories; the kind of stories that stop you in your tracks (if you’re a train) or just stop you if you’re a human; the kind of stories that you don’t believe because they sound so mind bogglingly impossible, yet must be true as they exist in print or on our blog. I mean if you cannot trust the Internet who can you trust? Would the world have been a more interesting place if we were informed that the recently passing of Michael Jackson (‘This Is It’ review coming soon!) was actually a killer sting operation by MI6 to defend the security of our believed nation. It would not be true but it would make for a bloody good read. Anyhow I seem to be going off topic, however a blog posted is thought out and edited so everything I have left in could quite easily have been taken out by me and replaced by real content thus its kind of impossible to go off topic. ANYHOW! my point is I am in no way qualified to talk about these topics and have no authority to do so, but shall anyhow. If you’re cool with this then pray continue…

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Expo Leeds – This Weekend!

Hummm, the title of this blog Untitled Noise seems more applicable to this post than any other thus far.

Last night I was was lucky enough to sit through a talk on the history of sonic art delivered by David Rogerson from Sound and Music. It was most enlightening for someone such as myself who mainly works with visuals (apart from working on the radio). Appreciating modern music you see how the avant garde work of the past has worked its way into mainstream punk and modern electro. I won’t write at length about it but if you’re interested take a look at some stuff from the Noise scene, Microtonal Music and artists such as John Oswarld, Harry Patch and People Like Us.

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