Listen to the Word on Going North from Nashville! Monday 28th March 10-11pm

A fine selection of tunes gleaned from Word magazine compilations, generously donated to the Going North from Nashville collection!

Dave Rawlings Machine: To be Young (Is to be Sad)

Aimee Mann: 31 Today

Kill it Kid: Heaven Never Seemed so Close

Ben Kweller: Fight

Chatham Country Line: Chip of a Star

Great Lake Swimmers: Pulling on a Line

Sun Kill Moon: Moorestown

The Voluntary Butler Scheme: Tabasco Sole

Mavis Staples: Eyes on the Prize

Hey Negrita: One Mississippi

Drever, Mc Cusker &Woomble: Into the Blue

Le Reno Amps: If You Want a Lover

The Smoke Fairies: Frozen Heart

Carlene Carter: Why be Blue