When Big Joan Sets Up 12.1.12 – MMXII GBV

Well as it all went royally tits up for the first prgramme of 2012 – Happy new year and all that. 2012 gets of to a magic if belated start with the three tracks from the long awaited new Guided By Voices LP “Let’s Go Eat The Factory” alongside loads of other new year treats. In the words of brother Lightnin’ “Dont let it git away,boy”

Lightnin’ Hopkins – “Happy New Year” (4 CD Set – “Texas Thunbderbolt”) (Proper)
Morphy – “Ragga Spindle” (EP – “I Dubbed The Sheriff”) (Translation)
The Blind Shake – “Man Leaves House” (LP – “Seriousness”) (Learning Curve)
Jon Convex – “Closer” (10″) (Convex Industries)
John and Tom – “Lonesome Yodel Blues # 2″ (7”) (Third Man)
Jeff The Brotherhood – “Whatever I Want” (7″) (Third Man)
Miss Omega – “Know My Name” (EP – Know My Name – The Remixes”)(Studio Rockers)
J- Rocc – “PNK” (EP – “Stay Fresh”) (Stone’s Throw)
Ilyas Ahmed and Liz Harris – “I” (EP -‘Visitor”) (Social Music)
Skream – “Indistinct” (EP – “Skreamizm Vol.6”) (Tempa)
Guided By Voices – “Imperial Racehorsing” (LP – “Let’s Go Eat The Factory”) (Fire)
Guided By Voices – “Either Nelson” (LP – “Let’s Go Eat The Factory”) (Fire)
Guided By Voices – “The Unsinkable Fats Domino” (LP – “Let’s Go Eat The Factory”) (Fire)
Fats Domino -“You Done Me Wrong” (The Imperial Records Singles Collection Volume 2″) (Ace)
D-Struct – “Starport” (download) (T3K)
Hookworms – “Teen Dreams” (EP -“Hookworms EP”) (Gringo)